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pick the recommended architecture practice that applies to a website using pictures for key site navigation.

Consider ________ when making for screen on a cell phone device.Select one:

a. Little screen dimension

b. Font size

c. Every one of these exactly

d. Contrast

Select the items below that can aid to appeal come the to plan or target audience the a site.

You are watching: Select the item below that does not belong in a consistent website design.

Select one:

a. Every one of these correct

b. The font size and styles supplied on the website

c. The quantity of color used top top the site

d. The all at once look and feel because that the site

Select the true statement below.

Select one:

a. Place white an are around graphics and headings help them to was standing out.

b. There is no need for a most navigation because website visitors can just usage the earlier button.

c. Very tiny text is an excellent to use for website appealing to the baby-boomer and also older market.

d. Youngsters like sites v dark colors.

Select the true statement below.

Select one:

a. Computer animation should be used only if it improves your website.

b. No one of the statements space true.

c. Computer animation should be supplied as lot as possible to make her website exciting.

d. Computer animation should be provided to very nice one to all target audiences.

A ________ is a lay out or blueprint the a web page that mirrors the structure (but no the detailed design) of an easy page elements such together the logo, navigation, content, and footer.

The ide of ________ relates to offering a single source that is configured for optimal display on multiple types of devices.

Progressively improving a internet page for various viewing contexts (such together smartphones and also tablets) v the use of coding techniques is referred to as ________.

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A ________ of a color is darker 보다 the original color and is produced by mixing the color with black.

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