General Hospital fans desire to know why walk GH kill off Oscar Nero (Garren Stitt). ~ all, it seems unnecessary to kill off a teenager. He’s a good kid that never acquired into any kind of trouble, therefore why? Viewers likewise want to know where is Oscar going – more specifically, what’s following for Garren Stitt? below are the answers you need.

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Why go Oscar Nero leaving GH?

Signs point to general Hospital authors planning from the get-go to kill Oscar Nero. He was brought in come be attracted Cain’s (Billy Miller) son. Yet the show also knew the Garren had one more hit show and also a blossoming music career. So, that seems most likely that the didn’t have actually time come commit to a long-term role on the show beyond this one dramatic story arc that lasted virtually two years.

GH rental the young actor to pat Oscar Nero when he already had a prominent function on Andi Mack ~ above the Disney channel. Plus, the talented teen has a liven career together an up-and-coming singer. That performs under the name Garren Lake once he sings. You have the right to see listed below that the actor is already breaking far from his soap look and is rocking white-blond hair now.


Who theatre Oscar Nero on GH?

While General Hospital said goodbye come Oscar Nero this week, the actor claimed hello come the Emmy Awards. The Daytime Emmys room Sunday, may 5. Garren Stitt is nominated for ideal Young Actor and also is up versus scene partner William Lipton (AKA Cameron Spencer), Lucas Adams (Days of our Lives – Tripp Dalton), Kyler Pettis (Days of ours Lives – Theo Carver), and Zach Tinker (Young and also the Restless – Fenmore Baldwin).

In enhancement to his work on GH, Garren Stitt attends Taft Charter High college in Los Angeles. He’s to be acting since 2011 beginning with tiny roles ~ above TV series and short films. Then, he stepped into attribute films with duties in Bukowski and also Love Triangle. His an initial TV collection was Nicky, Ricky, Dicky & Dawn. Yet the alphabet soap was his huge break as Oscar Nero i m sorry he landing in Summer 2017.

More come Come because that Oscar on basic Hospital

Some fans believed that Oscar Nero might get a wonder reprieve top top GH since he had actually spoilers through mid-May. However, now it appears that Oscar left behind a video clip message for his love ones. This will certainly send them off on a mini-adventure in his honor. Plus, Oscar’s storage will also be honored in ~ the Nurse’s sphere which kicks turn off Friday, may 17. You deserve to bet his mommy Kim Nero (Tamara Braun) and also dad drew will loss apart.

General Hospital spoilers say that the song Oscar Nero wrote through Josslyn Jacks (Eden McCoy) must be a showstopper at the large annual event. Also, the tune “Get back Home” by chris Arena, the played during Oscar’s fatality scene is trending ~ above iTunes. So, fans have actually two tunes to look forward to when mourning Oscar’s untimely death.

So, in answer to the inquiry of “why go GH kill Oscar?” the answer is, since it’s an excellent soapy TV drama. Deaths are constantly traumatic, yet when it’s a young person, it’s doubly sad. Plus, losing Oscar opens the door for much more drama through his parents, his girlfriend Josslyn and Cameron, and many others. Watch abc daily. There are more tears to come because that Oscar Nero’s death.

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