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"Heard that in a Love Song" is a song by The Marshall Tucker Band, created by Toy Caldwell off their 1977 album Carolina Dreams. It was the highest charting single by The Marshall Tucker Band, getting to number 14 top top the Billboard hot 100 graph on June 11, 1977. It also reached number 51 top top the nation chart and also number 25 top top the Adult contemporary chart. "Heard it in a Love Song" was a bigger struggle in Canada, wherein it got to number 5 on the popular music chart. It additionally charted higher on your other corresponding national charts. The track was additionally recorded by mark Chesnutt on his 2006 album the the same name and also by nation band Crossfire top top its album, Bullistik.more »

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I ain"t never ever been with a woman lengthy enough, because that my boots to get oldWe"ve been with each other so lengthy now castle both require re-soledIf I ever before settle under you"d it is in my kind and it"s a good time because that me to head on under the lineHeard the in a love songHeard the in a love songHeard the in a love songCan"t it is in wrongI"m the kinda man likes to obtain away favor to begin dreamin" about tomorrow todayNever stated that ns love you, also thought it"s soWhere"s the duffel bag that mine it"s time to goHeard it in a love songHeard it in a love songHeard the in a love songCan"t be wrongI"m gonna be leavin" in ~ the rest of dawn great you might come however I don"t need no mrs taggin" alongSo I"ll sneak out that door couldn"t was standing to see you cryI"d stay one more year if I witnessed a tear drop in your eyeHeard that in a love songHeard it in a love songHeard that in a love songCan"t it is in wrongI never had actually a cursed thing however what I had actually I had to leaving it behindYou"re the hardest thing I ever tried to acquire off my mindAlways something greener top top the various other side of that hillI was born a wrangler and a rambler and also I guess: v I constantly willHeard the in a love songHeard it in a love songHeard that in a love songCan"t it is in wrong

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The Marshall Tucker band The Marshall Tucker tape is an American southern rock/country rock band initially from Spartanburg, southern Carolina. The band"s mix of rock, rhythm and also blues, jazz, country, and also gospel helped create the southern rock genre in the beforehand 1970s.

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When the band had actually reached the height of its advertising success through the end of the decade, the band has recorded and also performed repetitively under various lineups for virtually 40 years. Much more »