Height:30-40 inches
Weight:9-18 pounds
Lifespan:9-15 years
Colors:White, cream, red, black, blue, silver, golden
Suitable for:Families with older children, companionship
Temperament:Sweet, gentle, vocal

The Black Maine Coon cat is a large animal, the giants of the cat world. They are relatively easy to train as far as cats go, but they require extensive grooming. Grooming helps minimize the amount of hair that they shed in the home and stops their fur from matting.

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These cats have a variety of coat colors and patterns. They can be bi-color, calico, solid-colored, tabby, and more. They are known more for their size and the shape of their bodies than for a distinctive coloring. Maine Coons have taken leaps in popularity, especially since at one point, they almost became extinct.


Black Maine Coon Kittens — Before You Buy

Image Credit: Nynke van Holten, Shutterstock

What’s the Price of Black Maine Coon Kittens?

Black Maine Coon cats are one of the most expensive breeds in the world. They are somewhat challenging to find a reputable breeder for, even though they have continued to grow in popularity over the past decade.

Potential owners need to prepare themselves for a kitten that on average, costs $400 to $2,000 in the U.S. In the UK, these cats will be closer to £500 to £1,700.

The reason that they are so expensive is due to the unstable health of this breed. Breeders cannot guarantee a healthy cat normally, but finding the perfect stud is extremely difficult because they tend to suffer from such a wide range of disorders as they get older.

Beyond their initial cost, you need to be prepared to feed a large cat with a big appetite and pay for any medical bills.

When you look into a breeder, be careful to find one who treats their animals well and follows appropriate protocol and best practices while breeding.

If you want to verify their care practices for yourself, you should ask to get a tour of their breeding facility. The breeder should always be willing to take you throughout every area where the cats are allowed.

Before finalizing the adoption of your new Black Maine Coon kitty, ask to have a look through the parents’ certification and registration papers. They should also be willing to show you their veterinary records so you can be aware of any potential illnesses that can be genetically inherited.


3 Little-Known Facts About Black Maine Coon Cats

1. The Maine Coon Cat is the only native long-haired cat in North America.

The Maine Coon Cat is also one of the oldest natural breeds of domesticated cats to come to the West. There is debate about how they got here, but they have been here for centuries by any account.

The first theory is that the Maine Coon came with the early arrival of the Vikings on their ships as they began to sail farther past Greenland. They would have come to the country centuries before Columbus landed on the Eastern U.S. shores and greeted the pilgrims when they came hundreds of years later.

The other predominant theory is that they are descendants of longhaired cats that belonged to Marie Antoinette. They were supposedly sent to America before the queen herself, as she had hopes of escaping there. They mated with other local shorthaired cats as the country continued to develop.

What researchers are absolutely sure of is that a tabby cat and a raccoon did not mate to create the ring-tailed Maine Coon that we have today. Although it is a biological impossibility, many people, including those in charge of naming this breed, firmly believed in the occurrence.

2. The Black Maine Coon coloration is one of the most stunning colors of the breed.

The Black Maine Coon is not a separate breed from the typical Maine Coons. Instead, these cats are simply different variations on the possible coat colors and patterns that Maine Coons can have.

Black is one of the most stunning and slightly rarer color variations for these cats. They are often known for having a tabby coat, meaning they have stripes and markings in darker shades throughout their coat, from head to tail.

Other colors that Maine Coons can come in include:

Since there are so many variations on the coat of the Maine Coon, it is not a good way to distinguish the breed from any other. Breeders often breed specific colors of the cat based on the parents and the people whom they are trying to market them to.

3. The Maine Coon breed is the largest among the domesticated felines.

Although the coat doesn’t help set this breed apart from any other breed, they have significant distinguishing features. The most obvious of these is their size. Maine Coon cats are one of the largest breeds of domesticated feline. They are often nicknamed “Gentle Giants.”

In the 2010 Guinness Book of World Records, the title for the longest cat recorded was held by a Maine Coon named Stewie. From the tip of his nose to the end of his tail, he measured 48.5 inches, or 123 centimeters.

The average size of this feline beast of a cat is between 8 to 18 pounds, depending on their gender. However, both males and females can be long, on average measuring 39.6 inches from tip to tip.

To put this in perspective, the average cat only weighs about 8 pounds as an adult and measures approximately 18-25 inches from tip to tip. Having a Black Maine Coon is like having two cats in one!


Temperament & Intelligence of the Black Maine Coon

The nickname of “Gentle Giant” is appropriate for these animals. Even with their massive size, they are friendly and kind animals. The Black Maine Coon is quite affectionate, and they seem to think of themselves as a much smaller cat. They love to spend time cuddling up with their owners or sitting on or in front of whatever you are trying to pay attention to at the time.

The Black Maine Coon is a sweet-tempered animal that is gentle with other animals and children. They are quite famous for their ability to get along with small children, watch over babies while they sleep, and follow around younger children like dogs.

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They seem to gallop around the house more than sneak. Black Maine Coons need a bit more space to exercise than a typical cat, since they can’t run around the home like smaller kitties.

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