Fillies, gentlecolts, and foals of all ages, welcome when again to one more edition the the My tiny Pony: Friendship is Magic recap/review. Because that a franchise around pastel colored horsies, it’s safe to say the this show has damaged many that the preconceived notions for a present supposedly aimed towards just young girls. For this reason it’s for sure to speak that when an episode about a pony superhero team was announced earlier at the 2013 mountain Diego Comic Con My small Pony Panel, it was met with both a lot of excitement, and a little bit of concern as to just how well they’d manage such a story. Did they traction a at sight success? Let’s uncover out through “Power Ponies”.

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Our heroes come to be the mighty power ponies

The episode opens in Twilight Sparkle’s library together Spike wakes Twilight in the middle of the night if he’s analysis a comic around the superhero team recognized as the power ponies, who have to defeat a psychotic rogue by the name of the Mane-iac, who was a former hair product agency owner who dropped into a vat the chemicals and also turned insane. Spike additionally complains about Humdrum, the sidekick that the strength ponies, who only seems to make points worse for anyone by getting in the way. This seems to parallel the real human being as we check out Twilight and the rest of the Mane 6 restoring Celestia and Luna’s old castle, and despite Spike wanting come help, the other ponies phone call him that they have actually the case under manage without him.

Spike finishes his comic, however notices part tiny print on the earlier page. The reads it, which causes the book to produce a portal that sucks him and also the mane 6 inside the world of the comic book. Currently in Maretropolis, the mane six have now come to be the strength ponies. Twilight is masked Matterhorn, through the strength to emit energy blasts of any kind of kind through her horn (so nothing yes, really new). Pinkie is Fillisecond, through the strength of at sight speed. Rainbow Dash is Zap, who have the right to summon weather strikes with the lightning bolt around her neck. Applejack is Mistress Marevelous, who deserve to use her psychically attached lasso to tie things up. Rarity is Radiance, who have the right to use she magic arm bands to produce anything she thinks of. And also finally Fluttershy is Saddle Rager, who have the right to turn right into a powerful monster when angry (which she can’t seem come do)

It’s safe to speak you can guess i beg your pardon superheroes they’re based off.


The Menacing Mane-iac

They don’t have actually too lot time to evaluate the case as they’re confronted by the Mane-Iac, who’s steal an power orb to power her doomsday device. The Mane-iac has the power to manipulate her mane and tail hair to carry out pretty much anything, indigenous swing top top lampposts, choose up objects, and even walk because that her. She’s also pretty lot insane. And, since our heroes room trying come get readjusted to their new powers (or in Fluttershy’s case, do the efforts to uncover a reason to obtain angry), they’re quickly defeated. Spike likewise realizes that he’s Humdrum, an interpretation he has actually no powers, and is simply the comic relief. This causes a punch to his self esteem, which has actually him under in the dumps because that the bulk of the episode.

But since he’s the just one who knows the way around Maretropolis, and also they need to defeat the Mane-iac to do their method back home, he’s top the way. They discover Mane-iac’s hideout, which is a shampoo manufacturing facility (go figure), and also the power ponies need to do fight with her henchponies. The group start to improve, beating earlier the goon squad. However, Mane-iac uses her hairspray beam of doom, freeze the ponies in place, yet sparing Humdrum Spike due to the fact that he’s no worth the initiative to capture.


Fear the Flutterhulk... That is, if you desire to.

The mane six captured, and also are shortly to it is in guinea pigs because that Mane-iac’s gigantic hair drier cannon i beg your pardon she plans to usage to cause the manes the everypony in the human being to go crazy. Spike sneaks into the factory, and after hearing Twilight tell Mane-iac the Spike always comes through as soon as they require his help, the manages to help cost-free the team as they battle with much more of Mane-iac’s goons. Other than for Fluttershy, who’s still can not to acquire angry. The is, till Mane-iac end up swatting a firefly, injuring it. This set Fluttershy off right into a rage, morphing her into a giant musclebound monster.

The Flutterhulk deflects a blast from the doomsday cannon, knocking it into Mane-iac, resulting in her mane to go even more wild, and also tying her up. Flutterhulk destroys the cannon, and also the day is saved. This causes the mane six and Spike to be sucked ago into reality. Spike learns that even though he isn’t always needed, or the he doesn’t have actually superpowers, the doesn’t average he isn’t necessary to his friends. We additionally learn that Spike choose up this comic book conveniently at the Canterlot store of enchanted Comics. And the illustration ends v the comic book vanishing right into thin air.

This to be a at sight episode, however does it gain a super rating? Let’s smash right into the pros and also cons.


The last time the present tries a superhero story, it was the exceptionally clunky The secret Mare-Do-Well. Yet this time around, the principle was tackled better. Every the characters were provided awesome strength fitting of your mannerisms. The best of them quickly being Rarity and Fluttershy. The was fun to view them learn how to use these powers, and also use them versus their foes.

Speaking of foes, ns love the Mane-iac. She was a funny villain. It’s favor what you’d get if you overcome The Joker with doctor Octopus, and put them in a horse’s body. I specifically loved her exceptionally over the optimal monologue to she henchmen-err-henchponies.

For one episode concentrating primarily top top Spike, this is probably his ideal outing in the collection so far. Some have the right to complain about his continuous moping in the episode, however it renders sense in the context of the story, and it does make sense. Spike is usually simply the show’s comic relief, and also he isn’t as helpful in the warm of battle like the mane six. The would only be a matter of time the a fear of self worth would capture up come him. Some people say this feels a lot favor the ethical plot of Owl’s Well the Ends Well, yet that one was an ext Spike’s fear of being quickly replaced, when this is more about exactly how truly necessary in the grand system of points he yes, really is. If a little similar, that does feel different enough to be taken into consideration fresh.


I would certainly say that while the powers to be cool, Rainbow Dash and also Twilight feel the most lost in the shuffle. Dash proper gets plenty of cool moments through her powers, and also Twilight’s simply feels choose something she can already do there is no a super fit on.

And I will certainly say the totality “enchanted comic store” finishing does feeling a bit contrived. I mean, who would be stupid sufficient to offer magic comics to youngsters, knowing really well the dangers that this would certainly lead to? ns guess it’s really the only method to do some feeling of the story, but they can have come up v a much better excuse.

Power Ponies to be a fun episode. It stuck with a many the stock superhero cliches, but despite that never ever felt too boring, or as well rushed. The does feeling a bit weird to view a present like My tiny Pony try so lot of this form of activity (even come the point of providing this episode the very first Fantasy Violence rating in the show’s history), but for what they could do, they pulled it off well enough. This was super fun.

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RATING: 9 out of 10

Next week, Sweet Apple acre is going batty. When a vampire fruit bat infestation intimidates to destroy Applejack’s orchard during bucking week, she asks for her friends assist to eliminate the varmints. Yet when her methods of ridding the farm of the bats clashes v Fluttershy’s, can this cause tension in between the friends? uncover out as soon as My small Pony has a negative case the Bats! following week.