Summit ar is house to anywhere in between 200-500 Moose and that number continues to grow. Read on to discover out answers come the most generally asked questions about moose.

What is a masculine moose called?The male moose is described as a bull. Bulls room larger and also darker in shade than females. They additionally have one enormous collection of antlers on your heads. 


What is a mrs moose called?A mrs moose is commonly known together a cow. They room usually smaller than males, don’t have antlers and also have a smaller sized bell. 

What is the long, dangly point hanging down from their neck?The dewlap, likewise known as a “bell,” is the flap that skin that hangs under a moose’s chin. Researchers are still unsure the its purpose. 

How much do castle weigh?An adult male moose weighs between 840 and also 1500 lbs and an adult female weighs between 440 and also 790 lbs. 

What perform they eat?Primarily bark, leaves, twigs, berries and also aquatic plants, through a solid preference for willows and aspens. 


How much do castle eat?Moose need to consume 9770 calories every day to keep their weight.

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They will certainly eat up to 70lbs of food per day. 

How much do their antlers weigh? A full grown moose’s antlers can weigh around 40 lbs.

When space they most often seen? They space most energetic at dawn and dusk. 

How much do castle roam?Moose are solitary animals and also live in a little area, approximately 5 square miles. 

What carry out moose tracks look like?


Where carry out they sleep?Moose sleep ~ above the soil leaving bed of flattened vegetation or depressions in the snow. 

How lengthy do lock live?The typical lifespan is 8-12 years. 

Did girlfriend know…

Moose lose their antlers every winter and they will certainly take about 5 month to fully grow back. Their antlers are additionally known as paddles. The indigenous moose method “twig eater” When antlered bulls sleep, their favorite place is top top one side or the other of the body, v one antler poignant the ground They relocate swiftly on soil – running at increases to 35mph. They are able to trot stability at 20mph (which is faster than the mean man can run). They are capable of swimming up to 10 mile without protecting against