Lauren German and Tom Ellis in ‘Lucifer’ season 2 episode 14 (Photo Credit: FOX)

Candy and Charlotte are out shopping and Charlotte asks if Lucifer mentioned matricide. Candy, of course, believes this is a reference to their mattress. Charlotte asks Candy to spill the beans on their plans, and Candy – unfortunately – does. She talks about some day in the future opening a tanning salon or some other business, and Charlotte is stunned. “You’re speaking and yet I don’t understand a single word,” says Charlotte who’s looking at her daughter-in-law like a weird creature who’s somehow wormed her way into Lucifer’s life. Candy is gushing over Charlotte being her mom and that they’re family, and then she throws her arms around Charlotte and gives her a huge hug.

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Charlotte tells Amenadiel Candy’s a sinister genius and her most formidable foe. Candy didn’t give Charlotte anything to work with and they’re no closer to learning Lucifer’s secret agenda. Amenadiel doesn’t believe there is a secret plan and it dawns on Charlotte that maybe Lucifer is a deeply damaged soul. Is it possible her son is broken and she’s the one who did it? Charlotte blames herself for manipulating him and admits she’s a terrible mother.

Back at the station, Chloe, Dan, and Ella go over what Chloe and Lucifer found out from the mediator and take a look at Marla’s limited, mostly minor criminal record. Both Ella and Dan seem genuinely happy Chloe’s patching things up with Lucifer, but she still claims she’s not. Chloe doesn’t think Marla’s the killer but then Ella looks at a photo of Marla’s bass and thinks the marks on Ash’s head could have been made by the knobs on the bass.

Chloe heads to a club where Marla’s supposedly hanging out and moments after she arrives Lucifer Morningstar shows up on stage. He dedicates the song to “a woman who doesn’t need him anymore,” and he sits down at the piano to play The Bangles’ “Eternal Flame.” (Yes! It’s about time Tom Ellis sang again!) Anyway, after a few lines he says he’s dedicated it to Marla, asking if she’s there. People push her toward the stage and she’s not in the least bit happy. “See, you need me,” says Lucifer to Chloe who’s sort of smiling.

Back at the station, Lucifer strums on Marla’s bass. He’s come up with a song for Chloe: “Crime-solving Devil, it makes sense. Don’t overthink it,” he sings before Ella interrupts with news on the forensics from the bass. She found Ash’s blood on the tuning knobs, and Lucifer’s happy it proves the department and Chloe need him. Amenadiel chooses that moment to show up, breaking the staring contest going on between Chloe and Lucifer.

Amenadiel is mad he guarded Chloe at Lucifer’s request, believing she meant something to his brother. Amenadiel calls Chloe special and Lucifer chimes in, saying she’s a “whoopee cushion” sent from his dad. That doesn’t give Lucifer an excuse to turn his back on Chloe and ignore her feelings, says Amenadiel. But Lucifer believes those feelings aren’t real, and Amenadiel says Chloe doesn’t realize the feelings aren’t real. “Which is why I had to save her from…,” reveals Lucifer. “From you,” says Amenadiel, finishing his brother’s sentence. Amenadiel finally realizes Lucifer’s protecting – not ignoring – Chloe specifically because she had no choice but to have feelings for him. By ignoring her, Lucifer is giving her back her choice. Amenadiel apologizes and wants Lucifer to explain some of this to their mother, reminding him Charlotte died and went to Hell for him because she loves him. Amenadiel believes their mom did what she thought was best for Lucifer, just as Lucifer’s doing what he thinks is best for Chloe. That strikes a nerve with the Devil who, for once, is speechless.

On their way into interrogate Marla, Dan admits he told Lucifer where Chloe was. He also admits they talk since Lucifer helped save Chloe’s life. Marla says she didn’t kill Ash and only ran because she thought they were busting her for making fake IDs. She didn’t know Ash was going to kick her out of the band and she has an alibi. Posts on Wooble show she couldn’t have killed Ash, and also show Doug the drummer had Marla’s bass last. Dan suggests Chloe take Lucifer to arrest Doug.

Lucifer’s phone rings as they’re entering Doug’s apartment, and he’s distracted talking to Candy when Doug puts a cord around his neck. Chloe yells at Doug to let Lucifer go and Doug says if she doesn’t drop the gun he’ll kill her partner. Lucifer tells Doug to go ahead and kill him since he’s useless to Chloe. Chloe shoots Doug and Lucifer is freed, although she jokes she was aiming for her partner.

Candy arrives at the scene and hugs Chloe for saving him. She also reveals all Lucifer does is talk about his work and about Chloe. Apparently, Lucifer talks all the time about how he almost lost Chloe to poison and how he went through hell. Lucifer arrives and Candy leaps into his arms, and Chloe seems okay with that. She’s also okay with him coming back to work.

Charlotte tries to write a letter to Lucifer, but he arrives before she finishes. He doesn’t forgive her but he thinks she was well-intentioned. He admits he’s more pissed at dad for making the feelings a lie. As he’s leaving, Charlotte confesses all she’s wanted to do is get back to Heaven. She reminds him that if he would have had the flaming sword, he would have won the rebellion. Lucifer says it’s best not to dwell on the past since the sword was destroyed, but Charlotte reveals a huge secret: the sword is on Earth and already in his possession. Azrael’s Blade is the flaming sword, which means they can go home.

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And now the big twist… Candy is not Lucifer’s wife. It was a huge setup to get a look inside Charlotte’s head to find out what she was up to. Candy, who is definitely not ditzy, thanks him for saving her life in Vegas. She begins to take off the ring and he tells her to keep it, and gives him his ring. They hug and before she gets in the car to leave, she asks what’s going on between he and Chloe. Lucifer doesn’t answer and Candy warns him not to screw that up. “I’m trying not to,” says Lucifer.