The wild wild west I used to live downtown, 129th Street Convent, everything's optimistic Parties, round in the park Nothing, however girls ~ dark we chill, nobody it s okay ill In the ar we speak to the hill but if you try 'em That's when they will gain wild, however they don't fight, they kill At the... The wild wild west ns remember parties out in the park through the girlies, rubbing up in the dark i was smooth, till someone traction a pistol It was over, castle spoiled my fun I to be flying, as with a track star Dying, nah, i ran v the ago yard do the efforts to gain into my structure Thinking, \"Why in the heck won't somebody kill them?\" one day the fellas acquired together castle vowed the no one would ever before Come on our block, and terrorize united state The gangs that offered to carry out it, currently they idolize united state Guns, we don't favor to use them Unless, our enemies pick them We like to fight girlfriend on prefer a man and also beat girlfriend down with our hands and bodyslam you in ~ the...

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The wild wild west we don't start trouble, however boy execute we finish it our time, we favor to spend it Snapping, boy do we warmth up yet we'll take it time out to beat up A sucker, if he wants static Beatdown, yes we gained it Good, and we'll accomidate you thanks to us, a most brothers hate to Come back, to this very day cause losing's one point we don't play If you're ever in a fight and you're beating one of us break out, prior to you obtain b**rushed at the... The wild wild west I'm talking about Nazareth, B.O., Tony and Milton Mike Mike Sluggo and also Mike Chillion D.O.B., Reggie B, and also Sidney Dana B, Derrick B, Sean B, and don't forget large Hank, Don Ice and Sire absent God bless Peter Wax, chuck Chuck, and Po rock El Dorado George method back in the day had all the brothers on the hill talk this way They said, \"God, have actually mercy L.A. Sunshine,\" and also my DJ easy Lee, are from aroud the way Jock Jock, philly Phil, Don D constantly But they're chillin, Keith Keith, KV Steve O, Ross Ross and A Fi Beroni, Toss Toss and also Hung Hunk us fight with our hands and also nobody's a punk! at the... The wild wild west
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Kool Moe Dee Lyrics

just how Ya choose Me now (1987)
exactly how Ya like Me now Wild Wild West method Way back 50 methods No Respect Don't run I'm a Player Suckers Stupid rock You gain Paid

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carry out You understand What Time it Is Go view the Doctor exactly how Ya prefer Me now I go to job-related I'm Kool Moe Dee expertise Is King tiny Jon to The win Y'all Wild Wild West

\"Wild Wild West\" is a tune by Kool Moe Dee. The is monitor #2 indigenous the album how Ya like Me now that was released in 1987. The expression of this track is 04:43.