Learn Rivet City’s history from Bannon. Download the processor widget in the RobCo facility. Access the card catalog in Arlington Library. Find out the true background from Horace Pinkerton.

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How carry out I acquire into the enclave?

To sign up with the Enclave and unlock the path to her own set of X0-1 power armor you’ll should reach the point in the project where you have actually the mission Bunker Buster together an option. That will start you on the path to locating the Enclave and end with you launching a nuke and also basically unlocking an end game world.

How carry out you get enclave commendations?

Every time you death a creature that falls into among these categories, you’ll earn a solitary commendation. You’ll likewise earn commendations because that completing Enclave events. Completing “Dropped Connection” and also “Bots ~ above Parade” compensation one commendation each; “A genuine Blast” awards 2 commendations.

Where have the right to I uncover Enclave power armor?

The armor is located on a rooftop not far from the east coast. It’s not a significant location, however is simple to find if girlfriend head east from great Neighbor till you reach a structure called “Custom home Tower”. Indigenous the Custom residence Tower, rotate west until you watch a turquoise building.

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How perform I get Arcade Gannon strength armor?

This armor can be obtained by completing for Auld Lang Syne and also convincing Arcade to stay with the Enclave remnants because that the fight, and additionally convince the remainder to fight for the NCR, then as soon as leaving the Remnants bunker and going outside he will present up and also will it is in wearing the Gannon family members Tesla armor, at which point …

How perform I get the remnants power armor?

It is behind a gate, beside a skeleton. A full set will be rewarded in addition to Power Armor Training in ~ the Remnants bunker through doing among the following: death Orion Moreno and taking it, convincing him to stay and also gaining that from Daisy, or by taking Cannibal Johnson’s as soon as he storms out during For Auld Lang Syne.

Can you obtain power armor training native the NCR?

the enclave remnants, in the remnants bunker (near jacobstown) can offer you strength armor training. This is the quest to get this. Hsu and he’ll provide you crucial to NCR safehouse where you have the right to have a strength armor that calls for no training to add the mercenery ranger armor and also helmet.

How execute I begin lonesome road?

Lonesome Road: after ~ you step out right into the Mojave for the very first time, a brand-new radio signal (titled only Radio Signal) appears, and also a brand-new quest (The Reunion). Monitor the search marker come the Canyon Wreckage and also go into the division to begin walking follow me the Lonesome Road.

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What level should I start lonesome road?

In terms of level, 30-35 is good, though greater is better. Over there are an overwhelming opponents in Lonesome Road, and some awesome high-powered equipment that it’s nice to be able to take benefit of.

Does Lonesome Road finish the game?

No. It explicitly says in the end slides that the Courier still needs to go down the road they chose at Hoover Dam. Lonesome roadway is easily the orgasm of the Courier’s story, but not the story of brand-new Vegas, i beg your pardon is bigger than them even if they room the centerpiece.

Can i leave the lonesome road at any type of time?

Unlike the others, you can actually leaving Lonesome road at any suggest during the DLC. And you can additionally revisit it later on as lot as girlfriend wish, of course. There is no fence to law any component of it at any kind of later time.

Can girlfriend revisit lonesome road?

Yes. Girlfriend can constantly return to the Divide.

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Can you leave Zion and come back?

Yep, you can go back to Zion, large Mt, and the divide whenever friend want.

Can girlfriend come earlier to the divide?

You can leave the divide at any kind of time during the add-on without having actually completed it, and you have the right to return afterwards. “He who controls others might be powerful, yet he who has mastered himself is mightier still.”