I have actually an enlarge Dell XPS-8100 the still meets the need. Ns am thinking about tossing in some extr memory and found what i wanted, yet noticed the same company"s PC3-12800 memory is much less expensive than the PC3-10600 the device was built with. If I save a few bucks and also buy the PC3-12800 DIMMs instead of the PC3-10600, will he mobo still work just fine? I"m pretty certain it will, yet I"m in search of confirmation before placing the order.

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Well, girlfriend didn"t provide the exact memory link.


Crucial shows that your modules at 1600 room compatible....the Dell will simply down-clock if needed.



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Hello,You might wish to verify the computer has the latest version of that is BIOS installed, together BIOS updates can include support for and improve compatibility through different varieties of storage modules that were not available when the computer system was originally released.




Aryeh Goretsky


Like DevTech says, it will certainly work yet the rate will downclock.


My Dell 8930 XPS is also minimal to a best of DDR4-2666MHz memory speeds so i was compelled to to buy the same memory to expand from 16 come 32, I will certainly tell girlfriend this though, ns will never buy a Dell again! (It is away for its second repair v a failing PSU, 2 months of warranty left top top it).

Thanks for the info- it"s what ns expected however needed reassurance. The an essential ram is a notch greater priced- they have a unique on Patriot Signature storage at Amazon. I"ve offered both Patriot and also Kingston memory for many, countless years and never had a problem, for this reason I have tendency to stick v them also though I understand they are 2nd tier compared to companies choose Crucial.

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Goretsky: as always, an excellent point. I *BELIEVE* I check to check out if the was present when I uncovered it a couple of months earlier (long story- sufficient to speak it to be stored as soon as moving and I couldn"t find it because that over 6 years, i beg your pardon is an additional reason I want to gain mileage out of it- i paid v my sleep for this unit and didn"t gain much usage at the time, and for mine needs, that is still very adequate.)


Steven P.: I recognize a many of people who have actually said the same thing, but in all honesty, the Dells I"ve had constantly have been great buys. Exact same thing with HP. Space there gotchas that both companies put right into their designs? Yeah, unfortunately. However they have never acquired me. I used to build my own, yet I"ve gained to the age where the isn"t easy- arthritis for starters. Perhaps I"ll build one critical tower some time simply to teach my stepson how to carry out it. But for now, I"m satisfied with buying turn off the shelf. One thing that I uncover helps is buying organization line machines (I am not a gamer. I"d rather play with databases than play Fortnight.) so, tl;dr is that ns sure do understand exactly how you feel, also though I have not had any type of problems v them. And also if that 8930 is disappointed you, simply drop it v FedEx and also send it come me. I can give it a an excellent home. I haven"t bought a new computer since 2012 anyway. (Oh my gawd! i simply realized that! Well, I have 2 Raspberry Pi"s, yet that doesn"t count.)


DevTech: i was showing my age with this question- ns recall the days wherein you had actually to match the speed EXACTLY- and also even then, you would acquire mismatches (which taken place to me once I tried to include a huge 256k come a an equipment back in the beforehand 1990s or late 80"s- it"s every a blur, calendar-wise, now!) and if the XPS-8100 is finicky, I additionally have a comparable vintage 453MT and I deserve to put the memory in that one- it"s mine Linux server, repository, and also SQL Server on Linux machine.


Thanks, Jim K. Ns looked in ~ the Crucial, however the Patriot is 6 bucks every DIM cheaper, and also for a device that"s practically 10 year old, i"ll save the money. If ns were building (or structure up) a new machine, crucial all the way- that"s what is in my Macs that got upgraded after ns bought them.See you every on the boards!