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Regarding Connie separating up native Steven together a an outcome of himsurrendering self to Homeworld, this is a problem that big for fairly sometime. It’s so huge that Steven ends upfocusing on that an ext than any huge Gem details he choose up while on Homeworld. On one hand, it makes sense that he would befixated top top this because Connie is his ideal friend, and also she did feeling let down byhim going earlier on something she to be so dedicated to.It’s an interesting method of mirroring the size of his decision wherebeing a martyr seemed noble, however was unknowingly selfish. Still, it’s frustrating that we gain stalledfrom moving forward with anything exciting that could breakthrough this show’sunderlying plot.
I can’t fault thewholesome household values that drive whatever along though. Together Steven feels down about his actions and also isglued come his phone hope Connie will certainly answer his texts and also calls, Greg and also theCrystal jewel think he’s upset about Homeworld.They respond to this by taking him top top a vacation to a rented cabin inthe woods. All throughout, they perform what they have the right to to do the experience seempleasing to Steven like great parents would to gain their boy happy. Their techniques start off as simple throughmaking the best of any kind of setback through adhering to rules and also random mishapslike snakes. It renders for a few solidlaughs from reaction to what they find.
With Steven still feeling down though, the decision Gems shot consolinghim by putting anything pertained to Homeworld and also the Diamonds into context. It’s right here where the frustrations yes, really makethemselves known. Considering thatAmethyst to be made top top Earth and also not about for the Gem War, it’s understandablethat she provides nothing.
Then Garnetoffers what seems prefer an exciting story around facing Pink Diamond, and also Stevenjust brushes it off. I understand his psychic ison other things and also he can’t emphasis on it, yet this information is right upoffered to him. He should present some engagementin it. Thankfully, through the rest ofSeason 5 and the genuine Pink Diamond in mind, Garnet’s story obtaining the shaftisn’t for this reason stinging after ~ all.
Finally,all these attempts construct up come Pearl and also how she’s the one who connectionwith Homeworld we understand the least about.She’s dropped hints before, yet nothing around her connection to theplace has actually been clear. Because Garnet andAmethyst can’t obtain Steven come say what’s wrong, she now has to. Native there, we see ideas of how large Pearl’srole top top Homeworld really was. Whentrying to explain around Homeworld and also the Diamonds, her hand goes up coveringher mouth, and also it seems like it’s involuntarily law that together she do the efforts toforce it off. It bring a lot of contextto the peculiar way she’s extended her mouth when those topics were brought upin several past cartoons. Dropping thesuggestion the the gesture is more than just showing she’s upset is a goodfirst step towards it taking the forefront later on.
Of course, once Steven finally admits hisupset feeling being over Connie no talking come him for a week, this isinstantly forgotten. Also so, it’s hardto error the merit of exactly how Greg responds come this. His advice on just how Steven’s plot ofsurrendering self being vast enough come require significant ways of managing ithas some believable weight to it. Again,it’s a decent method of reflecting the size of his actions. The critical sequence of gaining reception forSteven’s phone only to expose that Connie really hasn’t contacted that showsthat she really is just taking she time to attend to things. Thankfully, a wholesome scene of Stevenstargazing v Greg and the jewel is an endearing comfort because that the time.

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It’s the feeling of family members like this thatsomewhat provides up for no really moving forward with huge Gem expose despiteconstantly being collection up to execute so.