Did everyone regulate to placed their beef aside on the reunion one-of-a-kind of VH1"s hit truth series?

That was their plan on Love & i know good Hop Season 7 Episode 15 once Nina Parker rounded all of the cast members up to run under the stunner events. 

When the episode gained underway, Nina request Cardi B around what was going on with Asia. Cardi had actually a long and hilarious explanation around the whole thing.

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"She is simply ma due to the fact that I have a large butt and also he desires that. I have actually beef in the hood, however I understand why I have beef. I have no idea why this girl is mad in ~ me.”

Pretty lot instantly, Asia was carried out indigenous backstage and asked around her problems with Cardi. 

“I didn’t have actually a problem with Cardi.” Cardi jumps up and also butts in. She asks Asia “Why were you talk mad trash about me in those message messages?”

Asia states “I sustained Swift once he started working through you until you started acting funny.” every one of a suddenly Cardi gets as much as throws her fist and hits Asia in the head.

Nina says “Everybody in your seats and also let’s talk like adults.” Really, Nina? There room were no adults present in the studio. 

Nina make the efforts again to acquire to the source of the issue. “What to be it that brought about you to send those message messages to Swift?”


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Asia states “Swift disrespected me.” Cardi was no impressed, saying “You didn’t favor me before every one of that. Why no you prefer me?”

Asia says “I went with Swift’s Facebook and also I uncovered you. Ns stalked you.”

Swift appeared and apologized to Asia, before confirming he to be not currently in a partnership with either woman. 

Nina switched gears to every the drama v the Creep Squad. 

Nina asks Cisco “What is the problem with you and also the various other guys?”

Cisco claims “I don’t recognize what Rich’s trouble is. He appears to have problems with me. I have tried to get Peter to sit down and resolve it.”


Peter claims “I shouldn’t need to keep sitting down with two get an impression men and also trying to fix issues.”

Nina then asked to recognize the origins of the group. This brought about Rich and also Cisco having to be separated through security. 

Nina determined to conversation to Mariahlynn because she felt that she would be able to shed part light on what"s to be going on with the guys. 

Mariahlynn says “Cisco feeling betrayed by the situation, therefore he stated some hurtful things about me which that apologized for. Our mother’s both have brain aneurysms, for this reason we connected on that level.”


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Cisco apologized come Mariahlynn around the method he acted. The then gave Peter a examine for $10,000 to comprise for the money he took from the illustration in brand-new Orleans. 

After that, we acquired an upgrade on Snoop, and J. Nina asked J about the Sofie environment-friendly audition drama. J"s reply was quite tame as opposed to some of her drama from previously in the season.

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“I simply felt disrespected. All of this foolishness was simply ridiculous.”


Snoop cut in and asks J “Did girlfriend cheat ~ above me?” This brought about yet another substantial argument through the ladies throwing accusations at every other. 

Snoop confirmed there to be no means she could get earlier together through J. J burst right into floods the tears as she said how much she loved Snoop.

“I love her. That doesn’t simply go away, however I feel choose I worthy respect and every one of this was just messy.” Snoop then claims “I will constantly love J together a friend and be there for her.”

When it came to trying to create what go wrong through all the females in Mendeecees" life, Yandy was quick to allude out that she did not give a damn around the women prior to her. 

Erika got upset as soon as a call interview v Mendeecees evidenced that she was a side chick. 

She says, “As a guy with a daughter, mother and also sister i think it is very shameful of him come sit up here and also talk favor that.”

Yandy was quick to chime in. 

“That was always the story I acquired from him. If you know you have to leave his house by a specific time and can’t be roughly his friends and also family, then that’s her position. You should play her position."

The ladies then had to be locked in your dressing rooms to avoid them indigenous fighting. 

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