From dressing up a breakfast nook home window to offering the three-season porch a delightful update, this stained glass dashboard draws the eye in any type of space. It features a Tiffany-style sunflower architecture complete through 60 pieces of hand-cut arts glass in glowing orange and red hues; cave it in front of a sunny window and clock the colors pertained to life! This charming accent procedures 16'' H x 16'' W and also suspends indigenous a 19.5'' long chain.

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Overall: 16'' H x 16'' WOverall Product Weight: 3.1lb.

This cool stained glass panel is design in well-off blues, vibrant yellows, orange accents and pays homage to roman inn times. Every panel comes with a decorative hanging chain for support and also strength so the you can easily install it and enjoy it. This circle-shaped stained glass dashboard is perfect for your residence office, living room, or dining room space.

Overall: 19.5'' H x 19.5'' WOverall Product Weight: 4.63lb.

A uniquely classic ornamental baroque window panel. Designed through 104 hand-cut glass pieces and also 13 all-glass cabochons in a selection of blues, yellows, greens, and also ambers. This 12"H home window panel will certainly make a perfect accent because that any home window in her home. Each panel comes v a decorative hanging chain for support and also strength so that you can conveniently install it and enjoy it.

Overall: 12'' H x 12'' WOverall Product Weight: 1.63lb.

Hand-crafted from 290 piece of art glass and 19 glass beads, this Tiffany-inspired home window panel is certain to take glances in any type of arrangement. Showcasing hues of blue, yellow, and green, that hangs in the window of your choice, filtering light to produce a warm cottage feel. Copper hanging hardware is included, for this reason you deserve to start styling your space right out of the box. It procedures 18'' H x 18'' W overall.

Overall: 18'' H x 18'' WOverall Product Weight: 4lb.

Turn any type of ordinary home window into an artful screen with this eye-catching stained-glass panel. Acquisition on a one silhouette with uneven edges, the showcases a geometric architecture with an elaborate pattern and also a rainbow of bright colors. Once hung up on your window using the metal chain, it's sure to shine as the sunlight comes through and reflects around the room. This piece is personally hand-soldered with 444 reduced glass pieces.

Overall: 22'' H x 22'' WOverall Product Weight: 4.8lb.

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Bring arts Nouveau charm to any window in your home with this stained glass home window panel, showcasing four birds perched ~ above a tree branch under a deep moonlit sky. Making use of the copper foil soldering an approach made well known by Louis comfort Tiffany at the rotate of the century, this home window panel features over 100 piece of hand-cut, rippled, and striated stained glass. Measure 16" H x 16" W x 0.25" D overall, this dashboard arrives all set to display right the end of package with a 34" length of hanging chain included.

Overall: 16'' H x 16'' WOverall Product Weight: 2.6lb.