Term that describes the way text or graphics lines up horizontally between page margins.

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AutoCompleteA Word feature that instantly inserts dates and other regularly used items together you type.
AutoCorrectA Word feature that immediately corrects common typing errors, such as typing ”adn” because that “and.”
Backstage viewThe record tab the the ribbon, i m sorry provides access to various screens with regulates for regulating files and Word options.
body textOrdinary text, as opposed to titles or headings.
character formattingFormatting, such together font color, the affects only individual personalities or words, and that is not necessarily used to an entire paragraph.
contextual tabA ribbon tab that contains regulates related to a selected object, therefore you deserve to manipulate, edit, and format the object; shows up on the ribbon only when things is selected.
galleryA menu or grid that mirrors a visual depiction of the options available when you click a button.
groupA arsenal of buttons for related regulates on a ribbon tab.
handleThe square, circle, or various other shape ~ above the border of a selected object, i beg your pardon you can drag to readjust the object’s shape, size, or position.
insertion pointThe blinking cursor that suggests where characters will appear when you start typing.
line spacingThe lot of space that shows up between currently of text within a paragraph.
marginThe blank room around the edge of a document’s content.
Mini toolbarA toolbar that shows up next come the guideline whenever you select text; consists of buttons because that the most typically used formatting commands, such as font, font size, styles, color, alignment, and also indents.
navigation barThe dashboard on the left next of the home window in Backstage view; that contains regulates for working through the open paper and for transforming the settings that regulate how indigenous works.
nonprinting characterA personality that appears on screen however not top top the published page.
orientationThe position of the web page relative come the text. See additionally landscape orientation; portrait orientation
paragraphAnything preceding a nonprinting paragraph mark; deserve to be a group of words that is countless lines long, a solitary word, or even a blank line, in which situation you view a paragraph mark alone top top a single line.
paragraph formattingFormatting that affects whole paragraph, consisting of paragraph and line spacing.
paragraph markNonprinting personality that indicates the end of a paragraph.
paragraph spacingThe space, measured in points, that appears directly over and listed below a paragraph.
pointA unit of measurement because that measuring fonts and graphics; a point is equal to 1/72 of an inch.
Quick accessibility ToolbarA repertoire of buttons that offers one-click access to generally used commands, such as Save, Undo, and also Repeat.
ribbonThe main collection of commands, located at the height of words window, organized right into tabs and groups that you click to complete tasks.
ScreenTipA box with descriptive text around an thing or button; shows up when you point to the object or button.
shortcut menuA menu that appears when friend right-click an item; the commands on a shortcut food selection are related to the item girlfriend right-clicked.
status barAn area in ~ the bottom that the Word home window that gives information around the program, open file, or existing task or selection; it also contains buttons and also other controls because that working through the paper and its content.
tabThe part of the ribbon the contains commands related to certain activities or tasks.
task paneA window that help you navigate with a complex task or feature.
text effectsVisual renovations such together outlines, shading, shadows, and also reflections the you can include to text.
title barThe area at the top of a program window that screens the surname of the open file and the program’s name.
View buttonsButtons in the lower-right corner of the Word window that enable you to readjust the method the file is displayed.

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ZoomingMagnifying or shrinking the screen of content in the word window.
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