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John Klonoski

Mr. Klonoski has actually been practicing regulation in Atlanta for 29 years. He received his BA in ideology from The College of Scranton in Scranton, Pennsylvania, and stupassed away at the College of Leuven in Belgium. He received his J.D. from Georgia State University in 1989, and is admitted to practice in Georgia and the 11th Circuit Courts. He is a founding companion of the legislation firm of Rowen & Klonoski, P.C. in Atlanta. He has actually a life-long interemainder in international take a trip which he incorporates into his practice and his work-related for social justice for disenfranchised teams. In enhancement to practicing law, Mr. Klonoski plays competitive sports and also often ventures into the Arctic’s many remote areas on solo paddling and hiking wilderness expeditions. Mr. Klonoski heads the R&K personal injury and subrogation teams.


Sharon Rowen

Ms. Rowen has actually been practicing law since 1979. She obtained her BA from Emory University in 1973, and her JD from Columbia Southern College of Law. She is admitted to exercise in Georgia, the Eleventh Circuit courts, and also the UNITED STATE Supreme Court. Her legal career has been characterized by her belief that we need to all usage our time to even more human legal rights in whatever way we can. A founding partner of the law firm of Rowen & Klonoski P.C. in Atlanta, she is AV rated by Martindale Hubbell. She has actually been awarded recognition in the nationwide legal area as a member of the Bar Register of Preeminent Women Lawyers and also the National Association of Distinguiburned Counsel. She speaks nationally and also globally at seminars about diversity and also inclusion in the legal profession.

In enhancement to practicing law, Ms. Rowen and Mr. Klonoski are principals in R&K Productions, LLC, a film manufacturing company which produces and directs documentary films about social justice concerns. The R&K documentary “Balancing the Scales”, about women lawyers in America, was and will proceed to be broadcast nationwide on public tv. Due to the fact that finishing the film in 2016, R&K Productions has screened the film and also Ms. Rowen has presented on diversity and also inclusion in the legal profession for some of the world"s biggest firms and also corpoprice legal departments, national women"s organizations and at summits funded by institutions such as the American Bar Association and also Harvard Law School.

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Balancing the Scales, a documentary film about the difficulties challenged by women in the legal profession, was created, produced and also directed by R&K partners Sharon Rowen and John Klonoski. It was shown nationwide on public television in 2017. Ms. Rowen is a nationally known speaker on sex etop quality. For more information on the film and screening engagements, click here:


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