The lettering "Regal Cinemas 10" at great Northern shopping mall is every that stays after the sign has actually been removed.

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For decades, moviegoers have flocked to ShoppingTown and great Northern malls to catch the recent blockbuster.

Many theaters in Upstate this week space reopening under strict occupancy rules from the state ~ being required to close because of the coronavirus pandemic.

But don’t intend the theaters in ~ ShoppingTown in DeWitt and an excellent Northern shopping center in Clay come be opening again.

One pretty great clue? The indications for every theater have actually recently been removed, leaving just the summary of the letters on the walls.

Regal Cinemas announced this mainly it will reopen eleven movie theaters in new York state including the theaters at Destiny USA in thedailysplash.tv for the very first time due to the fact that the coronavirus pandemic started in March.

Mike Kohan, who purchased great Northern shopping mall in 2017, claimed news the Regal’s closure at his shopping center is news to him. He claimed Regal still has actually a pair of year on the lease.

In fact, good Northern has sued Regal Cinemas for no paying rent. The theater quit paying rent in November 2019, five months prior to the pandemic closed theaters, and also owes around $703,439, according to the mall owners.

ShoppingTown’s Regal has actually a lease the doesn’t expire until July 2023. Officials in ~ the mall’s owner Moonbeam might not be got to for comment, and Regal spokespeople didn’t return phone messages and also emails.


The overview of lettering deserve to be seen where the authorize for theaters in ~ ShoppingTown mall in DeWitt supplied to be prior to the signs were newly removed.

ShoppingTown’s original theaters date back to the late 1950s, and also its double theater opened up in 1968.

The theatre at its current location in the mall opened up in 1997 with 10 screens, and also then to be renovated and expanded in 2008 including four new larger theaters and also stadium seating.

The theater at an excellent Northern opened in 1988 through Loews as six screens. The then ended up being a Hoyts in 1997 and expanded come 10 display screens when Regal acquired it in 2002.

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