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Gul-i raʻnā Gul-e-Rana Catalog Record Only The series revolves around a girl who is struggling for the rights of women after being abprovided by bad mentality world of the society. After marriage, males don't provide respect to woguys and treat them badly. Gul-e-Rana (Sajjal Ali) tries her best to transform Adeel's mentality about woguys and challenged many type of problems in the time of this duration. In the end, adeel has an accident and transforms... Contributor: Sabzvārī, Bahrūz - Sajjal - Ashraf, Rubina - Durhelp, Momina - Saeed, Humayun - Humtv - Six Sigma Entertainment (Firm) - Ahmad, Samina Date: 2016

Aik nayee Cinderella her love was not a fairy tale Ek naʼī Senḍarelā kī cāhat kī ek naʼī dāstān Catalog Record Only The drama is a modern-day retelling of Cinderella story. The story is around Meesha that lives through her 2 step sisters and step mommy. She is mistreated by her step mom and also does all the house host work. Meesha meets the wealthy and also dashing Mayer. Meesha, reasoning that he is her prince charming, that has pertained to rescue her and also put an end to... Contributor: Khan, Muhammad Qavi - Geo Television Netoccupational - Royal Records (Firm) - Fazil, Muhammad Javaid - Six Sigma Entertainment (Firm) - Pervaiz, Saba - Sirāj, Rifʻat Date: 2015

Man jali. Catalog Record Only Story of Tooba a solid willed and also free-spirited girl who desires to make the the majority of of her life, also though her humble background and also hard father Wahab Ahmed, make that far from easy. Tooba is frightened at the exceptionally prospect of getting married herself and sacrificing her happiness simply as her mommy Zareena has actually done. Yet fate soon brings Tooba face to confront with... Contributor: Hassan, Sajid - Geo Television Network - Royal Records (Firm) - Qamar, Khalil-Ur-Rehman - Saeed, Humayun - Six Sigma Entertainment (Firm) - Pervaiz, Saba - Nadeem - Hayat, Mehwish Date: 2013

Ammān̲ aur Gulnāz. Amma aur Gulnaz. | Mvarious other and Gulnaz. Catalog Record Only Story of the journey of a woman from a young and also a lot loved wife, to a widow and mom of three children and also her battle to offer them an excellent life. Contributor: Geo Television Netjob-related - Royal Records (Firm) - Hasan, Faiza - Saeed, Humayun - Hussain, Syed Atif - Six Sigma Entertainment (Firm) - Khan, Abdul Khaliq Date: 2013

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Guzārish Catalog Record Only Story of 2 sisters Zara and Zain who are acquiring married to two brothers. and although it is complete of tragic. Zara is the younger sister that is acquiring married to Zain. Zara look choose a strong girl via mind and also physically, who will certainly constantly prepared to fight via her life whatever before life throws at her. Sara is the elder sister that is acquiring... Contributor: Khan, Owais - Shaikh, Jawhelp - Geo Television Network-related - Six Sigma Entertainment (Firm) - Pervaiz, Saba Date: 2016