"His vitals are dropping!" Chase spoke up as I easily move over to his side where Douglas was laying on the table. The heart price monitor showed Douglas's pulse dropping. The unaware spiky haired guy began to seize then as Chase and I attempt to organize him stable.

Tears intimidated to come to my eyes as I force them back; Douglas lastly quit seizing however still wasn't acquiring any much better. "That's it. I have to execute this." I murmur, my hands starting to glow reddish-ovariety.

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Chase grabbed my arm to sheight me. "The last time you healed someone prefer this, you virtually didn't make it. It drained you completely of your energy and also power." He told me, his hand also still on my arm.

"I don't care. If I lose my powers, so be it. They're not worth having actually if I shed the only family that I have. I'd give up all of my powers if it might conserve my family's stays." I reply and also pulled my arm out of his hand. I take a deep breath and also relocate one hand also over my own chest and the various other over Douglas's chest.

Gold energy drained from my body and also transferred to Douglas's, he let out a sharp gasp yet stayed unconscious; I squeezed my eyes shut, proceeding to move some of my power to his. Electricity circled about my arms and also relocated dvery own to my hands and fingers while the room trembled or vibrated. A blinding light flashed throughout the room as I fall earlier and also collapse onto the floor, breathless. Douglas shot up through a sharp inhale and also exhale, looking over at me with furrowed eyebrows.

Chase had actually knelt by my side, one hand also on my shoulder and also the other linked with my hand also. "Are you okay?" He asked me softly, helping me ago onto my feet. I gradually nod, both of us turning our attention to Douglas. "You okay, Douglas?"

Douglas looked approximately the room and also back at us in confusion. "Where am I and also who are you and who am I?" He doubted, settling his gaze on me, his eyebrows still furrowed.

"No." I begin, looking at Chase and also ago at Douglas that reportedly doesn't remember anything or anyone, including me. "You don't- You don't remember anything?" Douglas shook his head. "At all?" He shook his head aget. I move from Chase's adopt and walk away, a tear falling dvery own my face.

I relocate my hand also over my face and breathe in a shaky breath and also look up at the ceiling. A hand also touched my arm and made me confront them as I look at that it was. Chase. He relocated his arms roughly me as I bury my confront in his chest. "I can't shed him, Chase..." I whisper.

"I understand. He's healed, and he will gain his memory ago. Don't offer up, store your faith, Des." Chase responded as I look at him and also nod a little. We head back over to Douglas and also start to try and jog his memory to find a method to solve him.

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After twenty minutes had actually passed, I slam my hands dvery own on the cyberdesk in frustration, making Chase and no memory-Douglas look over at me. I look over at Douglas and also sigh, relocating over to him to where I was now standing in front of him. "You need to remember who you are, remember us. I need you- I require you to remember. Other than your brother, you're the one who has been tbelow for me basically my whole life. Okay? You are the closest point I need to family members." My eyes were watery as I search his for any type of sign of remembrance.

Something clicked in his mind as Douglas's facial expression softened but his eyebrows were furrowed as he looked at me. "D?" He answered. I laugh, tears in my eyes. I hug him as he hugged me tightly. "I remember, it's okay, and also I'm not going almost everywhere, D." Douglas smiled as we pull back from the hug.