This year’s Rock and also Roll room of call nominees when again exemplifies a new-found desire to fix some major oversights. In fact, an exceptional 12 that the 19 nominees have actually featured on past Snubs perform (See last year’s list,) and also 2 are newly eligible. Every usual, this year’s nominated acts space left the end of the Snubs list: Bon Jovi, Kate Bush, The Cars, Depeche Mode, Dire Straits, Eurythmics, J. Geils Band, Judas Priest, LL Cool J, MC5, The Meters, The Moody Blues, Radiohead, Rage versus The Machine, Rufus featuring Chaka Khan, Nina Simone, sister Rosetta Tharpe, connect Wray, and The Zombies. This year, we’re listing not just the 50 (…ok, 60) greatest snubs, yet 25 acts on the cusp of ending up being snubs.

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ERIC B. & RAKIM (Nominated)


The room of Fame’s relationship with i know good hop has, in ~ times, feeling forced. Eric B. & Rakim room true symbols of the genre’s gold age, but without gift a family name or the topic of a biopic, they’ve been passed end in donate of part bigger names.


Based top top the last couple of ballots, it does seem the the tides are transforming in favor of diversity, for this reason a cult-favorite act favor The B-52s can actually be a challenger sooner quite than later, however sadly they’re already long overdue.


When i know good hop very first came right into the fold, the room of reputation really had actually the opportunity to perform something best for once, and also that to be to follow an appropriate lineage the influence. Afrika Bambaataa’s lack shows the they’ve fluffed that up.


Sure, Blue Öyster Cult wasn’t walking to be rushed right into the room of Fame, however a reasonable amount time for even a nomination has actually passed. Based on recent ballots, their time certainly could it is in coming any year now, though.

CHIC (Nominated)

Boy is that painful to have to put Chic earlier on this list. After ~ a staggering 11 near-consecutive nominations, the hall of Fame made decision to only provide Nile Rodgers an induction, yet even he’ll be the first to tell friend the team should have gained the honor.


Late good country superstar Patsy Cline really expanded herself before her career to be tragically cut short to capture the attention of a rock and also roll-minded audience. V countless classic cuts to her name, a recognition by the room of reputation is overdue.


With covers-oriented artists favor Linda Ronstadt and also Joan Baez currently inducted, it’s unfathomable the the legend Joe Cocker is still gift passed over. Many would agree that he’s one of rock’s greatest voices and interpreters of every time.


One the the last major Motown teams still to be inducted, The Commodores have actually strangely however to have their name placed to a vote. Through a need to keep R&B-oriented action in the mix and also the sustained visibility of Lionel Ritchie, the time is coming.

THE CURE (Nominated)

While The Cure has seen a lone nomination exemplifying the the room isn’t entirely delusional, the fact they haven’t to be a sustained ballot presence, permit alone one inducted act, by now keeps in step with your peers that are an in similar way being ignored.


If acts choose Journey and (soon to be) Bon Jovi can get in, there have to be no argument versus Def Leppard. As much as stadion rock goes, these guys are as quintessential together it gets. Clearly, it’s just a issue of time.


Looking at the last few ballots, that wouldn’t be all that surprising to view The Doobie brother in the wrinkles soon, but it is a little bit of a head-scratcher as to why they’ve flown fully under the radar up to this point. You’d think they’d be a for sure choice.


Nick Drake’s revered atmospheric folk never gained the type of acknowledgment it deserved throughout his lifetime, however it proceeds to age beautifully. It’s certainly past the allude where the should have been thought about for induction.


With prog rock proceeding to acquire acceptance, it’s just a matter of time before this supergroup find their method into the mix. With both Keith Emerson and Greg Lake passing critical year, the time would have actually been installation this year.


Roberta Flack’s unique, minimalistic brand the R&B stuck the end from the load in the 1970s earning her a grasp of significant hits and also attentional, albeit polarizing. V her directory continuing to age well, she would certainly be a welcomed addition to the room of Fame.


There might not be a much more tenured significant snub 보다 Connie Francis. She to be the initial female popular music star of absent & roll, racking up an outstanding run of access time that defined her generation. 35 years later, and also she’s criminally not also been nominated.


Alternative absent of the 1990s wouldn’t be what it was without the groundwork Hüsker Dü laid down, however the group is continually being passed over. With approve Hart’s passing earlier this year, hope they’ll be ultimately be considered.


These Aussies helped specify the sound of their generation with exceptional run that world-wide hits. Without a doubt, INXS need to have remained in the mix in ~ some suggest over the last couple of years, yet hopefully they’ll check out a nod soon.


There’s no doubt the Iron Maiden is walk to discover their method into the Rock and also Roll hall of fame eventually, yet it certainly seems past the point where castle should have at the very least been considered. The fan vote would certainly lock lock in once they are.


With back-to-back nominations, the tides seemed to be transforming in Janet Jackson’s favor end the past couple of years, however alas she is back on the snubs list. With among the many impassioned fanbase rallies ever, it’s just a issue of time.


The Jam would certainly be the perfect band to aid ease English new wave right into the room of Fame, a genre they’re gift absurdly tentative to completely embrace. Their superior run the hits are still pumping blood through punk music today.


It is long past the point where a legend prefer Rick James should have been taken into consideration for induction. His sparkly funk hits and also laidback jams breathed new life right into R&B and also remain in hefty rotation. His time has got to be coming soon.


Not just were they bonafide hitmakers in the ’60s, but Tommy James & the Shondells left an influence on rock and also roll the has straight influenced the induction that several present Hall of Famers. Somehow, the group has yet to get a nomination.


It would be safe to bet the Jethro Tull will certainly be the next gradual rock below the room of call is going to remedy, if no based on process of elimination. It certainly wouldn’t excusing leaving them the end for as long they have.


Grace Jones definitely hasn’t received the type of acknowledgment she deserves for her profound impact on run music. She concocted a mix of delirious disco, reggae, and also funk that detailed the perfect backdrop to her artistic visuals.

JOY division / brand-new ORDER

Despite a basic failure to it is in inducted, top British brand-new wave-era acts are gaining some severe traction ~ above the ballot. Following the likes the The Cure, The Smiths, and also Depeche Mode, this two groups with one lineage are surely following in line.KOOL & THE GANG

There is no denying that Kool & The Gang’s catalog has much more than enough standards to put their surname in the shuffle because that induction. Your soulful, funky jams not only sustained hip hop, yet remain in hefty rotation ~ above their own to this day.

KRAFTWERK (Nominated)

Kraftwerk’s absence from the hall of fame is becoming more and much more glaringly apparent every year. They’ve watched their fair share of inductions, but at this point, this pioneers of electronic music are going to discover their means in after their descendants.


The Marvelettes are among Motown’s last significant classic acts come still not have a ar in the room of Fame. They’ve been nominated numerous times, however the label’s first true girl group remains noticeably absent from the roster.


The opinion ~ above Meat bread is absolutely split, but that hasn’t prevented a number of acts from finding their means onto the ballot in recent years. Inarguably, his powerful voice and also theatrical anthems space a pretty good resume.


There are numerous Philly soul era acts the act together a reminder that the hall of call still has one major blindspot once considering inductees. Harold Melvin & The Blue notes is particularly notable considering their star power: Teddy Pendergrass.


It goes there is no saying the Willie Nelson’s contributions space far-reaching, well beyond country. As a songwriter and also a vocalist, he’s been just one of the many lauded figures of the last half a century plus, and also should have actually long has a spot booked in the Hall.

NEW YORK DOLLS (Nominated)

The new York Dolls were among the many important beforehand punk bands. Despite their absence of advertising success, your cult status and also influence should have actually sealed them in long ago, but only your peers have seen their way in for this reason far.

NINE inch NAILS (Nominated)

Nine customs Nails’ impact on absent music was, and also still is, truly audible. Couple of acts can insurance claim that kind of impact, but Trent Reznor and Co. Plainly weren’t considered as “quintessential” as some other ’90s acts that got swiftly inducted once it was time.

GRAM PARSONS (Nominated)

Across his many projects, Gram Parsons’ mix of county and also rock, among today’s most significant genres, to be revolutionary at the time. He observed a trio of nominations about a te ago, yet has since disappeared from the ballot.


Dolly Parton is, by every accounts, a rock star. Despite clinging for sure to country roots, she iconic songs have actually neatly combined into every page of rock and roll, and also they continue to perform so today. She induction wouldn’t be remotely farfetched.


This above trio to be at the head of folk’s timely rebirth in the 1960s. Peter Paul & mar filled their directory with beautifully i ordered it covers and timely originals, and the content still retains its relevance over 50 years later.


You can say the inducting bands favor Nirvana before Pixies is completely backwards from a family tree standpoint, however there’s no excuse for them to be fully absent native the whole conversation. They haven’t even been nominated.

PROCOL HARUM (Nominated)

Although their career was short-lived and their popularity is regularly attributed to one (very, very important) song, Procol Harum are a tape that has long deserved to be inducted into the room of Fame. It’s likely they’ll be ago on the ballot soon.


Cliff Richard, a bonafide legend exterior of the US, and the Shadows, a successful instrumental group in their very own right, space a rock and roll landmark, pre-dating the brother Invasion. In history speaking, lock should have actually been long ago.


With name such as Brian Eno and Bryan Ferry on your roster, Roxy Music is a extensive omission. With a classic brochure of hits and albums, their influence and also legacy has seeped through seemingly every side of rock that followed.


Not just is his own magazine a varied, an imaginative critical juggernaut, however his collaborations, compositions, and also productions with countless legends should more than outweigh his minimal commercial presence.


Sade’s unique brand the soul, incorporating elements of soft rock, jazz, and also even funk, has detailed the perfect background for their namesake frontwoman’s above voice come sit prominently in ~ the helm. What other debate do they need?


Gil Scott-Heron would certainly be among the Rock and also Roll hall of Fame’s most unique inductees, which might be why he has actually yet to be nominated, however his avant garde performances and monumental impact on i know good hop is a damn great argument.


Despite being one of the best acts that the crucial Girl group Era, The Shangri-Las have actually yet to do the cut. They have actually some of the time’s best hits to their name, many of which have been spanned by currently inducted acts.

THE SMITHS (Nominated)

The Smiths were only together because that 5 years, and that was 30 year ago, yet their unbelievably dense catalog is together lauded today as it’s ever-been. They’re one of the most important British acts of every time, and their induction is long overdue.


It’s certainly past the moment where Sonic Youth should have actually at the very least been compete on the ballot. The team is among the absolutely best inspirations top top ’90s alt rock together we recognize it, and yet their successors are getting the preferential treatment.


In general, ska hasn’t been an especially recognized by the hall of Fame, which renders it every the more frustrating the The Specials room being sidelined. They’re an exceptionally influential group with enough commercial presence to make them a no-brainer, but at finest they’d seemingly be a wild card on the ballot.

THE SPINNERS (Nominated)

Of every the non-Motown heart acts still absent from induction, few are together frustrating in ~ The Spinners. This Philly spirit hit machines have so plenty of enduring access time to their surname that obtaining off that the ballot will just be a matter of time, however it’s already been also long.


Squeeze carried a level that sophistication to brand-new wave that assisted them rack up some standard hits. Paired with a ton of vital backing, the team has earned your spot in the room of Fame. It’s past the point they should have been in.


The team wasn’t approximately for long, yet Steppenwolf crafted several of rock and roll’s most enduring hits. It’s understandable that it took some time because that them to be considered, but practically 25 years for their very first nomination was a little bit unreasonable.


T. Rex sits at the upper echelon of “snubbery.” that is almost unfathomable that one of the most prominent British groups of every time has yet to also see a nomination 25 year after they became eligible. There time needs to be coming soon.


Thin Lizzy’s influence has been quote by numerous artists, including several existing inductees. They might not be the most well-known band, but their musicianship and legacy must have currently secured them, at minimum, a nomination.


While reggae hasn’t been totally ignored, there room some apparent blind spots, Toots & The Maytals gift one; they invented the name of the genre, ~ all. They’re a much bigger snub than many would offer them credit for.

WAR (Nominated)

War brought an tremendous level of diversity come rock, layering in elements of funk, latin, and also soul, regularly all at once. Your hits have actually made a lasting impact, especially on hip hop, that is undeniably audible today. Certainly, it’s just a matter of time.

MARY WELLS (Nominated)

Despite being Motown’s very first real star, the sands of time has criminally whittled mar Wells’ career down to simply “My Guy,” and also the Rock and Roll hall of call hasn’t attempted to exactly that; She hasn’t been nominated in 30 years.


Not just is his voice one of the many recognizable ever, yet Barry White’s lush compositions aided make disco palatable to the nay-sayers. Indigenous his uplifting dance access time to his groovy slow jams, his brochure speaks for itself.

CHUCK WILLIS (Nominated)

Poor lining Willis can’t it seems to be ~ to find his method into the hall of Fame. He’s to be nominated a whopping 6 times, date all the method back to the Hall’s inaugural year, however his absence of support deserve to be attributed come the reality that’s not rather a household name.



Johnny Winter is a musician’s musician. He’s one acclaimed etc virtuoso and also has been cited together a significant influence by many, yet he never had that level that commercial presence you’d expect from one inductee. Still, he must be in.


Despite currently being inducted as a member the Traffic, the remainder of Steve Winwood’s vital career still has yet come be effectively highlighted. That should have actually been inducted year ago, but, strikingly, he’s only obtained one nomination.


Warren Zevon is an evident snub top top every level. His resume, approximately his untimely passing, should have locked him in years ago, but he has actually yet to even earn a nomination. It’s most likely he’ll discover his way on the ballot eventually, though.


While all of the following acts deserve to be in the Rock and also Roll room of Fame, calling them snubs is simply a small premature. Perhaps they’re newly eligible, possibly they’re just not quite a priority, however we deserve to only hope they won’t evolve into full snubs…but we all understand they’re likely to.

ALICE IN CHAINS (Eligible in 2016)

The Rock and Roll hall of Fame clearly has no qualms around embracing grunge head-on, for this reason if a year or two an ext go by and Alice In chains haven’t also gotten a nomination, it’s going to be more than obvious.

TORI AMOS (Eligible in 2017)

Tori Amos is just one of the most under-acknowledged singer-songwriters of her generation, but she’s regulated to enough an important backing come sustain an incredibly inventive, yet emotional career the hall of fame won’t have the ability to get away v ignoring forever.

BJÖRK (Eligible in 2003)

Björk together the artist we know her now would have actually been eligible because that the an initial time this year, yet her very first release in reality dates back to the last ’70s when she was a child. This technicality has actually left her eligible because that 15 years, however she’s not quite a snub yet.

NICK cave & THE poor SEEDS (Eligible in 2010)

You can go ago and forth on even if it is Nick cavern & The poor Seeds are a snub fairly yet. Yes, lock absolutely must be inducted, however from some perspectives it renders sense that they haven’t to be factored right into the equation yet.

CYPRESS HILL (Eligible in 2017)

Cypress Hill seems prefer the sort of i know well hop act the room of call would have actually on their radar, but they’re specifically easy to save on the backburner. They’re a future inductee freshly made eligible. Time will tell if they become snubs.

DE LA SOUL (Eligible in 2014)

Their contribute to alternate hip hop in the genre’s golden age are why De La soul will ultimately get right into the hall of Fame, yet the same factors why they’re no quite taken into consideration a snub yet. Sadly, there are some huge acts stand in their way.

MARY J. BLIGE (Eligible in 2018)

This is only her an initial year of eligibility, therefore considering she snub ideal off the bad might it is in a little premature. However, together the Queen of hip Hop Soul, mary J. Has the success, the acclaim, and also the affect to do her basic candidate.

BLUR (Eligible in 2016)

Blur’s cult condition in America is the only reason they haven’t been promptly nominated, but also the reason you really couldn’t quite consider them a snub yet. Still, these Britpop icons should it is in making a ballot figure soon.

PJ HARVEY (Eligible in 2017)

PJ Harvey is the type of artist that might have a hit any type of time she wanted; it’s simply clear that wasn’t she agenda. She’s one of the most critically acclaimed artists of the last 25 years, and has controlled to sustain a visibility the entirety time.

HOLE (Eligible in 2016)

Hole most likely should have actually been ~ above the ballot through now, but looking at every one of the acts that have become eligible over the past couple of years, there is reasonable doubt in considering them an fully snub. Another year or two, at most.

WHITNEY HOUSTON (Eligible in 2010)

Whitney Houston isn’t as apparent a hall of call candidate together her popularity and also success would certainly necessarily lead you to believe, but as she eligibility close the door in ~ above a decade, her omission is becoming more and an ext obvious.

JANE’S ADDICTION (Nominated) (Eligible in 2013)

Jane’s seeks actually witnessed earned a nomination last year, but a little group referred to as Pearl Jam kind of edged them out. Still, they’re in the running, i beg your pardon is possibly the just reason they’re no a full-blown snub just quite yet.

LENNY KRAVITZ (Eligible in 2015)

Lenny Kravitz never ever really went on to come to be the symbol he most likely should have actually been, but he’s a well-respected musician v enough crucial backing and also popularity to do him a candidate because that induction eventually.

CYNDI LAUPER (Eligible in 2009)

Her success absolutely fizzled also early, but Cyndi Lauper’s talent and cultural significance definitely qualify she for induction. A few years down the road after they’ve much more or much less moved on indigenous ’80s Pop, her lack is walk to be noticeable.

GEORGE MICHAEL (Eligible 2013)

George Michael’s jump from bubblegum to serious, game-changing popular music predated Justin Timberlake by a couple of decades. His passing last year was a stylish reminder the his remarkable catalog and countless contributions to popular music.

MOBY (Eligible in 2016)

It’s yet to be seen whether digital music is going to be fully embraced by the hall of Fame, but Moby is fixed your usual electronic artist. He’s a far much more robust artist than many of his peers, which have to lock that in eventually.

NO DOUBT (Eligible in 2018)

It’s only Gwen & Co.’s very first year of eligibility, for this reason it’s no a full surprise the they’re absent from the ballot, but if castle don’t knife themselves a nomination in the next few years, they’ll it is in an conveniently identifiable snub.

PULP (Eligible in 2009)

While most human being remember Pulp for their seminal Different Class, the group has an enormous magazine dating back to the beforehand ’80s. They’re no an obvious priority for the hall of Fame, but they should be top top the horizon.

SMASHING PUMPKINS (Eligible in 2016)

You could almost argue the the shattering Pumpkins room a bonafide snub at this point, seeing as the hall of call is exemplifying their love fest with ’90s alt rock. One more year out of the equation and also it’s walk to it is in noticeable.

THE rock ROSES (Eligible in 2011)

For all intents and purposes, the group really is a one-album wonder, but damn to be it critical one; we can easily start nitpicking already inducted acts because that the very same reason. Sooner or later, they’re walk to have to be considered.

STONE holy place PILOTS (Eligible in 2018)

It’s no surprise v the likes that Radiohead and also Rage versus The maker saturating the first-year-of-eligibility-90s-alt-rock slots that rock Temple Pilots had actually to sit the one out. A couple more years without recognition and they’re simple snub.

TLC (Eligible in 2018)

The 1990s saw a boom in R&B girl groups, but none of them held a candle come the edgy, wildly successful TLC. Left Eye’s passing 15 years ago may have reduced their iconic career short, however they pack so much punch in their time.

TOOL (Eligible in 2018)

The genre-defining tool is likely not to be overlooked through the room of reputation for also long, yet the same can have to be said around Nine customs Nails top top their very first year of eligibility (…4 year ago.) They’d it is in a quick addition to the snub list if they walk ignored lot longer.

A TRIBE referred to as QUEST (Eligible in 2016)

Clearly 2016 to be the year the hall of Fame had actually no an option but come go with N.W.A. Together their token i know good hop nominee, yet two years have past and also A Tribe called Quest is still no in the equation. Snub condition is seemingly most likely at this point.

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WU-TANG CLAN (Eligible in 2018)

As far as hip hop in the Rock and also Roll room of call goes, Wu-Tang is a no-brainer. There’s a reasonable discussion that they might have made the shortlist this year, their very first eligible one, but it’s likely to more than the next two.


In need of a one-stop refresher on every one of these tremendous acts? watch no further than The many Inexcusable Rock and also Roll hall of reputation Snubs Playlist!