These data show information about sunrise / sunset and moonrise / moonset at a given point on any given day. Also given are data on the phases of the moon, the duration of the day / night and the time zone in Clearwater Beach

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positionthe Suntimepositionthe Moontime
Begin civil twilightSunrise07:06End civil twilightMoonrise19:29
Sun transit13:17Moon transit

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Clearwater Beach sunrise, sunset, moon times monthly:

Below is a table with sunrise and sunset times and moon phases for each month

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in January

1 Jan4 Jan7 Jan10 Jan13 Jan16 Jan19 Jan22 Jan25 Jan28 Jan

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in February

1 Feb4 Feb7 Feb10 Feb13 Feb16 Feb19 Feb22 Feb25 Feb28 Feb

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in March

1 Mar4 Mar7 Mar10 Mar13 Mar16 Mar19 Mar22 Mar25 Mar28 Mar

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in April

1 Apr4 Apr7 Apr10 Apr13 Apr16 Apr19 Apr22 Apr25 Apr28 Apr

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in May

1 May4 May7 May10 May13 May16 May19 May22 May25 May28 May

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in June

1 June4 June7 June10 June13 June16 June19 June22 June25 June28 June

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in July

1 July4 July7 July10 July13 July16 July19 July22 July25 July28 July

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in August

1 Aug4 Aug7 Aug10 Aug13 Aug16 Aug19 Aug22 Aug25 Aug28 Aug

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in September

1 Sept4 Sept7 Sept10 Sept13 Sept16 Sept19 Sept22 Sept25 Sept28 Sept

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in October

1 Oct4 Oct7 Oct10 Oct13 Oct16 Oct19 Oct22 Oct25 Oct28 Oct

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in November

1 Nov4 Nov7 Nov10 Nov13 Nov16 Nov19 Nov22 Nov25 Nov28 Nov

Sunrise and sunset in Clearwater Beach in December

1 Dec4 Dec7 Dec10 Dec13 Dec16 Dec19 Dec22 Dec25 Dec28 Dec

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Best places to visit in Florida

St Petersburg, Sarasota, Key West, Fort Lauderdale, Naples, Destin, Cocoa Beach, Miami Beach, Fort Myers Beach, Key Largo

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Our report for Clearwater Beach is compiled using satellite data together with in-situ observations to get the most reliable daily data of sea surface temperatures, surf forecasts, current temperatures and weather forecasts.