This tutorial gives some advice on exactly how to draw the same male confront of various ages, a boy, a teenager, one adult and an old man.

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Male face drawing different ages

Please keep in mind that the purpose of this indict is not to carry out clear proportions for drawing each face yet general advice on just how to do a confront look younger or older.

For the proportions for illustration a male face see (can use to teenager, adult and old man):

How to draw a Male confront Step by action Tutorial

Drawing a Boy’s Face

Boy’s confront drawing

For a younger looking challenge (compared to the enlarge counterparts) attract larger and more comprehensive open eyes, a smaller nose and puffier lips.

Overall kids and also younger people tend to have smoother less identified facial features.

Drawing a Teenager/Young Man’s Face

Young man’s challenge drawing

As world get older their encounters tend to gain longer and their facial attribute become an ext defined.

For a larger looking face (going indigenous a boy to a teenager/young man) draw it slightly much longer than the ahead example. Attract a bigger nose, bake the cheekbones slightly far better defined and also the lips slightly less puffy.

Drawing an Adult’s Face

Adult man’s confront drawing

For an larger adults challenge you have the right to make the facial features an ext defined and add some wrinkles on the forehead and around the eyes, nose and corners the the mouth.

Drawing one Old Man’s Face

Old man’s face drawing

For one old man’s challenge extend the wrinkles indigenous the previous instance and add some brand-new ones. Together a person gets older their skin also tends come hang more so you can attract the bottom of the cheeks/and chin further down.

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This tutorial listed some tips because that making a drawing of a person look younger or older but there is a lot more variety once it involves drawing faces. If you need more examples you deserve to always try and analyze photos of genuine people and also see how facial structure and features tend to readjust with age.