PC Principal tries one more time to make tranquility between the boys and also the girls. At the same time Gerald comes face-to-face through the Troll Hunter.

Below you will certainly find 19 short, funny fragments of this episode that were publimelted by South Park Studios.

They Kcurrently EVERYTHING!

The government comes for Gerald.

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Are You Any Good at Changing Your Voice?

Gerald prepares for his secret mission to Dennote.

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We Have to Get to Mars

Cartguy convinces Heidi to go through him to Mars.

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Miller. Von Miller.

Gerald arrives in Dennote and also comes face-to-confront through Lennard Bedrager, the male in charge of TrollTr...

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Garrichild, what have you done?!

Randy confronts Garrison and Caitlyn about the outcomes of the Presidential Election.

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Enjoying the Frikadellers?

Lennard Bedrager confides in Gerald around what finally drove Freja Ollengaurd to commit suicide.

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Complete Bedlam

The news covers the fallout of the TrollTrace.com hack versus Fort Collins.

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You're a TRAITOR!

Cartmale goes to Butters for aid, yet Butters accprovides him of being a traitor for not sticking via h...

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Never before Gonna Give You Up

Gerald lastly enters the server room to damage TrollTrace.com, however gets RickRolled.

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Woguys Can Be Anypoint... Except President

Randy, Sharon, and Shelley argue around the election and Star Wars, however Randy makes a compelling argu...

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Almost the First Gentleman

Bill Clinton visits the Stotch's to soptimal via Butters.

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You Typical Like James Bond?

Gerald accepts a secret mission to infiltprice TrollTrace.com.

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You Can't Soptimal Believing

Heidi and also Cartmale consingle each various other after the election.

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We're Very Close to the End

Bill Clinton and Butters have actually a heart-to-heart. On the other hand Cartman and also Heidi setup for their trip to M...

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Pressing Pickle

With the help of Bill and Bill, Stan tries to reconcile through Wendy.

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Bill Clinton's Gentlemen's Club

COMPUTER Principal introduces the only guy who have the right to assist heal the divide in the nation, Bill Clinton.

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Daddy Called You a Pussy

Gerald Facetimes Ike to let him understand everything is okay, yet Kyle interrupts the conversation.

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Voted for a Change of Pace

Garriboy makes his acceptance speech after winning the Presidential Election.

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America Is Going To Be Great Again

Randy discusses last night's election with his household.