15. Consumer are an altering ______ and consumption habits as a result of arising technologies.

You are watching: One trend that has caused consumer-generated information to gain importance is

a) your eating habits

b) your spending money

c) your disposable income

d) their shopping partners

e) their details searches

16. _______ provides the Internet and mobile and also interactive channels to develop communication and also exchanges with customers.

a) Digital marketing

b) Digital media

c) electronic marketing

d) Digital electronics

e) E-marketing

17. I m sorry of the adhering to refers to the strategic process of distributing, promoting, pricing products, and also discovering the desires of customers utilizing digital marketing.

a) digital orientation

b) digital media

c) digital marketing

d) digital electronics

e) electronic processing

18. The net has readjusted the method the supervisors at Chick-fil-A communicate and develop relationships with their customers and their

a) competitors.

b) store environment.

c) opponents.

d) employees.

e) legitimate representatives.

19. Follow to Nielsen Marketing Research, consumers spend more time top top ________ than e-mail.

a) Google

b) shopping sites

c) video clip sharing sites

d) blogs

e) society networking sites

20. As digital interaction technologies have actually advanced, it feasible for marketers to

a) have more control over their product’s positioning.

b) have an ext control over the handling of information.

c) have much more control end people’s perceptions of your business.

d) be more selective on news releases regarding their company.

e) reach markets that were formerly inaccessible.

21. I beg your pardon of the following features distinguish virtual media from classic marketing?

a) Experience, networking, and an individual contact

b) society networking, an individual contacts, control, and salesmanship

c) Addressability, interactivity, accessibility, connectivity, and also control

d) Environment, responsiveness, customization, and also affordability

e) Dynamic responsiveness, control, friendliness, and attention-getting

22 seq NL_a \r 0 \h . JC Penney’s website encourages visitors to it is registered in order to maximize their usage of the site. By collection information about a consumer prior to a purchase is made, JC Penney is practicing

a) addressability.

b) society networking.

c) interactivity.

d) accessibility.

e) control.

23. The capability of a marketer to identify customers before they make a acquisition is called

a) connectivity.

b) addressability.

c) interactivity.

d) accessibility.

e) control.

24. Sam’s club has developed a website that allows employees to produce a profile and connect v co-workers for the function of gaining acquainted and also building a work related network. This is an instance of a

a) digital reality.

b) podcast.

c) recruiting tool.

d) social network.

e) employed opportunity.

25. A(n) ________ channel provides the possibility for a marketer to customize promotions.

a) accessible

b) controlled

c) marketing

d) linked

e) addressable

26. _______ facilitates _______, together it allows customer engagement come facilitate product innovation.

a) accessibility / customization

b) Addressability / connection marketing

c) accessibility / partnership marketing

d) control / connection marketing

e) regulate / customization

27. _______ allows customers come express your needs and wants straight to a agency in solution to its marketing communications.

a) Socialability.

b) Addressability.

c) Interactivity.

d) Accessibility.

e) Control.

28. Blockbuster has collection up a website that permits customers come converse through the company. This is an example of a(n) ______ website.

a) accessible

b) controlled

c) linked

d) addressable

e) interactive

29. Digital media such as blogs permit marketers to connect with prospective customers in

a) person.

b) one assertive manner.

c) a non-threatening environment.

d) real time.

e) trusted environment.

30. The capacity to acquire digital information is referred to as

a) accessibility.

b) addressability.

c) interactivity.

d) connectivity.

e) control.

31. House Depot has actually an iPhone symbol that allows users to match colors in photographs with the store’s selection of carpets. This is an example of a(n)

a) application (app).

b) keypad function.

c) voice-activated system.

d) digital system.

e) interactivity.

32. Interactive links on web page can aid advertising move away from gift an intrusion to

a) attracting spectators.

b) being much more accessible.

c) occurring relationships.

d) providing the customer v control.

e) alluring the inactives.

33. One of the fastest-growing locations in mobile technology is the development of ______ that assist consumers to access more information around businesses

a) applications (apps)

b) widgets

c) cookies

d) speed dials

e) texts

34. Smart phones and also PDAs contain _______ that help consumers access more information about businesses.

a) treatments

b) digits

c) modulars

d) actions

e) applications

35. _______ requires the use of digital networks to administer linkages between information providers and also users.

a) accessibility.

b) addressability.

c) interactivity.

d) connectivity.

e) control.

36. ______ associate customers v marketers and also other customers.

a) Accessibility

b) Addressability

c) Interactivity

d) Connectivity

e) Control

37. ______ refers to customers’ capacity to regulate the info they view and the rate and sequence of their exposure to that information.

a) Accessibility

b) Addressability

c) Interactivity

d) Connectivity

e) Control

38. The Internet deserve to be described as a ______ medium due to the fact that users identify which websites they room going come view.

a) selective

b) discriminating

c) pull

d) push

e) monopolistic

39. Coca-Cola entices consumer to your website with contests and games, yet they cannot force people to visit your website as result of the ______ properties of virtual media.

a) accessibility

b) control

c) interactivity

d) addressability

e) connectivity

40. Using cutting-edge an innovation in association with social networks and blogs in stimulate to help in workplace relations is described as

a) companies 2.0

b) agency Dynamics

c) Cutting-edge technology

d) workplace Expansion

e) Employee 2.0

41. __________ are cost-free online publicity the helps the company

a) an unfavorable customer reviews

b) agency websites

c) Anti-company wikis

d) optimistic customer reviews

e) society technographics

42. Understand Lobby encourages customers to post feedback on their agency website due to the fact that customer-generated content appears much more ________ 보다 corporate messages.

a) authentic

b) colorful

c) approving

d) bogus

e) flattering

43. Toyota motivates customers to post reviews on their firm website in the wishes of enhancing the this firm

a) target market.

b) credibility.

c) mode of operation.

d) reach.

e) monopoly.

44. Parker Brothers has posted on-line cash rewards for consumer reviews of their games. In act so, Parker brother is striving to utilize

a) a task search.

b) a check market.

c) consumer-generated marketing.

d) a new concept viewing.

e) an employed staff opening.

45. ______ are more consumer-driven than classic media.

a) tv commercials

b) Radio spots

c) print ads

d) Digital media

e) Billboard advertisements

46. One tendency that has actually caused consumer-generated information to acquire importance is

a) the recession.

b) the globalization that companies.

c) the rise in keep brands.

d) the boost of consumers utilizing digital media to publicize their own product reviews.

e) the rise in customer buying power.

47. One tendency that has caused consumer-generated info to gain importance is

a) an increase in mobile digital technology.

b) consumers’ tendencies to trust various other consumers over corporations.

c) the social trend of consumers being influenced by the “village.”

d) the increase in adults various other than parents affecting children.

e) a reduction in proclaiming expenditures.

48. Two patterns that have caused consumer-generated information to get importance is

a) the recession and a palliation of declaring expenditures.

b) globalization and also the cultural trend of consumer being influenced by the “village.”

c) the boost of consumer sharing your opinions v digital media and the consumer’s mistrust of info from corporations.

d) rise in mobile digital technology and save brands.

e) boost in children’s affect over the purchasing decision and also the truth that adults various other than parents influence children.

c) the increase of consumer sharing your opinions through digital media and also the consumer’s mistrust of information from corporations.

49. Marketing strategists speak businesses ________ consumer via society media

a) should attach to

b) have to avoid referrals from

c) should disregard the advice of

d) need to stay away from

e) should manage

a) should affix to

50. The median Facebook user i do not care a fan of numerous ______ every month.

a) tv shows

b) pan Pages

c) Brand sheets

d) advancement Folios

e) facebook Leafs

b) fan Pages

51. Pan pages use _____ to assist companies keep track of information on who is coming to be a fan of their page.

a) widgets

b) sensors

c) rewards

d) pop-ups

e) wookies

a) widgets

52. I m sorry of the complying with statements is true about Fan Pages on Facebook?

a) They are expensive come produce.

b) lock are daunting to produce, but reap great rewards.

c) They are inexpensive and easy come produce.

d) They have no advantage for the company, but are still essential because the customer demands it.

e) They space the most effective way available today for communicating new product information.

c) They space inexpensive and easy to produce.

53. Pan Pages space a(n) _______ means for service providers to advertise your goods and also services while additionally garnering information around consumers.

a) effective yet costly

b) unique

c) magnified

d) personalized

e) inexpensive

e) inexpensive

54. Once using facebook Fan Pages, companies need to dedicate time to ________ in order to do Fans feeling connected.

a) responding to pan posts

b) fostering time-sensitive products

c) collection widgets

d) giving background information on the company

e) promoting green organization practices

a) responding to pan posts

55. Fan Pages room a _____ means for providers to advertise.

a) costly

b) ineffective

c) difficult

d) time-intensive

e) inexpensive

e) inexpensive

56. The an initial modern society network was shut down because of

a) federal government restrictions.

b) absence of interest.

c) concerns brought up by the much better Business Bureau.

d) inconsistency in between state and federal regulations.

e) the was too costly.

b) absence of interest.

57. Sonic communicates with its customers with _______, i m sorry is the most popular social networking website in the world.

a) MySpace

b) Twitter

c) LinkedIn

d) Facebook

e) Blogs

d) Facebook

58. The fastest-growing team on on facebook is

a) teenagers.

b) masculine Millennials.

c) mrs Millennials.

d) guys aged 55 and also over.

e) ladies aged 55 and also over.

e) females aged 55 and over.

59. ________ can use social networking sites.

a) any kind of sized company

b) Only huge to tool sized companies

c) only companies through a dedicated target market

d) just companies through a distinctive product

e) just companies who target customer is mainly women

a) any kind of sized company

60. MySpace has experienced difficulties competing with Facebook, in part because the its reputation as more of a ______ website than one for maintaining in touch v friends.

a) children’s

b) dating

c) parental

d) senior citizen’s

e) community

b) dating

61. IHOP is energetic on facebook for the objective of engaging in ______ marketing.

a) distant

b) relationship

c) controlled

d) experiential

e) community

b) relationship

62. LinkedIn is a society networking site geared towards

a) Millennials.

b) teenagers.

c) singles.

d) professionals.

e) retirement people.

d) professionals.

63. A LinkedIn profile each other

a) a photo album

b) an resolve book

c) a resume

d) a book review

e) class notes

c) a resume

64. Which of the complying with websites allows companies to find the network because that potential employee with particular skills?

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) LinkedIn

d) MySpace

e) Flickr

c) LinkedIn

65. Larry is project hunting and also has make a profile that contains his educational background, project experiences, and qualifications. I m sorry website would be the most valuable for Larry to short article his file on?

a) LinkedIn

b) Bing

c) MySpace

d) Twitter

e) Facebook

a) LinkedIn

66. Basic Motors communicates v consumers and also stockholders via social networking. Which site would be the most advantageous for GM to short article its stock information on?

a) LinkedIn

b) Facebook

c) MySpace

d) Twitter

e) Flickr

a) LinkedIn

67. Which society networking site asks that is members “What space you doing?”

a) LinkedIn

b) Facebook

c) MySpace

d) Twitter

e) Skyrocket

d) Twitter

68. Toys-R-Us is practically finished building a brand-new store and will quickly be having actually a grand opening celebration. Management wants to construct excitement and anticipation for the event. Which society networking site would Toys-R-Us use to write-up multiple updates each day on the store’s progress?

a) Facebook

b) Twitter

c) LinkedIn

d) MySpace

e) QQ

b) Twitter

69. ______ room web-based journals in i beg your pardon writers can editorialize and interact v other net users.

a) Bings

b) Googles

c) Blogs

d) Podcasts

e) Wikis

c) Blogs

70. McDonald’s received an adverse publicity concerning the content of your hamburgers. The info in the report was incorrect. Part of McDonald’s solution is to create a web-based newspaper that provides accurate information about McDonald’s ingredients. This journal is an example of a

a) bing.

b) digital diary.

c) blog.

d) podcast.

e) wikis.

c) blog.

71. A ______ is a kind of software that creates an user interface that allows users to include or edit the content of some species of websites.

a) bing

b) digital diary

c) blog

d) podcasting

e) wiki

e) wiki

72. Some companies use ______ as interior tools for groups working on a task requiring lots of documentation.

a) on facebook pages

b) fan Pages

c) Bings

d) wikis

e) Notebook pages

d) wikis

73. ______ is a famous photosharing site on the Internet.

a) LinkedIn

b) Facebook

c) MySpace

d) Twitter

e) Flickr

e) Flickr

74. Crate and Barrel uses ________ to sector themselves visually through displaying snapshots of firm events, staff, and also products.

a) wikis

b) blogs

c) Skyrocket

d) Flickr

e) Twitter

d) Flickr

75. The most popular video-sharing website is

a) Flickr.

b) Facebook.

c) YouTube.

d) Wikis.

e) QQ.

c) YouTube.

76. A brand-new trend in video clip marketing is the use of

a) Blogs

b) amateur filmmakers

c) Twitter announcements

d) heralding firms to develop videos

e) online realities

b) amateur filmmakers

77. _______ space audio or video clip files that deserve to be downloaded from the net with a subscription that automatically delivers new content to listening tools or an individual computers.

a) Wikis

b) Blogs

c) Podcasts

d) digital realities

e) Photo-sharing

c) Podcasts

78. As result of increasing consumer demand, numerous television networks are producing ______ of their shows.

a) podcasts

b) wikis

c) virtual realities

d) digital characters

e) imitations

a) podcasts

79. ______ space computer-based digital simulated atmospheres that involve participants.

a) Wikis

b) online realities

c) Podcasts

d) Blogs

e) Photo-sharing

b) digital realities

80. Redbox has developed outlets in the simulated environment of 2nd Life. Her _____ is may be to rent a movie native a Redbox.

a) clone

b) avatar

c) pet

d) Q

e) dynasty

b) avatar

81. As a result of the increasing consumption of digital media, some of the marketer’s manage over dispensing product information has actually been inserted

a) in limbo.

b) under the authority of the government.

c) in the hands of the that company competitors.

d) in the hand of the consumer.

e) in the hands of the stockholders.

d) in the hand of the consumer.

82. The attrition price for digital media channels is

a) nonexistent.

b) diminutive.

c) low.

d) about the exact same as traditional businesses.

e) really high.

e) very high.

83. ______ room those consumers that construct their own media outlets, such as blogs, podcasts, consumer-generated videos, and also wikis.

a) Creators

b) Critics

c) Collectors

d) Joiners

e) Spectators

a) Creators

84. Consumers that act together ______ are ending up being increasingly crucial to digital marketers together a conduit because that addressing consumer directly.

a) creators

b) critics

c) collectors

d) joiners

e) spectators

a) creators

85. Red Bull has started introducing new products and also information come bloggers in the hope that they will pass the info on to their virtual followers. In this case, the bloggers are

a) collectors.

b) spectators.

c) joiners.

d) creators.

e) critics.

d) creators.

86. ______ are human being who discuss blogs or write-up ratings and also reviews.

a) Collectors

b) Spectators

c) Joiners

d) Creators

e) Critics

e) Critics

87. ______ are civilization who gather information and organize content created by critics and also creators.

a) Collectors

b) Spectators

c) Joiners

d) Creators

e) Critics

a) Collectors

88. Of the digital user segment in The society Technographics Profile, the largest group is most countries is

a) Creators

b) Critics

c) Collectors

d) Joiners

e) Spectators

e) Spectators

89. ______ normally constitute a smaller component of the online populace than the other groups.

a) Collectors

b) Spectators

c) Joiners

d) Creators

e) Critics

a) Collectors

90. Anyone that becomes a member of MySpace, Twitter, Facebook, or other social networking sites is a

a) Collector.

b) Spectator.

c) Joiner.

d) Creator.

e) Critic.

c) Joiner.

91. ______ space those consumers who review what various other consumers produce, however do no produce any kind of content themselves

a) Collectors

b) Spectators

c) Inactives

d) Creators

e) Critics

b) Spectators

92. ______ space online customers who execute not participate in any type of digital digital media.

a) Collectors

b) Spectators

c) Inactives

d) Creators

e) Critics

c) Inactives

93. Walmart has stores in China wherein Spectators consist of the majority of the virtual population. To enhance their marketing efforts with the qualities of the population, Walmart should

a) have actually a contest to gather consumer-generated content.

b) overlook comments indigenous Critics.

c) produce a fan Page and invite consumers to post their thoughts.

d) article its own promotional messages on blogs and websites.

e) stick to timeless promotions rather than social networking.

d) post its very own promotional messages on blogs and websites.

94. Pizza hut has actually restaurants in India whereby Joiners consist of the bulk of the online population. To complement their marketing initiatives with the attributes of the population, Pizza Hut should

a) have actually a dispute to conference consumer-generated content.

b) neglect comments from Critics.

c) produce a pan Page and invite consumers to short article their thoughts.

d) article its very own promotional message on blogs and also websites.

e) pole to timeless promotions fairly than society networking.

c) produce a pan Page and invite consumers to write-up their thoughts.

95. KFC has restaurants in Mexico where Inactives make up the majority of the digital population. To match their marketing initiatives with the attributes of the population, KFC should

a) have actually a contest to conference consumer-generated content.

b) ignore comments native Critics.

c) develop a fan Page and invite consumers to article their thoughts.

d) short article its own promotional message on blogs and also websites.

e) focus an ext on timeless promotions quite than society networking.

e) focus more on classic promotions rather than social networking.

96. Sears sell online with its website, while additionally selling v physical keep locations. This form of retailing is referred to as

a) bricks-and-clicks.

b) side-by-side.

c) bricks-and-mortar.

d) online-specialty.

e) web-only.

a) bricks-and-clicks.

97. The ability to process orders electronically and also increase the rate of communications via the web reduces

a) customer satisfaction because of lack of person involvement.

b) customer satisfaction because of hard-to-navigate websites.

c) cognitive dissonance.

d) distribution costs.

e) customer involvement.

d) distribution costs.

98. Consumers deserve to order a computer system through ideal Buy’s website and also pick up the computer system at the store. This kind of delivery is called

a) click and brick.

b) site to store.

c) bricks and mortar.

d) digital come domestic.

e) nontraditional.

b) site to store.

99. ______ relates to perceptions the value and also is the many flexible aspect of the marketing mix.

a) Distribution

b) Pricing

c) keep location

d) Product mix

e) Promotion

b) Pricing

100. Online surveys deserve to serve as an different to

a) mail surveys, phone call surveys, or personal interviews.

b) mail surveys only.

c) mail and also telephone surveys, however not personal interviews.

d) an individual interviews only.

e) telephone surveys only.

a) letter surveys, telephone surveys, or an individual interviews.

101. ______ is a ax that describes the usage of digital media to attain opinions top top the needs of potential markets.

a) Opinion gathering

b) Digital instruments

c) Futurism

d) Outsourcing

e) Crowdsourcing

e) Crowdsourcing

102. Dell hosted an online challenge for innovative keyboard designs. This is an example of

a) Opinion gathering

b) Digital instruments

c) Futurism

d) Outsourcing

e) Crowdsourcing

e) Crowdsourcing

103. Johnson & Johnson learns about consumer needs by knowledge the atmosphere in i m sorry a product is used and the various applications the the product. The firm uses _______ as a research study tool to gain this information.

a) futurism

b) society networking

c) give-aways

d) promotional events

e) sponsorship

b) social networking

104. Around ______ of Americans take part in online discussion forums.

a) 5%

b) 10%

c) 20%

d) 30%

e) 40%

c) 20%

105. ______ of virtual shoppers check out ratings and also reviews before making a purchase decision.

a) One-fourth

b) A third

c) nearly half

d) end three-fourths

e) virtually all

d) over three-fourths

106. Northface introduced a promotional project using various develops of digital media. In order to advice the success that the campaign, Northface should

a) measure profitability during and also after the campaign.

b) to compare sales before and after the project was launched.

c) measure up sales and profitability after the project was launched.

d) measure need during and also after the campaign.

e) look in ~ sales for a year after ~ the campaign.

b) to compare sales before and also after the campaign was launched.

107. Sony released an online campaign that prompted people to visit the Sony website. In stimulate to evaluate the success of the campaign, Sony should

a) compare sales before and also after the campaign was launched.

b) monitor web traffic throughout the campaign.

c) screen the website to view if web traffic enhanced after the beginning of the campaign.

d) compare need before and after the campaign was launched.

e) measure sales and profitability after ~ the campaign was launched.

c) monitor the website to check out if web traffic increased after the start of the campaign.

108. Craigslist desires to know which social networking sites drive the most traffic to the Craigslist website. The best means to acquire this details is with

a) a basic random survey.

b) a digital media measurement system.

c) research performed by the various social networks.

d) an independent analysis.

e) monitoring the Disney website for a year.

b) a digital media measure system.

109. Due to consumer comes to over privacy, the _______ is considering regulation that would certainly limit the lot of consumer information the marketers have the right to gather digital

a) web Protection Agency

b) consumer Protection Agency

c) Federal profession Commission

d) far better Business Bureau

e) technology department of the federal government

c) Federal trade Commission

110. ______ includes any kind of attempt to intentionally conduct dishonest activities online.

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a) Racketeering

b) virtual spam

c) Digital identity theft

d) online fraud

e) virtual bribery

d) virtual fraud

111. ______ monitors society networks for fraudulent accounts and also assist your clients in removed the deceptive accounts.

a) A brand-protection firm

b) The Federal trade Commission

c) one Internet-protection agency

d) The far better Business Bureau

e) an online-police agency

a) A brand-protection firm



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