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TypeReleasedRYM RatingRanked Genres
ArtistLil Peep
18 September 2015
3.53 / 5.00.5 from 1,341 ratings
#9 for 2015, #93 overall

dark, sampling, depressive, self-destruction, ethegenuine, self-hatred, atmospheric, sad, drugs, lonely, mellow, longing, melancholic, pessimistic, melodic, funegenuine, anxious, sexual, lethargic, breakup, fatality, sombre, male vocals, love, alienation, passionate, alcohol, introspective, nocturnal, boastful, nihilistic, bittersweet, rhythmic


neva201 Aug 19 2021 4.00 stars

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This dehowever Lil Peep's mixtape has actually some simple, somewhat inept yet unique beats production. You can just vibe to many of these beats independently from the voice, and that's the major attribute of this album. Samples did good project to create this unforgettable atmosphere, just listen to the cshedding component of "It's Me". However before, no. The main feature of this album is absolutely soothing Lil Peep's voice and also it's ability to perfectly adapt to the beat's mood. And that's all around the great part of an album.The poor component - manufacturing, as well. Yes, I'm talking about "Wanna be". The synths on this track turned up louder than anypoint feasible. I can't even hear Peep's singing on this track, It's completely unlistallow and also it's incredibly dissapointing part of an album. Also, periodically tbelow is too much reverb on drums on some tracks and also it's really catches your ears.And lyrics. I personally don't really treatment about this and also I definitely agree with human being that say that Lil Peep's music is all around atmoshpere, not lyrical pack. I know, a lot of people tend to case his lyrics as cringe and greatly poor. In his defense I have the right to just suggest out his age at that time and also say that also then he sang around what he'd been with.Eexceptionally time I listen to this mixtape I imagine some 19yo man rapping over athmospheric beats on a shitty mic and also not also imagining how big of an affect his music will be in a years. And it's such a vibe and also a dream of eextremely young artist. RIP Lil Peep.