Alternatively described as digital storage, storage, storage media, or storage medium, a storage device is any hardware capable of holding information either temporary or permanently. The picture shows an instance of a Drobo, one external secondary mass storage device.

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There room two varieties of storage gadgets used v computers: a main storage device, such together RAM, and a secondary storage device, such as a tough drive. An additional storage can be removable, internal, or external.

Examples of computer system storage

Today, there room three species of media supplied to store computer system data: magnetic storage, optical storage, and also solid-state storage. Listed below is a full list of all computer storage offered over the evolution of the computer.


Magnetic storage devices

Today, magnetic storage is just one of the many common varieties of storage supplied with computers. This modern technology is discovered mostly top top extremely big HDDs or hybrid tough drives.


Optical warehouse devices

Another common kind of warehouse is optical storage, which uses lasers and lights as its an approach of reading and writing data.

Solid-state warehouse devices


Solid-state warehouse (flash memory) has actually replaced most magnetic and optical media as it i do not care cheaper due to the fact that it"s the more efficient and reliable solution.

Online and also cloud

Storing data online and in cloud warehouse is becoming popular as civilization need to accessibility their data from much more than one device.

Paper storage


Early computers had no an approach of using any type of of the technologies over for save on computer information and had to count on paper. Today, these creates of storage space rarely supplied or found. In the photo is an instance of a mrs entering data come a punch card using a punch card machine.


A hard copy is thought about a form of document storage, although it cannot be quickly used come input data earlier into a computer without the assist of OCR.

Why is storage necessary in a computer?

Without a storage device, a computer cannot conserve or remember any type of settings or information and also would be considered a dumb terminal.

Although a computer can run through no storage device, it would only have the ability to view information, uneven it was linked to an additional computer that had storage capabilities. Also a task, such as looking the Internet, requires details to be stored on her computer.

Why so countless different storage devices?

As computer systems advance, the technologies offered to save data do too, with greater requirements because that storage space. Since people need more and more space, desire it faster, cheaper, and want to take it it v them, brand-new technologies need to be invented. When new storage devices are designed, as people upgrade come those brand-new devices, the older devices are no longer needed and stop gift used.

For example, once punch cards were first used in early computers, the magnetic media supplied for floppy disks was not available. After floppy diskettes were released, lock were changed by CD-ROM drives, i beg your pardon were changed by DVD drives, which were replaced by speed drives. The very first hard disk drive from IBM expense $50,000, was just 5 MB, big, and cumbersome. Today, we have smartphones that have actually hundreds of time the capacity at a much smaller price that we can lug in ours pocket.

Each breakthrough of storage gadgets gives a computer the ability to store an ext data, and save and accessibility data faster.

What is a storage location?

When conserving anything top top a computer, it might ask because that a storage location, which is the location information is saved. By default, most details is conserved to your computer system hard drive. If you desire to move the info to an additional computer, save it come a removable storage device, such together a USB speed drive.

Which storage tools are offered today?

Most that the storage gadgets mentioned over are no much longer used through today"s computers. Most computer systems today mostly use an SSD to save information, and the ability to use USB flash cd driver and accessibility to cloud storage. Most desktop computer computers and some laptops incorporate a key drive the is qualified of reading and writing CDs and also DVDs.

What storage device has the largest capacity?

For most computers, the biggest storage device is the difficult drive or SSD. However, networked computers may also have access to larger storage with huge tape drives, cloud computing, or NAS devices. Listed below is a list of storage devices from the smallest capacity to the biggest capacity.


Many storage devices have been available in many different capacities. For example, end the development of the tough drive, your storage capacity has increased from 5 MB to number of terabytes in size. Therefore, the list below is just meant to carry out a general idea that the dimension difference in between each warehouse device, from smallest to largest storage capacity. There space exceptions to the list.

Are storage devices input and also output devices?

Storge gadgets do not directly get input native the user and do not display screen output to the user. So, as soon as thinking around an input maker or output maker in this way, a storage maker is no an I/O device.

However, as soon as going deeper into the computer system architecture, one I/O maker is any machine that it s okay input and output from the computer system CPU and also memory. So, since many storage tools like a difficult drive room directly connecting with the CPU and also memory, castle are considered an I/O devices.


We"ve found it"s less confusing for users to refer to any an equipment capable that storing and reading info as a "storage device," disk, disc, drive, or media and also not an I/O device.

How do you access storage devices?

Accessing a storage machine on your computer system depends top top the operating device your computer uses and also how it"s being used. For example, v Microsoft Windows, you have the right to use a record manager to accessibility the files on any kind of storage device. Microsoft home windows uses traveler as the default paper manager. V Apple computers, Finder is thought about the default document manager.

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What is the latest storage device?

One that the many recent storage machine technologies come be presented is NVMe, v SSDs and also cloud storage likewise being recently emerged storage devices. Also, enlarge technologies, like tough disk drives and also tape drives, are always developing new techniques to allow for the tools to store much more data.

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