Fiorella Bianchi is an Italian young girl who is an extremely romantic and a day-dreamer; nevertheless, she has had actually to carry the duty of her family members with her. As a child, she suffered the loss of she mother, so she had actually to take the function of her sister Gianna´s mother, who suffers from a love disease. She likewise takes treatment of Mario, her father, who is sick v pneumonia. They live in a tiny and also uncomfortable room, which Fiorella resents since she can´t offer a better thing to her family regardless of of working day and night together a cleaner.Fiorella desires with a beautiful wedding, however she has actually never met a guy who takes her seriously. However, she photos herself next to a guy who is simply as charming together that young guy she met as soon as on her way home. One afternoon, Fiorella is fired from work. When she it s okay home, she finds her father ~ above the brink of death. A small while before, Mario had actually asked an old acquaintance, Vittorio Dragone, who resides in Mexico, to help his daughters as soon as he to be gone. The response doesn´t take it long because Vittorio sends aid to the Bianchi’s sisters, and later on, he makes Fiorella an significant proposal: to become his wife. Yet afraid of gift rejected, Vittorio, that is around his 60s, sends out a picture of himself as soon as he was lot younger to present himself to the girl. ~ thinking things over and over, Fiorella renders the decision to travel to Mexico through Gianna, hope to gain married and readjust their lives. When they come to Mexico, a series of occasions keep them from finding, and being found, by her future husband. Gianna suffers a wellness crisis and she loses Vittorio’s information, therefore they space drifting. However, they meet Adela and also Reynaldo who feel sympathy because that them and take lock in. Fiorella is hired by Tania to assist her clean her apartment, and so she meets again v that young man that she met in Italy, the one she has been dreaming that marrying, Pedro Angeles, that happens to it is in Tania’s boyfriend. After an debate

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Fiorella Bianchi es una joven italiana, sencilla, humilde, y sobre todo muy hermosa y de buenos sentimientos. Huérfana de madre, que cuida y mantiene a su hermana menor, Gianna, de 17, que tiene una condición cardíaca; y a su padre, Mario, aquejado de neumonía.Cuando este muere, un amigo de él, un importante restaurantero italiano establecido en México, Vittorio Dragone, propone matrimonio a Fiorella y promete hacerse cargo de los gastos médicos de su hermana.Como es bastante mayor que la muchacha, Vittorio le envía una foto de cuando era joven, Fiorella, empujada por las necesidades y la ilusión de casarse con un hombre bueno, acepta.Las dos hermanas viajan a México, en donde por una serie de desencuentros, se pierden.

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Nunca encuentran a Vittorio y después de muchas penurias, logran llegar a vivir al paradisíaco Rancho de la prominente familia Ángeles; donde Fiorella obtiene un trabajo y consigue que Gianna reciba tratamiento para su mal cardíaco.Es ahí donde encuentra a Pedro Ángeles, el hombre de sus sueños, que también se enamora de ella; y a su ambiciosa y mezquina familia que vive inmersa en la lucha por una herencia construida a base de misterios y algunos crímenes.Las diferencias sociales entre ellos boy enormes, pero aún así, Pedro y Fiorella buscan defender su amor de los obstáculos del destino; sin embargo, Vittorio, que nunca cejó en su empeño de encontrarla, lo hace y pone en marcha sus plane para casarse con ella. collection ID 300653 Status finished Airs Sunday, Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday, in ~ 4:15pm Runtimes 45 minutes (176 episodes) Episode Screenshot Format 16:9 Screencap Favorited This collection has been favorited by 5 people. Created September 14, 2015 by charlie12 Modified august 14, 2017 by Administrator