Chord,Tablature, lyric, sheet, guitar, ukulele song: Pints the Guinness make You strong - against Me! - (Against Me! - Pints of Guinness make You StrongTuning: ...)

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Against Me! - Pints of Guinness make You StrongTuning: StandardGuitar 1: Intro and also Verse e|--0---0---0---3--|B|--1---1---1---3--|G|--2---0---2---0--|D|--2---2---2---0--|A|--0---3---0---2--|E|--x---x---x---3--|Guitar 2: Intro e|---------------------------------------|B|---------------------------------------|G|---------------------------------------|D|---------------------------------------|A|----0-2-3---3-3-2-0-----0-2---22--3-2--|E|----------3---------0-------3---3------|Chorus (Other etc playing distorted strength e|-1-|----3----1--0--3-----|B|-1-|----3----1--1--3-----|G|-2-|----0----2--2--0-----|D|-3-|----0----3--2--0-----|A|-3-|----2----3--0--2-----|E|-1-|----3----1--X--3-----| e|--1---0---3------|--1---0---3------|-0-|B|--1---1---3------|--1---1---3------|-1-|G|--2---2---0------|--2---2---0------|-2-|D|--3---2---0------|--3---2---0------|-2-|A|--3---0---2------|--3---0---2------|-0-|E|--1---x---3------|--1---x---3------|-x-| e|--0---0---5---5--|-5-|B|--0---0---7---7--|-5-|G|--1---1---7---7--|-6-|D|--2---2---7---7--|-7-|A|--2---2---5---5--|-7-|E|--0---0----------|-5-|Verse 2 e|--0---0---3---1--|--1---0---3---1--|--1---0---3---1--|B|--1---1---3---1--|--1---1---3---1--|--1---1---3---1--|G|--2---0---0---2--|--2---2---0---2--|--2---2---0---2--|D|--2---2---0---3--|--3---2---0---3--|--3---2---0---3--|A|--0---3---2---3--|--3---2---0---3--|--3---2---0---3--|E|--x---x---3---1--|--1---x---3---1--|--1---x---3---1--| e|--1---0---3---1--|B|--1---0---3---1--|G|--2---1---0---2--|(Strum every chord once)D|--3---2---0---3--|A|--3---2---2---3--|E|--1---x---3---1--|Chorus 2 e|--1---0---3------|B|--1---1---3------|G|--2---2---0------|D|--3---2---0------|A|--3---0---2------|E|--1---x---3------|Outro (Strum each chord once) e|--1---0---3------|B|--1---1---3------|G|--2---2---0------|D|--3---2---0------|A|--3---0---2------|E|--1---x---3------| Evelyn sits by the elevator doorsIt"s been 37 years due to the fact that James passed away on St. Patrick"s day in 1964She could not host it against himThere to be times there was nothing she can do but lie in bed every dayBeside a snapshot of lock together, a snapshot of better job And as with James, I"ll be drinking irish tonightAnd the memory the his last work week will certainly be unable to do foreverEvelyn I"m not coming house tonightIf we"re never together, if I"m never earlier againWell I swear to god that I"ll love you foreverEvelyn I"m not coming residence tonightIn all the years the went through she stated she"d always love himAnd from the day the he died she never ever loved againIn his wallet she maintained in she nightstandAn A.A. Card and also a lock the red hairShe kept secrets of pride locked so tight in she heartIt eliminated a part of her prior to the remainder was gone.She said, "if I would have known just just how things would have finished upI just would have actually let myself die."And just like James, I"ll be drinking ireland tonightAnd the memory of his last occupational week will be unable to do foreverEvelyn I"m not coming house tonightIf we"re never together, if I"m never ago againWell I swear to god the I"ll love girlfriend foreverEvelyn I"m not coming house tonight