Is tright here anypoint quite as satisfying as pumping a high-high quality pump-action shotgun, ejecting a invested round, and also chambering a brand-new one? Probably, however bear with me right here. One of my favorite shotguns of any type of type, and also particularly of the pump-selection, is undoubtedly the Remington Model 887. A successor of sorts to the extremely effective Remington 870, the Remington Model 887 did a lot best. I say “did” bereason the gun has been sadly disongoing, yet we’ll acquire to that later on.

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There is a widely-referenced job administration principle known as the iron triangle, which claims that of 3 essential factors – rapid, good, and cheap – you deserve to just really feature two. For instance, a restaurant have the right to be fast and also cheap, yet not excellent. Or conversely, it can be great and cheap, however not rapid. I would prefer to apply this exact same concept to gun breakthrough, yet through various factors in play. In my endure, generally, a firearm deserve to be durable and handle well, yet not be lightweight. Or, it can be lightweight and durable, yet not take care of well. And so on and so forth.

Now, on a few rare occasions, I have had actually the pleasure of firing a gun that bucked this trfinish and hit all 3 examine marks – and the Remington Model 887 is just one of those weapons. It features a remarkably sturdy fabricated develop, it fires like a dream, and also its light weight will take you by surprise the first time that you hold it. So, what might have gone wrong for a gun that completed this “trifecta?” Why on earth didn’t it market favor hot cakes, and also why was it discontinued? Buckle up my friends, I’ll be providing you the full story here in ourRemington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Shotgun Review!

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Shotgun

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Specifications

Weight: 7.38 lb, 3.3 kg.Length: 48.5 Inches, 1,230 mm.Barrel Length: 28 Inches, 710 mm.Chamber: 2.75 Inches.Length of Pull: 14 Inches.Cartridge: 12 Gauge.Action: Pump-Action.Feed System: 7+1 Tactical (4+1 Standard).Sights: Hi-Viz LitePipe Front Bead, Polymer Mid-Bead.Finish: ArmorLokt, Synthetic.

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical ShotgunBuild

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical Shotgun Build

The 887 isn’t all man-made – it does use a steel receiver and also hammer-forged barrel featuring the exact same steel enforced on the Remington 1100 and 870 models. However, the primary build of the gun is encased in a very protective, everything-resistant nylon fabricated material recognized as ArmorLokt. The construct is billed as being resistant to water, weather, drops, scratches – you name it, and also the patented Remington ArmorLokt complete protects from it. In my suffer, Remington’s boasts host true – this is more than likely my second-to-favorite fabricated develop or end up, a cshed second to that famed Glock polymer stuff. Surprisingly, as protective and also rugged as the construct shows up, the gun is pretty light weight. At 7.38 pounds, you’ll be legitimately surprised the initially time you pick this point up as it is just about the exact same weight as the aforementioned 870 despite providing off a a lot heavier vibe by sight.

As far as the remainder of the build: the hand also guards are a little bigger than average, which if nopoint else affords the user the alternative of making use of either a bigger or a smaller grip – whatever before functions ideal. Unchoose the 870 which supplies a solitary lifting lug in order to lock the activity, the 887 offers a dual-rotating lug which I personally uncover to be even more efficient. What’s even more is that the slide release is situated in front of the cause guard as opposed to the 870 – another welcome readjust. Lastly, as far as the rails – or absence thereof – are pertained to, your case is going to come dvery own to the model you’re using. If you’re the owner of a Tactical variant, you’ll be blessed via a nice picatinny rail for accessories. If you’ve acquired the conventional model, well… perhaps someone will profession through you.

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical ShotgunShooting

Remington Model 887 Tactical Shotgun Firing

Often times, lightweight weapons will have trouble through kick, however the 887 took me by surpclimb as soon as aobtain by dealing with remarkably well. Even an extreme novice wouldbe able to occupational via this type of recoil, which rates well not only as a light gun, yet for any shotgun really. It defintiely tops the 870, the 88, and the 1100 in my estimation, though not the 1187, which I still deem the champion of Remington shotweapons. Some shotguns can provide your top body a beating, but the 887 is downappropriate comfy. Not only was I not wincing in anticipation of follow up shots or shooting in quick succession, I taken on firing via the swiftness choose I was one of Sosa’s males unloading a clip right into Tony Montana.

Long-term use? Well, “long-term” is a rather relative term. After roughly 1,000 shots fired and also a few months of use, the 887 hosted up simply fine for me (complete disclosure – I sold it as soon as Remington announced the recall). My just, *only* worry via performance would be that I don’t think I perform as well via a plastic gun than with a metallic gun. Somepoint about the grip simply doesn’t feel quite right for me when it comes to synthetics. That’s obviously a personal, subjective worry though, one that will certainly come dvery own to your very own choice.

Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical ShotgunMagazines and Sights

Hi-Viz LitePipe Front Bead Sight on a Remington Model 887

Once again, owners of the 887 conventional are going to feel rather shortreadjusted. The continuous version of the shotgun features a 4+1 capacity, while the Tactical design gets a 60% boost to 7+1, Truth be told, 4+1 isn’t some embarrassing trait, however compared to an obviously exceptional variant it does look kind of weak. As far as use, I haven’t encountered any kind of trouble with mags, the feed mechanism, chambering, or anypoint choose that.

I am a huge, huge fan of theHi-Viz LitePipe Front Bead and also Polymer Mid-Bead sights on this shotgun. They work great for sight acquisition and are made of high top quality products that encertain that the sights of this shotgun are as sturdy as the gun itself. This is a consideration that far also many kind of carriers neglect to element as soon as building their very own firearms, unfortunately. Now, the Remington 887 happens to be a famous home-defense shotgun (unsurprisingly – this is a pump-activity shotgun we’re talking about). Given this, it’s clear that night sights or sights that illuminate and also make for rapid tarobtain acquisition are wbelow it’s at. By extension, plainly, the Remington 887 is wbelow it’s at.

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Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical ShotgunSafety, Assembly, and also Recall

Remington Model 887 Disassembled

Disassembling and cleaning the 887 is a breeze, although that must come as no surpincrease given that this is a Remington firearm. I would certainly be remiss out on in discussing the security and assembly of this gun without discussing the exceptionally substantial recall of 887 models made from December 1, 2013 to November 24, 2014. As Remington describes:

“Remington has actually determined that in some Remington Model 887™ shotguns manufactured in between December 1, 2013 and November 24, 2014 the firing pin may bind in the forward position within the bolt, which have the right to bring about an unintentional discharge as soon as chambering a live round. This may take place when the safety device is on. Any unintfinished discharge has actually the potential to cause injury or fatality. Therefore, Remington is voluntarily recalling ALL perhaps affected commodities to inspect and also repair. Due to the risk of unintfinished discharge, the instruction to owners of influenced shotweapons is to speak utilizing it immediately”(via

Well, it doesn’t obtain much even more troubling than that. Where you’re handling weapons, you hardly ever want to hear around “potential to reason injury or fatality,” so I have a difficult time making an excusage for Remington on this one. But look, the truth is that manufacturing errors take place all the moment, Remington captured it prior to irreparable damages had actually developed, and also this doesn’t take amethod from the high quality seen in functioning 887 models. One strike I will certainly contact against the gun is that the bolt release is kind of favor a second create on the gun. It’s unmost likely that confusion over which create is which would lead to an undesirable firing, yet this seems choose a architecture aspect that need to have been avoided for the sake of staying on the safe side.

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Remington Model 887 Nitro Mag Tactical ShotgunDiscontinued

As of 2015, the Remington 887 was unsurprisingly discontinued. Remington has proclaimed that spare parts and also basic assistance is still available for the gun, however that this support could not be guaranteed in the long term. Now, after the recall took area, a full disextension and also support-pull came to be something of an inevitability. That is why I chose to market my 887 after only a variety of months of use. However before, I don’t think about my sale a disavowal of the 887 – on the contrary, I am a huge fan of the shotgun. Unfortunately, yet, the reality is that owning a non-supported shotgun through a diminishing assistance base for components, mods or accessories is just not worth the headache. Tright here are a full slate of shotfirearms easily accessible with finish first- and third-party support (prefer the Kel-Tec KSG, my replacement shotgun). 887 owners like myself were disappointed, however there’s no shortage of worthy alternate shotguns available – including in Remington’s very own catalogue.