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Pedre from Bangor, MeThe Christmas song was released by Nat King Cole in 1946. It"s the song that made him a well-known vocalist.Rich from Elkins, Wv110 words (give or take) put together in less than an hour. Everyone knows this one ...the songwriters made an excellent living because of this one song..a Christmas classical..I"d like to compose something enthroughout like this someday...Fred from Summit, NeNat "King" Cole taped and released four separate and distinctive versions of the song, beginning in 1949, as by the King Cole Trio (Capitol F-90036). The second version came along in 1954 (Capitol F2955).view even more comments
All I Wanna DoSheryl Crow

"All I Wanna Do" by Sheryl Crow started with the first line from an obscure poem referred to as "Fun" that check out, "All I wanna execute is have actually some fun."

Fields Of GoldSting

Sting composed "Fields of Gold" after buying a house near a barley field and enjoying the majestic sunsets.

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Rocket ManElton John

Elton John"s "Rocket Man" is based upon a Ray Bradbury story called The Rocket Man publimelted in 1951.

Delight To The WorldThree Dog Night

Hoyt Axton wrote the Three Dog Night hit "Joy To The World." He sassist the "Jeremiah was a bullfrog" line simply came into his head after having a drink of wine.

Santa Claus Is Coming To TownEddie Cantor

"Santa Claus Is Coming To Town" is the many performed holiday song of all time, according to a Top 30 list released by the performance rights organization ASCAP in December 2014.

We Are All Made Of StarsMoby

Moby claims that "We Are All Made Of Stars" is scientifically accurate, because all matter originates from stardust.

Wherefore Art Thou Romeo LyricMusic Quiz

In this quiz, spot the artist that put Romeo right into a song lyric.

The 10 Bands Most Like Spinal TapTrack Writing

Based on criteria prefer girlfriend stress, stage accidents and drummer turnover, these are the 10 bands most favor Spinal Tap.

Does Jimmy Page Prayer The Devil? A Look at Satanism in RockSong Writing

We ring the Hell"s Bells to see what songs and also rockers are sincere in their Satanism, and also exactly how a lot of it is an act.

Frankie ValliSong Writing

An interview through Frankie Valli, that talks about why his songs - both solo and via The Four Seasons - have actually sustained, and reflects on his time as Rusty Millio on The Sopranos.

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Bob Dylan Lyric QuizMusic Quiz

Think you understand your Bob Dylan lyrics? Take this quiz to uncover out.

Chris IsaakSongwriter Interviews

Chris tells the story of "Wicked Video Game," talks milkshakes and moonpies at Sun Records, and defines why woguys constantly get their means.