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Drawn in a style that is unmistakable to Roald Dahl's children's publications, your audience will be instantly transported to a human being of lifesize insects and a transatlantic fruit.




Roald Dahl’s James and the Giant Peach JR is now a musical for the totality family members to enjoy! Featuring a tuneful score by Tony Award-winning team Pasek and also Paul (Dogfight, Dear Evan Hansen) and a curiously quirky book from Timothy Allen McDonald, be all set to take the voyage of a lifetime with human-sized insects (via equally oversized personalities) all the way to the Empire State Building! The iconic occupational of Quentin Blake, the artist synonymous via the Roald Dahl ouvre, springs to life in Broadway Media’s Scenic Projections, truly soaking up actors and also audiences afavor in this family-favorite.

Scenic Projections

A script-specific display package that consists of all scenes and also settings. Scenic Projections are the perfect marital relationship of form and also function: beautiful imagery linked with an intuitive software program that's designed to "just work"! Prcooktop to price much less than the average expense of raw materials for a developed collection, so you have the right to invest your budacquire (and also your time) on various other areas of the manufacturing.

Scenic Projections increase production value and also contribute to an unforgettable theatrical experience.

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Our projections follow eincredibly scene, setting and magic minute in the script, guaranteed.You obtain prompt rehearsal and performance materials with one easy-to-usage application.You save money compared to the products expense of a typical set, or physical backdrop rental.

Incredible, script-accurate scenery and software application that doesn't break the budacquire.Animated VideosEexceptionally Scene and SettingFully Programmed CuesCombined Cue SheetMac, COMPUTER and also iPad SoftwareDedicated Customer Service4-week license
Mapping-capable, customizable scenery for theatre organizations through progressed projection capabilities.Media Server MappingImport into QLabLayered ArtworkScene and file guideComplimentary overlaysProfessional textures4-week license

The brightness of projections not only depends on your projector, however on the surface you’re projecting on. We’ve taken the guessoccupational ameans by picking a details inventory of commodities finest suited for projection.

Essential digital projectors for integrating projections into live productions. Beautiful, large projections without shadows, affordable monthly rentals - No guesswork.

Find Out why theatre machines of all self-controls are choosing affordable resources for their plays and also musicals.

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