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For all I"ve been blessed via in this lifeThere was an emptiness in meI was imprisoned by the power of goldWith one honest touch you set me freeLet the human being stop turnin"Let the sun speak burnin"Let them tell meLove"s not worth goin" throughIf it all falls apartI will recognize deep in my heartThe just dream that matteredHad come trueIn this life I was loved by youFor every mountain I have actually climbedEexceptionally raging river crossedYou were the treasureThat I longed to findWithout your love I would certainly be lostLet the world speak turnin"Let the sunlight stop burnin"Let them tell meLove"s not worth going throughIf it all falls apartI will certainly understand deep in my heartThe only dream that matteredHad come trueIn this life I was loved by youIn this life I was loved by you
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