Both space reliable, accurate, and durable rifles. I tend to prefer the Ruger simply due to the fact that it has such a large array the after industry accessories that I can in reality develop my own custom. Additionally I will have actually the ability of using high capacity magazines. May be a mute allude unless you can locate much more .22 rimfire ammo whereby you are located than i can approximately here.

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Good point ish, yet I purchase my child a M60 years earlier for $90, today around $110 and also it raps them rounds out favor nobodies business. Can"t sophisticated it increase though like you deserve to a 10/22. So that"s something to think about.

The Ruger would be mine pick, that feels much more like a hunting rifle while the Marlin model 60 has actually very little drop the the comb.I love my Remington Nylon 66



10/22 just feels much more like a actual rifle, plus v a minimum of recognize how and 200 bucks or so you can make it shoot circles around the Marlin.
Never used the Marlin, because I favored my first 10/22 so lot i never saw any type of reason to shot something different. As stated above, the aftermarket options are a definate plus.
Golfin Sportsman, no friend can"t shooting circles approximately them from the factory, ns tried and they aren"t all that. And durability is the exact same for half price. Why would certainly you buy something for double the price and then have to include 200 dollars to do it shoot better?
THANK friend JIM IN MO! somebody that agrees with me a small bit. The M60 is a really nice gun with a an extremely nice trigger. I"ve shooting 10/22"s with hefty triggers. I didn"t really prefer it. Sure they have every one of the aftermarket parts. Yet wouldn"t you rather pay 200 dollars less for a gun the shoots just as good, if no better? BTW! the version 60 Marlin does have actually aftermarket stuff. Friend can uncover tons of stocks because that it.
the ruger, i have actually never cared that lot for marlin but maybe im wrong... However i have heard alot about the 10/22 and also think that it is a good gun
I went with Ruger 10/22 due to the fact that there are much more redily available parts because that them. The 10/22 is also more accurate and much more reliable.

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