New York 80s - Early 90"s 5:33 PM

BROOKLYN, NY If Sugar Hill was a hub for Harlem hustlers then East New York was a cocoon for Brooklyn's dope boys....

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If Sugar Hill was a hub for Harlem hustlers then East New York was a cocoon for Brooklyn"s dope boys. But unchoose Harlem, there isn"t a lot of group shots from Brooklyn"s underhuman being of the 80"s & early on 90"s that capture The Town"s genuine heavyweights, their fashion and way of living of that era floating about. However before this picture taken in VA, Beach (before Miami"s South Beach was a Brooklyn n*ggas playground) functions a who"s that of East New York"s best and Brooklyn kingpins such as Kendu & his brother Ra"Son from The Plaza (aka Da Land), Demencio, Lou Hobbs, One Arm Monk and the NoToRiouS Puerto Rihave the right to Jesus from Cypress Hills Houses. And though there were many others, I imply ya remain tuned for a closer look at the names discussed.
Supreme Team - Legendary! Better under Supreme than Prince. I checked out jr high and also high school through a lot of gods and earths from baisley ago as soon as Guy R Brewer was still dubbed New York Blvd. My male that i knew because fifth grade who lived in baisley and was really nice playing basketball approched Preme and gave him the idea for the tourney and also Preme shelp "OK" come up with a name for was officially named "Supreme"s Nite Invitational Fastbreak Festival" however was quickly recognized as "SNIFF" as in "Blow". EVERYBODY came thru for the games (Teddy Riley & Guy, Al. B Sure, LL etc) and also the majority of hustlers had teams in the tourney including Alpo. the tourney concerned an finish as soon as a ref made an adverse speak to throughout a huge money game...the ref obtained snuffed fell out hit his head and also died.

Black Jus remained in a fly vehicle from a all gold rimmed up Audi 5000 to Benzes, Bimmers, etc. Blackie was the coolest of them all. Once experienced Babsence walk ideal thru a dice game up in Harlem and all ni##as sassist was "what up black"...GOD BODY!!

Bimmy was likewise genuine nice in ball and provided to bag most ####es. I remember a young Bimmy in front of Carmichaels dinner throughout the street from Baisley wearing a Kofie and also pushing a blue 3 series BMW through gold BBS rims
Remember K!ller Ben gained k!lled after trying to avenge the de
th of his younger brother who gained k!lled via a bullet ment for Ben. There is or was (not certain if it"s still there) a mural of Ben on Myrtle ave.

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50 Cent - Sliced Domencio"s challenge at The Realm roller ring in BK and also then got beat dvery own....why? Cause that was 50 cent...!
Domencio was k!lled in DC by Alpo....Not uptown at The Rucker. the versions as why Po had actually him k!lled was that...