In the 33 years Lisa Allain has actually been teaching students to dance at the Little Red Dance Studio in Gates, she’s emerged a reasonably keen eye for talent. So as soon as she experienced 6-year-old Jasmine Harper dressed as a skunk, breaking down to M.C. Hammer’s “Can’t Touch This,” she recognized the girl had somepoint one-of-a-kind.

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“When she began, she was a small tomboy, and she’d begin dancing and people couldn’t think it,” Allain said. “I kbrand-new she had actually a good future. I simply knew it.”

Allain was appropriate. Harper, currently twenty years old and also living in Georgia, is just one of the last four on the Fox fact display So You Think You Can Dance. She will certainly find out throughout Tuesday’s two-hour seaboy finale whether she’s been liked as America’s Favorite Dancer.

The show will air at 8 p.m. Tuesday on WUHF-TV (digital 31.1, cable channel 7).

“It’s pretty a lot my dream,” Harper said by phone Sunday between rehearsals. “It’s a possibility to dance with so many other great dancers.”

Harper has actually been paired on the present via Aaron Turner, a tap dancer from Las Vegas. They have navigated a collection of eliminations to make the last 4.

Last week on the show, it was revealed that the judges beforehand did not setup to save Harper for the top 20 till the organize, Cat Deeley, convinced them.

Also, Turner was reduced early, just to be carried ago when there was an injury.

“It’s definitely an emotional rollercoaster,” said Harper, who approximates she’s danced five hrs a day, 6 days a week considering that arriving in Los Angeles in June. “Tbelow are some moments we’re so high in spirits and various other times we’re just so stressed out. ... I’m worn down, yet we assist each various other acquire through it.”

The schedule doesn’t relent until the extremely end. On Tuesday, the contestants have actually 3 rehearsals of the full show prior to they take the phase live on tv in the evening.

Harper grew up in Henrietta, attended Rush-Henrietta schools with middle institution and also then invested one year in Spencerport prior to moving with her family members to North Carolina.

She’s currently a experienced dancer in Georgia. Just prior to leaving to start filming the present in June, she danced in the music video for “I’m Out,” the brand-new song by pop singer Ciara.

She specializes in contemporary dance, however has actually impressed judges on the show by adopting various other layouts — hip-hop, ballroom, Broadmeans, jazz — through ease.

Harper characteristics that flexibility to her time at Allain’s studio in Gates, wbelow a broad stylistic selection is component of the curriculum.

“I prospered up dancing there; that’s where I got the majority of of my training,” she shelp. “I remember constantly looking approximately the class older than me and wanting to dance choose them.”

Now, it’s the younger classes that desire to dance like Harper. They’ll be watching on television Tuesday, and also they’ll see her Oct. 13 at Turning Stone Rekind and Casino as component of a national tour with the show’s height 10 dancers.

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Allain won’t have to wait that lengthy. She planned to fly to Los Angeles Monday and also view her star pupil dance in perkid Tuesday night.

“I’m so proud of her,” Allain sassist. “She’s very humble and she’s as sweet as anypoint. ... It doesn’t also issue the outcome. She’s a winner whether she wins So You Think You Can Dance or not.”