This week, Rob and also Chyna are still managing the fall-out from their fight in the premiere. Lock haven’t spoken, despite Chyna’s best efforts. Rob has retreated come his house and isn’t returning calls or texts. The hit isn’t the big story in this episode, though. The big issue is Rob’s insecurities.Chyna litter a birthday party for among the employees from her virtual boutique. When making burgers and also wings, the two women take a minute to capture up top top what’s happening v Rob. Chyna misses the old Rob, the “sweet Rob,” as she phone call him. She is concerned that this plunder won’t be there for her and the baby. “It bothers me the Rob is always afraid to leaving the house. That can’t live his life since of his insecurities,” she says.Scott is at Rob’s house and they're likewise discussing Rob’s insecurities. Scott is no stranger to having actually his issues broadcast on truth T.V. ( for reference, watch every season that Keeping Up with the Kardashians.) He’s worried about Rob. Scott asks what’s going on with Chyna. Rob’s answer is unsatisfactory. “It’s every good,” Rob speak Scott. Scott’s no buying it. “I mean, it’s not,” he states to Rob. Scott sees some of his very own struggles in Rob and wants come help. “Obviously, I have problems,” Scott says, laughing. But he speak Rob that he feels choose Rob might get his action together and have an awesome life. Rob agrees, but there is nothing in his human body language that claims he method it.Rob phone call Chyna. She wants to understand why that didn’t involved the date of birth party. “Is it since of the argument?” she asks.“It’s a combination of things,” plunder says, no really answering she question, yet instead speak a entirety lot more. Come Chyna’s credit, she can read in between the lines. “When plunder says bad things around himself, I get thrown off,” she says. She doesn’t see it, and also some the the things that rob says around himself do her really sad.

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At Kris’ house, Rob and also Scott room there as soon as Kim calls she mom. Ms. Kardashian West is having actually a poor day. Scott measures in. He suggests Kim compare her problems to that of her brother and faux-brother-in-law. “You desire me to tell you all the troubles I have in mine life to make you feel better?” the jokes. “If you think you’ve got it rough, simply take a look at us.”Scott is dear empathetic to Rob's situation, and also when Scott provides up his mental he’s walking to do something, the goes all in. (See, again, every season the Keeping Up.) so Scott appoints Scott Disick as Rob’s brand-new life coach.Rob goes to Chyna’s house. The hug for the engaged and expecting pair is awkward in ~ best. Chyna, never one come mince words, doesn't permit it walk unremarked. “Things room pretty awkward in between us ideal now, and also it really upsets me,” she says. She desires to know what he desires out that life and this relationship. She straight up asks him. That apologizes for no trusting her and disappearing. He states it to be “dumb plunder stuff.”
Chyna has actually other company she requirements to conduct through Rob. She has actually agreed to hold a party in Cannes, and she wants Rob to go v her. As soon as she agreed to the gig, he stated he would certainly go come France. Now, she’s no so certain where that stands. Rob claims he make a promise come go, and he will save that promise. Chyna is relieved and happy that he is supporting her. No one requirements a spoiler to watch where this totality Cannes thing is headed.Scott Disick, life coach, has actually enlisted the aid of at sight trainer Don, workout star the KUWTK and also Khloé and also Kourtney’s Snapchat accounts. Don and Scott arrive to whip Rob right into shape. Don says Scott looks choose a push-up and pull-up sort of guy. “I’m an ext of a commerce stocks sort of guy,” Scott answers. Seriously, Scott is the engine the propels this episode. Scott remembers as soon as he very first met Rob who was then on the track team in ~ high school. The producers pull out part old home movies of rob running. Cut earlier to Rob, depressed and also insecure about his weight. Rob’s fiancé is dealing with some insecurities of her own. A tabloid story has showed up where a medical professional that doesn’t recognize Chyna has talked about her “butt collapsing.” She tries to acquire the physician on the phone. She’s upset that people don’t talk around her hard work. Castle talk about her dancing in a club in Miami but not the she moved there to walk to college. She wants credit for she accomplishments. The negativity gets she down. “It’s not cool,” she says.At Rob’s house, a familiar Kardashian scene is acquisition place: a stylist has arrived v looks because that an appearance. Jen Rade has actually a million bag of jeans for Rob. No one fit and he’s plainly not in the atmosphere for any of it. Scott tries to shake him out of it, but Rob’s down a rabbit hole, and neither Scott nor Jen can get him excited. “I don’t desire to go to Cannes anyway,” rob says. In his interview segment, he explains that even when he was in shape, he didn’t feel great about his body.

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“It’s not you. I simply won’t be happy, period,” he says to the stylist. “That’s just exactly how I am.” Reality show or not. Kardashian spin-off or not. The is sad and also all also relatable.Chyna calls Rob, and they have actually the conversation the was inevitable. He’s no going come Cannes. She is disappointed and also angry. He doesn’t want to be seen by the many people or photographed by all of those paparazzi. He gets choked up but does manage to speak he’s sorry. She to know the reason yet doesn’t think that is same — to her or him.Chyna doesn’t stay down because that long. She and also Paige jet turn off to France there is no Rob. It all goes well, yet Chyna is nervous around the party. She is worried about what the paparazzi and also media will certainly say around her, too. She powers through, through a small help from Paige.Meanwhile, Scott has actually taken his life-coach task too seriously. He mounted webcams everywhere Rob’s home to keep an eye on Rob. Rob, like any normal person, is no thrilled. The appreciates what Scott is trying come do, but this is simply too much. Scott comes to his senses and agrees to take the cameras down. “I just want mine bro back,” plunder says. “Ditch the cameras and also the life-coach stuff.”Rob go take part initiative. He works out on the treadmill. He drink a protein shake. He also puts with each other a infant swing and calls his mother to present her. Infant steps.Chyna and Paige were just in Cannes for a day, and Chyna is tho disappointed the Rob didn’t do the trip. Paige, who appears to be a an excellent truth teller for the show, points out in her interview the Chyna is complaining about Rob’s insecurities once Chyna is managing a most the exact same things. ‘You felt favor that for a moment,” Paige says around the tabloid story about Chyna’s butt. “He feels prefer that 24-7.”The episode wraps up with Chyna going to Rob’s residence for a love to heart. She tells him she empathizes v the body image issues. She apologizes for being rude. Rob nearly meets her half way, but can’t fairly let self off the hook. “I just need to obtain my shit together,” that says.The pair shares a sweet minute when Rob reflects Chyna the infant swing. “It shows me the he is willing and committed come me and also the baby,” she says.