Author's Note:Due to the fact that Chase already has a girlfrifinish, our beloved Destiny, I will certainly be type of transforming the plot in this chapter a little bit. Okay, lug onward via the story. 😂😀 ✖️✖️✖️✖️


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I was laying on the couch in the living room, my legs throughout Bree's thighs as she sat on one side of me as Kaz sat on the various other side.

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Skylar walked down the stairs and stopped in front of us all and also was grinning, starting, "Guys, I just got the best email ever before."

"Yes! I knew you would like it. Took me two weeks to write that song." Oliver replied as Skylar looked at him in confusion and also commented, "I didn't acquire an e-mail from you."

Bree and I share a look and also laughed. "That's 'reason he accidentally sent out it to me." I comment, moving my legs off of Bree and now had my feet on the floor while taking out my phone and also played the song.

"I'll save you warm, Skylar Storm. And once we climb above in superhero love-" Oliver reached over the couch and turned it off.

"Can you forward that to me?" Kaz asked me as I nod, already forwarding it to him.

"Me as well." Bree added as I forward the song to her as well.

"Anymethod, my ideal frifinish Scarlett from my home earth Caldera just emailed me. She's coming to visit." Skylar stirred the conversation back to her good email she had received.

"Wait. Aliens have email?" Chase questioned.

"Of course. I get so a lot spam from tbelow. I expect, that really thinks a Calderan prince is simply handing out numerous dollars?" Skylar answered.

"Can you forward that to me?" Kaz asked her through elevated eyebrows.

"I'm so excited to check out Scarlett. It'll be good not being the only alien roughly here." Skylar ongoing, briefly ignoring Kaz at the moment.

Bree stood up and wrapped an arm roughly her shoulders and smiled, "We've been living together so long, I don't think of you as an alien anyeven more."

"Aw, really?" Skylar asked, also smiling.

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I shrug. "Yeah. To us, you're simply a completely normal girl who does exceptionally weird things." I remark as Bree nodded.

"So once does Scarlett gain here?" Chase curiously asked just as an orangish portal opened up and also a girl showed up. Chase jumped, letting out a scream. "Well, at least we don't have to pick her up from the airport."