The facts:From Admiral Richard E. Byrd’s diary February 19, 1947 “I’d like to see that land beyond the Pole. That area past the Pole is the facility of the an excellent unknown!” (was written prior to his 7-hour flight beyond the north Pole)

Anyway apparently the Hitman (Hitler) had actually his very own UFO’s and was doing some stuff in the south Pole.

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For me the snapshot is ending up being clearer especially after going to Sedona, Arizona and also looking right into the night sky with military grade environment-friendly gargoyles and also seeing convoys the UFO’s.

I was favor WTF, and also then ns looked far from the skies together we have major activity above. I saw this glowing object and it was huge based on the size of those creepy Arizona red structures, not mountains or hills.

I took the gargoyles off and I see only blackness, I put them earlier on and also see this creepy big glowing object larger than an airplane. Possibly the dimension of a 10 story building.

So i told the tour guide and he looked and also said what the hell is that. The other human being there no pay attention. I started to look roughly me and with everything green and also lit increase I determined I much better take them off due to the fact that I might see something ns don’t desire to check out that might forever be in my storage bank.

Yep I’ll continue to be in this dimension….

3. Room of Defense developed December 18, 1947

4. National Security firm Founded by president Truman November 4, 1952

5. Admiral Bird develops Satellite basic at the southern Pole April 1955

6. On January 13, 1956, the Admiral and also his crew flew 2,300 mile overland beyond the southern Pole and also Byrd said he saw a “different kind of land.”

7. Admiral Richard E. Byrd passed away July 11, 1957, the a “Heart ailment

8. NASA founded by chairman Eisenhower on July 29, 1958,

What to be going top top in the world that all these agencies were created within a decade? One masculine name: Admiral Richard E. Byrd.

A few years back I observed a video clip on Admiral Byrd and he to be talking around the North and South Poles. At the moment I didn’t understand they want to shut him up together he had actually a well time talking around his expeditions on the Longines Chronoscope speak Show.

I’m writing this article now since I to be listening come Dr. Phil Valentine talk about the earth and then he brought up the surname F. Amadeo Giannini who wrote the book Worlds past the Poles and mentions Admiral Byrd.

I searched Giannini ~ above Amazon and read part reviews the are combined as Giannini proposes that beyond both the North and also South Poles is floor the size of North and also South America and has no end to it.

Now i’m interested and also feel favor a reporter together I begin to dig. I obtained things come do yet I felt compelled to write this article. Probably it might be Richard’s picture looking in ~ me.

Admiral Byrd as soon as said “that enchanted continent in the sky, soil of everlasting mystery!” he was dead after ~ he stated this in 1957. What did he mean? Admiral Richard E. Byrd passed away July 11, 1957, that a “Heart ailment.”

Was he talking too much and also the government didn’t desire the people to know around the land beyond the Poles for defense purposes? Was it because the exploration existed inside the earth and also not ~ above the earth’s external crust where we live? (It’s tough for me to recognize the inner and out late of the earth).



The man who knew too lot — Admiral Richard E. Byrd — photograph via USA archives

The Admiral additionally said the the south polar expedition is “the most vital in the history of the world. on January 13, 1956 the Admiral and his crew flew 2,300 miles end land beyond the south Pole and also Byrd said he saw a “different type of land.” He claimed that he thought it would just be snow and ice but was surprised to see “endless land, mountains, forests, and also a large mammoth animal.”

If that true every F. Amadeo Giannini the There is no physical end to the earth northern and also southern extent,” it provides me think about the trip pattern in that ns don’t ever before recall flying phibìc or south just east and also west…within the boundaries of this country, yes, yet airlines don’t walk over the water come the north or south and it appears it might be a quick cut.

Is there an ext to our planet that researchers or the federal governments of the civilization aren’t telling us? Is there much more land, trees, rivers, and also animals somewhere previous all the icebergs and also ice we watch in videos and also pictures?

Are us isolated native “others” that room on this planet? could it be we don’t understand what’s beyond the ice? In Byrds diary February 19, 1947, he defines the arrival over the polar extremities at 1000 Hours:

“We room crossing end the small mountain selection and quiet proceeding northward as best as can be ascertained. Past the mountain variety is what shows up to it is in a valley v a small river or stream running with the facility portion.

There must be no eco-friendly valley below! other is certainly wrong and also abnormal here! we should more than Ice and also Snow! come the portside are great forests farming on the hill slopes. Our navigation tools are tho spinning, the gyroscope is oscillating ago and forth!”

During the forties and also fifties, there was a lot of strange stuff happening to save the info secret…people died…search “December 1959 dangerous and also top-secret flying Saucer magazine.”

Apparently, the federal government wanted human being to think the the North and South poles as a place not habitable, freezing cold and definitely not a vacation spot. Could it be because Admiral Byrd briefed chairman Eisenhower and warned the a potential invasion and also they tossed him right into a psychological institution?

Found a publication by Michael X called The Rainbow City.

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The Rainbow City is around a civilization that lives beyond the southern Pole that apparently has rainbow waters (red, blue, environment-friendly nice for an LSD sci-fi effect). Other people on this planet? What would that mean? Why did the media not talk about this much earlier then nor execute they now? can our maps be wrong? Is all land accounted for on earth? Is there land not on the civilization map?

My conclusion is the I believe that Admiral Byrd uncovered something and the federal government wanted to shut the up. It appears the Poles no on anyone’s radar and also only view it together ice, yet if what Admiral Byrd stated is true (there are a few seconds of video on YouTube that the brown mountains and also ice), climate we might be top top an limitless “plane” and not a “planet”…a gulp…flat earth… with other civilization who don’t know about us and we nothing know around them? Or execute we know about each other yet can’t talk around it?