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Wednesday, September 12, 2018

Mi Mariperform Tiene Más Familia, Capitulo 1, Tuesday, September 11, 2018; “Long Lost Relatives Appear”


Webegin with an aerial view of Oaxaca and also a narration from Julieta. It is ninemonths later since the last scene where it showed up that Doña Imelda had actually a heartattack. Julieta recaps how she neverreally wanted a family members, and also much less having actually in regulations. But Robert encouraged herotherwise and also currently she cannot live without her household. She says that no perfectfamily members exists and also problems never before seem to end. But the family is the refugewbelow all life begins and where love never ends. As she ends the narration, thecamera zooms in on the Córcega family. They are all dressed in babsence and seemto be at a funeral organization. At initially, I wondered if Doña Imelda had actually passedaway. But then you never understand. All the Córcega brothers are alive and also puttingbcheck out on the grave. Everyone looks very sad. We view bit David looking verysad together with Robert. Then we see Frida tbelow in tears! They keep you insuspense as to that died! It nearly renders you feel as though Julieta died, butyou understand that can’t be true. Finally we check out Julieta running into the cemeteryapologizing for her tardiness and joining the rest of the family members.
Thevideo camera then zooms in on Doña Imelda, so currently we recognize she lived through herordeal from the last show. We carry out not watch Linda, Marisol, or Xavi. Is it one ofthem? No, the cam finally reflects that died, Canuto Córcega; he passed away in 1960!As they are “talking” to Canuto and also sharing memories, Julieta’s virtualassistant speaks and also interrupts whatever. Blanca claims that Julietacommunicates more with “Pili” than via them. Imelda starts to stop of hermemories and the song Canuto offered to love so much. Then they all begin singingthis ballad…

Thescene alters to an older guy driving in his old pick-up truck and on his radiothe same song is playing. The male, played by Carlos Bracho, pulls up in frontof the Córcega’s bakery. He gets out, looks around and also has a look on his facefavor he’s just come residence.
TheCórcega family members records out of the cemetery together. Julieta tells Robert thatshe finds it significant that his grandmother still misses his grandpa aftereven more than 50 years. Robert counters that he would miss out on her eexceptionally second of theday. Julieta claims they have actually many kind of more years to live and also she can’t imagine lifewithout him. Then they catch up via Blanca and Eugenio. Blanca tells them notto forobtain lunch later on and comlevels about not seeing them sufficient. David saysthat they go over eincredibly Sunday, yet Blanca says that is not enough. “A grandmawants to view her grandyoungsters all the time!” states Blanca. Eugenio tells Blancato relax and also reminds them that their youngsters have their very own resides, yet Blancawon’t have any kind of of it. “Pili” interrupts aobtain and Blanca states she hates thatwoman. No, not Julieta, Pili!

Back atthe bakery, the older stranger is eating his pán de frijol and also enjoying itimmensely. He looks choose he died and went to heaven. Then he goes over to therespond to and also desires to purchase all that they have actually on hand also. He asks that owns thisbakery and the employee tells him it’s Eugenio and Blanca Córcega. She pointsto the home window and also says that they are just arriving earlier. She describes that DoñaImelda had actually owned the bakery through her husband also, yet unfortunately, he had actually passed away.Our older stranger looks out the window as though he recognizes Imelda andstares at her.

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Thehousehold sits down to their meal and Julieta’s online assistant goes off aobtain.Imelda complains that it’s constantly informing Julieta what to perform. Amalia states, “Wellthen Pili is a lot like you, Imelda!” Daniela yawns and complains exactly how tired sheis because she isn’t getting enough sleep. When dinner is over, Blanca insiststhat she take food house because she doesn’t look well and “look at thosebags/dark circles under your eyes!” Of course Polita is still helping herself tothe food and also she has actually brought her plastic containers through her. Daniela says, “Auntie,you’ll never change!” They have sweet bread for dessert and it is announcedthat Linda is examining in Italy and also Marisol is traveling via Xavi and also thatthey are incredibly much missed! A food fight starts, however is easily stopped byEugenio.
Julietahas actually excsupplied herself to the bathroom to capture her composure, however when she opensthe door to come out, there stands Blanca at the door going through her naggingregime again! She is complaining around not getting to take care of the grandchildren.Julieta explains that she and Robert are trying to work points out their wayand why doesn’t she enjoy the tranquility and quiet at home now. Blanca just rollsher eyes in a “yeah right” means. Julieta tells Blanca that she loves her verya lot and also Blanca responds, “But you additionally desire me far away.” Julieta just sighsand folds her arms. Blanca goes on and on and also ultimately “Pili” announces that it’stime to leave. Blanca leaves in frustration.

Amysterious womale sits at her computer system looking with photos of Julieta,Robert, and also the family members on her computer system. She watches a video of some kind ofseminar for effective women and Julieta is the major speaker. The motivationalspeech is about just how a woguy can be successful and use her organizationalskills to further her career, attain her dreams, and tale treatment of her family. “Andremember, the secret is in gaining arranged.” Mystery woguy simply smiles,virtually mockingly, as she listens to the words.
Danielaand also Gabriel are at their apartment painting the toys. Gabe wants to recognize if itsquitting time but Dani reminds him of all the other things they must execute. ButGabe doesn’t think they have to go gain groceries. They examine the fridge and also it’sempty. Nothing by half a cucumber in there. Dani is frustrated with Gabebecause he hasn’t done any kind of grocery shopping, nor has actually he turned in theirrecycling.
At theolder stranger’s house, he is food preparation up some type of shrimp soup in clay pots.His wife walks in and also tells him he hasn’t been paying attention to her. Theykiss, then she asks him if he is dreaming of one more woman bereason if he is,she will kill her. After she leaves, mystery older guy is nervous and he knocksover the soup pot, sevedepend burning his arm.
Daniand also Gabe continue pointing out their situation. She says that theyseparate---yet Gabe claims, “What?” Dani explains that they perform their choresindependently so that they deserve to acquire even more done. Whew, Gabe was worried there for aminute. “But” he claims, “I promise you that everything will certainly work out fine.” Theykiss, but a hanging light fixture drops on their heads.
Ourmystery older guy is walking down the street with his injured and burned arm.He crosses the street in front of a dark SUV with a driver who is drivingImelda. The driver honks at him and Imelda simply looks at him like sherecognizes him. He crosses and stops to attempt to regulate his pain. It’s obvioushe is in the majority of pain from this burn.
Blancaarrives residence and is in search of Eugenio. She calls him name via theapartment and also he doesn’t answer. She finds him in their daughters’ old roomcurled up on a bed. The problem is he misses them so much! He simply can’t getprovided to having actually an empty swarm.
Julietaand also Cassandra are walking right into work-related at CKlass where whatever is hopping.Cassandra tells Julieta that some woman is tright here to view her and also she doesn’tunderstand who she is. So Julieta hands bit Blancita over to Cassandra and also saysshe will certainly be right earlier. Cassandra desires to execute a selfie with Blancita, butJulieta says, “no selfies.” Then Julieta goes to view what this mystery womandesires.
Themystery older guy is over in Robert’s office for some immediate care. He takes onelook at Robert and remembers once he remained in the Córcega bakery and also saw him getout of the automobile through Imelda. Robert gets to work in dealing with him for theburn and also bandaging him up. After he’s all taken care of, Mystery older mannotices a family members photo in Robert’s office. Mystery older male asks, “Is thisyour grandmother?” Then he tells mystery guy that his grandpa died a longtime earlier and also he never knew him. As Robert writes a prescription, he asks themystery older man’s name. He responds by saying, “Tito Cruz.”
Thestaff at Cklass gathers in addition to Julieta. Mystery woman’s ago is towardthem and also all we can view is the height of her head and her high, spicrucial heels. Julietawalks in and states, “I’m Julieta Aguilar.” Mystery womale transforms about and also claims, “Iknow who you are. I think it’s time we have actually a talk.” “Wait a minute” saysJulieta. “I don’t even know that you are.” Mystery woman claims, “I’m your newboss.” The staff is stunned! Mystery womale thanks them and also dismisses them to goearlier to work-related. Left alone together, mystery womale tells Julieta that she issending her off as well because she knows she has the majority of work-related to perform. ThrowingJulieta’s very own words ago at her, mystery woman claims, “The trick is beingarranged.”
Julietathen closes the door and states, “We must talk.” Julieta is not thrilled around theway mystery womale has treated the employees and also in all her years functioning tright here,nothing choose that has actually ever before occurred. Mystery woguy requirements a report from her in2 hrs. “That’s not sufficient time.” Says Julieta. Mystery woman thinks it’splenty of time. “But wait, I don’t understand who you are and I don’t recognize your name.”“My name is Susana, I’m the Vice President of Administration. Now obtain to work-related.The 2 of us can perform a lot to boost points roughly below.”
Julietagets ago to her office to define this to Cassandra. She also tells Cassandra thatthis mystery woman’s name is Susana and she is HATEFUL.
Imeldaarrives at the dress shop via her driver and also notices one more business openingup across the street that also seems to be a dress shop.
TitoCruz asks Robert if his name is Cooper or Córcega. Robert states he is Cooper, hewas shed when he was a tiny boy however it’s a long story.
Blancais over with Polita and also tells her that she is worried around Eugenio. He doesn’twant to perform anything anymore and appears extremely depressed. Blanca starts to cry andfears that things aren’t what they offered to be.
At Gabeand Dani’s Gabe is gaining frustrated painting the bit toy. Dani tells himthat she knows he is not happy working with her on something that he does notlove. They start to kiss and also move towards the bedroom, however Dani stops himbecause she has so a lot to do.
AtCklass, Cassandra and also Julieta occupational together. Julieta’s phone reminds of David’sschool feature in the middle of trying to acquire this report done.
AtDavid’s institution a brand-new boy isintroduced.
At thedress shop, Imelda and also Amalia acquire to work-related, yet Amalia tells her she looks likeshe saw a ghold. (Actually said, “You have the confront of fatality on you.”) A customerwalks in and Imelda tries to get her interest in a new dress. Imelda tells thecustomer that once she wears their dress, she will certainly feel extremely elegant. But TitoCruz’s wife pertains to butt in and says, “Are you talking about me?” Imelda justrolls her eyes while Mrs. Cruz says she has concerned market much better prices, betterhigh quality, and better styles. She looks at the various other woguys shopping downstairsand also says, “Do you all want to be looking prefer old ladies? You deserve to get clothesat my shop that will certainly put the spark ago in your marital relationship.” Of course Imelda isnot thrilled through this at all and also desires this woman thrown out. We finally gether name—Crisanta.

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Robertand also his co-worker (can’t remember character’s name) talk around furthering hiscareer. Co-workers claims that Robert should enroll in courses to enhance hiscareer. But Robert states he has also many type of family members responsibilities appropriate now andsimply can’t execute it. But co-worker claims that he too has to advance in his careerand also Julieta requirements to assist him out too.
LaterRobert calls Julieta for a Facetime speak to while he’s at David’s institution for anoccasion. He streams the event to her to watch. Then Cassandra walks into Julieta’soffice and frantically claims the big boss is coming. Julieta isn’t worried andproceeds to watch. Susana walks in and also sees bit Blancita toddling aroundand just looks at her. “And exactly how is the report going?” Julieta says, “Good. Wejust around finished.” “I desire to see you in my office right currently.” Cassandraturns roughly to Julieta and also renders a face. “Is whatever okay, Cassandra,?”claims Susana. “Oh yes, every little thing is fine boss.” Susana then says, “That’sMaster Susana for you.” Julieta have the right to hardly keep from laughing. Susana leavesand states, “I intend the report in my office in 10 minutes.” Julieta andCassandra both crack up laughing.
Julietais on the phone informing Dani she requirements those toys done choose yesterday. “Everythingis altering radically over here.” After they are off the phone, Gabe comes withFrida and tright here si somepoint about them taking her out for a surpincrease. But Daniknew nothing about it and Gabe did not consult her. Dani gets angry at Gabe andstates, “Why can’t you simply be responsible also once?”
Twoboys follow David external and also one starts to taunt him around his mommy notcoming. “I think she has actually abandoned you.” The other boys states to leave Davidalone. The two boys (not David) gain right into a fight.
Julietameets with Susana in Susana’s office. Julieta desires to know if she hassomething against her. Susana assures her that she does not, she just desires toimprove the agency. Susana renders point out that Julieta’s personalobligations might be distracting her, but Julieta denies it. “So can youascertain me that you have whatever in order? Can you describe why prices haveexceeded the budget? From now on, I desire you right here at 7:00 a.m.!” “No Susana, Ihave to take my son to school.” But Susana says, “You suppose they don’t havecollege bus transport to school?” Julieta looks at her incredulously. Susanaclaims, “Don’t look at me that means. I need everyone below as a team workingtogether.” But the phone rings and also Susana answers it. “Yes, this is SusanaCórcega.” Julieta is stunned.