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Offering systematized coverage v an applied approach, Project administration in Practice, fifth Edition concentrates on the essentials of job management. This concise, hands-on text is appropriate for a one semester project administration course, or together a module on task management. This textbook is organized roughly the project monitoring life cycle, and provides students with vital project management principles while addressing an essential area of sector growth: the use of tasks to attain the strategic goals of organizations.

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Table that contentsProduct information

Table that contents

thing 1: The human being of Project monitoring chapter 2: The Manager, the Organization, and also the Team thing 3: Project task and danger Planning thing 4: Budgeting the job chapter 5: Scheduling the job thing 6: Allocating sources to the job thing 7: Monitoring and Controlling the task thing 8: evaluating and end the project Appendix: Probability and Statistics
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Product information

Title: Project monitoring in Practice, fifth Edition Author(s): Samuel J. Mantelpiece Jr. Relax date: September 2013 Publisher(s): Wiley ISBN: 9781118674666

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