From ankle-deep flats to abyssal blue ocean depths, sample the spectacle and scenery of fishing these lush tropical waters captured by photographer Jachild Stemple.

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Dolphin (mahi) leaps clear of the water off the middle Florida Keys in the late fall.Jakid Sholy place /

A prolific photographer of fish, fishing and also fishing boats, Jakid Sholy place provides here a sampling of the selection of imeras he takes on and under the water. The South Carolina native travels commonly roughly this nation and also beyond and has compiled a large arsenal of imeras. More deserve to be seen on jasonsholy


Capt. Scott Walker enjoys boatside acrobatics of a feisty Florida Keys sailfish.Jachild Sholy place / jasonsholy

A fly-rodder sets up on a tailing redfish in the marsh near Folly Beach, South Carolina, via Charleston-based Fly Right Charters.Jachild Stemple / jasonsholy

Angler Caroline Irwin was the earlybird that captured the redfish just prior to dawn, fishing South Carolina"s Lowcountrythrough her husband also, Capt. John Irwin.Jakid Stemple / jasonsholy

A skinny waterspout reaches down towards the water in an approaching thunderstorm as overview and angler search the flats for bonefish in the Bahamas close to North Riding Point Bonefish Club.Jakid Sholy place / jasonsholy
Up from the depths: Hooked in 1,800 feet of water off Hawks Cay, Florida, this daytime swordfish is finally subdued boatside by captains Scott Walker and Steve Rodger.Jakid Sholy place / jasonsholy
A pole"s eye view of Capt. Shafter Johnston poling seemingly infinite grass flats in Florida Bay trying to find redfish.Jakid Stemple /
Holding the prize in its talons after snatching it from the water, an osprey flies off.Jaboy Sholy place / jasonsholy
Blitzing blackfin — casting right into a college of tuna busting at the surconfront about 30 miles southern of Key West.Jachild Stemple /
A sight any kind of angler longs to see: A feeding redfish tails in spartina grass as high tides entices the predators to relocate in.Jaboy Stemple / jasonsholy
Incoming! A school of tarpon heads toward a flats skiff off Duck Key, Florida, as Capt. Shafter Johnston throws in front of them.Jaboy Stemple / jasonsholy
When snapper make favor tuna: A bunch of bruiser yellowtail snapper feed at the surconfront off Key West, enticed by chumming heavily via pilchards.Jakid Sholy place / jasonsholy
A bluetail redfish: Occasionally smaller sized redfish display screen brilliant blue hues on their tales, as this one in South Carolina waters.Jason Sholy place /
A pack of marauding jack crevalle tears with Florida Bay snapping up anything in its route.Jakid Sholy place /
Tarpon roam wherever before they please in the Florida keys; this one, was rolling and emitting a string of bubbles in the shadow of the Worldwide Sportsmale in Islamorada.Jaboy Stemple /
Portrait of a redfish moments before its release in the South Carolina lowcountry.Jason Stemple / jasonsholy
Come and gain me! The battles and also splashing of this goggle-eye kite bait off Marathon, in the Keys, is calling in any sailfish within range.Jason Stemple /

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Jaboy Stemple, a freelance photographer based out of Charleston, South Carolina, travels approximately and also exterior of the United States for his job-related in the fishing sector. That takes him from the tiniest high-nation streams in Coloraexecute to the flats of the Florida Keys and also out to blue water in the Gulf Stream. Stemple"s photography have the right to be seen in a lot of fishing magazines and, in the ads and social-media projects of his industry clients consisting of Yeti, Orvis, Mercury, Calcutta, Buff, Lowrance, Simrad, Plano, Shimano, Yellowfin, Bubba Blade, Saltwater Experience TV, Into the Blue TV and also others.Jaboy Sholy place / jasonsholy

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