Santa Monica is a beachfront city in the west that Los Angeles County, California, in the united States. This well known resort city attracts thousands of tourists every year, as result of its rich art and culture, unique and also versatile shopping and also captivating oceanic views of the Pacific. The city perfectly manages the delicate balance of seaside charm and coastal sophistication.

Santa Monica’s nightlife has every little thing a holidayer might wish for - indigenous dive bars to upscale lounges. The nightlife the Santa Monica is much more relaxed 보다 downtown Los Angeles or Hollywood, v outdoor patios, live music, bars and also lounges and also endless Happy Hour offerings – maintaining the beachside feel into the evening. Keep analysis for our recommendations of the height 10 things to execute at night in Santa Monica, California!

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1. Santa Monica Beach and Pier


Source:Photoby Wikimedia Commons userJCSused under CC BY-SA 3.0

The above Ferris wheel the the Santa Monica Pier welcomes you come the waters of the Pacific Ocean. Located in the too much west that this small city, the Pier is packed through family-friendly activities, restaurants, shops and stunning ocean views. Take it a stroll top top the Santa Monica Pier, hailed together the oldest pier top top the West coastline of the united States. That is open up year‐round and also is the perfect spot for viewing a sunset or acquisition a romantic to walk under the stars.

Santa Monica Beach and also Pier

Address: 200 Santa Monica Pier, Santa Monica, CA 90401

Website: Santa Monica Beach and also Pier


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Bergamot station is southerly California’s largest art gallery facility and cultural center, situated on 8 acres (3.2 hectares), in the love of Santa Monica. It functions the Santa Monica Museum that Art, architecture and design firms, a cafe, and a structure shop. A mecca because that artists and art lovers, this warehouse complicated attracts tourists from every edge of the world.

Bergamot Station

Address: 2525 Michigan Ave., Santa Monica, CA 90404

Website: Bergamot Station

3. Cabo Cantina

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This lively bar, with expanded happy hours, exudes one aura that festivity. The prospering jukebox, exotic drinks, consisting of margaritas and Mexican specialities, make this casual spot vibrant and popular, every night of the week.