This was written by Walter Kent (music) and also James Kimball "Kim" Gannon (words). Though Kent and also Gannon collaborated on other songs, none reached the exact same level of popularity as "I"ll Be home for Christmas." Kent had had vault success v the hit track "(There"ll be Blue birds Over) The White Cliffs the Dover," v the lyricist Nat Burton in 1941.

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There have been 2 made-for-TV movies and also a 1998 movie all title I"ll Be house For Christmas, which have actually all featured this tune on their soundtracks.
In 2007 Noel became the an initial Christmas album to top the Billboard album graph in 13 years. The previous holiday recording come head the perform was Kenny G"s best-selling Miracles - The vacation Album, which got to the summit in December 1994. Groban"s album benefited native his illustration on Oprah Winfrey"s "My favorite Things" version of her show.
Noel was the top-selling album the the 2007 calendar year and also the year"s top-selling brand-new release. Though Daughtry to be crowned as the #1 Billboard 200 album the the year, the figures for publication reasons are based upon November come November and also the majority of Noel"s sales were made in December 2007. In addition, once Noel became #1 on The Billboard 200 because that the 5th week in a row, it came to be the longest-running #1 Christmas album of all time. The previous record holder had actually been Elvis Presley, that spent four weeks at the summit through his 1957 LP, Elvis" Christmas Album.
Noel additionally broke the record on January 5, 2008 for the many songs (five) indigenous one album on the top 30 the the Adult modern chart, an ext than any other artist has ever before had in the very same week.
Josh Groban"s solitary version, i beg your pardon peaked at #95 on the hot 100 version, was a live recording for WLTW (106.7 Lite FM) new York listeners. It was various to the album cut, which was tape-recorded in the studio.
The song reached the warm 100 for the 2nd time in 2011 when Kelly Clarkson"s variation debuted in ~ #93.
Lady Antebellum covered the song for their 2012 festive album, On This Winter"s Night. "As you acquire a small older and also everybody has actually their jobs and then families and kids, it definitely becomes more difficult to acquire everybody together at once," Lady A"s Charles Kelley noted. "It would certainly be pretty one-of-a-kind to have actually the whole family in the room and get earlier to where we were as kids... All waking increase on Christmas morning, walking down and also having the tradition."
Don"t issue Be HappyBobby McFerrin

The song "Don"t issue Be Happy" doesn"t use any instruments - it"s all Bobby McFerrin using assorted parts the his body to do the sounds.

pleasure Is A warm GunThe Beatles

John Lennon got the location of the Beatles song "Happiness Is A warm Gun" native an article in a magazine published by the national Rifle Association.

Hangin" ToughNew youngsters on the Block

"Hangin" Tough" came at the optimal of brand-new Kids top top the Block mania. Your writer/producer Maurice Starr created it about the struggles the band challenged early on. It was #1 in England and also America.


"Ghosttown" to be Madonna"s 45th chart-topper top top the Dance society Songs chart, break the document for the many #1s one artist has tallied on a single Billboard chart.


Rihanna to be Pitbull"s first choice to song on "Timber," yet she wasn"t obtainable at the time so the enlisted his RCA labelmate Kesha instead.

Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will certainly Be, will Be)Doris day

"Que Sera, Sera (Whatever will Be, will certainly Be)" was composed for Doris work to sing in the Alfred Hitchcock movie The man Who Knew also Much.

Matthew Wilder - "Break mine Stride"They"re play My song

Wilder"s fight "Break mine Stride" had an unlikely inspiration: a famous record mogul that rejected it.

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Tom talks around the evolution of Cinderella"s songs v their first three albums, and also how he writes together a solo artist.

Tom Bailey the Thompson TwinsSongwriter Interviews

Tom stopped performing Thompson Twins song in 1987, in component because of their personal nature: "Hold Me Now" come after an debate with his bandmate/girlfriend Alannah Currie.

tune CitiesMusic Quiz

Nirvana, Billy Joel and also Bruce Springsteen are amongst those who wrote songs with cities that present up in this quiz.

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