Explanation: among the main point Romantic ideas was that the route to God, or to whatever aspects of life were taken into consideration transcendental, was fully individual (i.e., the opposite of the religious notion the the path was the very same for everyone), and it was somehow always related come a link with nature the demanded a particular distance native the life of crowded cities.

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the story tale heart is around honor and integrity. Wright about the distinction in honor and integrity in between both the the main characters trust me there is a lot to write

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Select the correct answerwhat theme is depicted in this excerpt from leo tolstoy"s the fatality of ivan ilyich? in truth it was just what is usually seen in the residences of people of moderate way who want to show up rich, and therefore succeed just inresembling others choose themselves, there room damasks dark wood, plants, rugs, and dull and also polished bronzes-all the things world of a certaiclass have in order to resemble other people of that class. His house was so prefer the others the it would never have been noticed, yet to him it aseemed come be fairly exceptional. The was really happy as soon as he met his family at the station and brought them come the newly furnished house all lit uwhere a tootman in a white tie opened up the door right into the hall decorated through plants, and when they go on right into the drawing-room and the studyuttering exclamations of happiness he performed them everywhere, drank in your praises eagerly, and beamed v pleasure.a.the impact of consumerismbw the power of wealthcam maintaining up appearances in societyud. Wconforming come societal conventionsresetnextil rights reserved.​
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Project information: the pythagorean theorem can be provided in many real-world scenarios. The following is an instance of real-word scenario wherein you will use the pythagorean organize to discover the missing piece. Real-word scenario: a handyman needs to create triangular trusses to framework out the roof that a small shed. He to know the roof itself will certainly be 9 feet tall and also the size of every truss will be 14 feet. Just how long will the roof be from its greatest to lowest point? part 1: the handyman created a illustration to provide a visual to solve this problem. Listed below is his drawing. 1. Part 2: solve the real-life scenario. Show all your procedures in answering the question and also make sure you brand your final answer correctly.
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How carry out details native the excerpts support the purpose of advocating for kids from central america? both include information the ask world to youngsters from main america. Both market solutions that present how victim from other countries have to be . The excerpt native enrique"s journey uses quotations to display that it is much better for these children to be sent back, and "children that the medicine wars" uses examples describing exactly how other countries have encountered the issue the excerpt indigenous enrique"s journey tells a story around what occurred to one victim, and "children that the drug wars" provides words that produce an emotional solution to persuade readers to take action.