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3-D reference

A reference to a range that spans 2 or more worksheets in a workbook.

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3-D walls and floor

The areas neighboring many 3-D chart types that offer dimension and boundaries to the chart. Two wall surfaces and one floor are displayed within the plot area.


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To make a chart sheet or worksheet the active, or selected, sheet. The sheet that you activate determines which tabs are presented. To activate a sheet, click the tab for the sheet in the workbook.

Active cell

The schosen cell in which data is gone into as soon as you start inputting. Only one cell is energetic at a time. The energetic cell is bounded by a heavy border.

Active sheet

The sheet that you"re functioning on in a workbook. The name on the tab of the energetic sheet is bold.


The path to a things, document, file, page, or various other location. An deal with can be a URL (Net address) or a UNC route (netoccupational address), and also deserve to incorporate a specific place within a record, such as a Word booknote or an Excel cell range.

Alternate startup folder

A folder in enhancement to the XLStart folder that contains workbooks or various other records that you want to be opened instantly as soon as you begin Excel and templates that you desire to be easily accessible when you develop brand-new workpublications.

Alternate startup folder

A folder in enhancement to the XLStart folder that consists of workpublications or other records that you want to be opened instantly as soon as you start Excel and templates that you desire to be obtainable as soon as you develop new workbooks.


The worths that a duty offers to perdevelop operations or calculations. The kind of debate a function uses is specific to the attribute. Usual debates that are supplied within features incorporate numbers, text, cell referrals, and also names.


Used to develop single formulas that create multiple outcomes or that operate on a group of debates that are arranged in rows and also columns. An array array shares a common formula; an range continuous is a team of constants used as an debate.

Array formula

A formula that perdevelops multiple calculations on one or even more sets of values, and also then retransforms either a solitary outcome or multiple outcomes. Array formulas are enclosed between braces and are gotten in by pushing CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER.

Associated PivotTable

The PivotTable that provides the source information to the PivotChart. It is created automatically when you produce a brand-new PivotChart. When you adjust the layout of either report, the various other likewise transforms.


A integrated repertoire of cell styles (such as font dimension, trends, and alignment) that you can apply to a variety of information. Excel determines the levels of summary and also information in the schosen variety and applies the layouts appropriately.


A line bordering the chart plot area supplied as a structure of referral for measurement. The y axis is commonly the vertical axis and has information. The x-axis is usually the horizontal axis and also has categories.


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Base address

The relative course that Excel uses for the location deal with when you insert a hyperattach. This have the right to be an Web attend to (URL), a course to a folder on your hard drive, or a path to a folder on a netoccupational.


A decorative line that can be applied to worksheet cells or objects, such as charts, pictures, or message boxes. Borders differentiate, emphasize, or group items.


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Calculated column

In an Excel table, a calculated column uses a solitary formula that adjusts for each row. It immediately broadens to include added rows so that the formula is immediately extended to those rows.

Calculated field (database)

A area in the outcome set of a query that screens the result of an expression rather than information from a database.

Calculated field (PivotTable)

A area in a PivotTable or PivotChart that supplies a formula you develop. Calculated areas have the right to perform calculations by utilizing the contents of various other areas in the PivotTable or PivotChart.

Calculated item

An item within a PivotTable field or PivotChart field that provides a formula you develop. Calculated items can perform calculations by making use of the contents of other items within the very same field of the PivotTable or PivotChart.

Category axis

A chart axis that represents the category for each data point. It screens arbitrary text worths choose Qtr1, Qtr2, and Qtr3; it cannot screen scaled numerical worths.

Category field

A area that"s displayed in the category area of the PivotChart. Items in a category field appear as the labels on the category axis.


A box formed by the intersection of a row and column in a worksheet or a table, in which you enter information.

Cell reference

The collection of coordinates that a cell occupies on a worksheet. For example, the reference of the cell that appears at the intersection of column B and row 3 is B3.

Certifying authority

A commercial company, or a team within a agency, that provides devices such as thedailysplash.tv Certificate Server to administer digital certificates that software developers have the right to usage to sign macros and also individuals deserve to usage to sign papers.

Change history

In a common workbook, information that is maintained around alters made in past modifying sessions. The indevelopment contains the name of the perboy that made each change, as soon as the change was made, and what information was changed.

Chart area

The entire chart and also all its elements.

Chart sheet

A sheet in a workbook that contains only a chart. A chart sheet is valuable once you want to watch a chart or a PivotChart independently from worksheet data or a PivotTable.

Column field

A field that"s assigned a column orientation in a PivotTable. Items connected with a column field are displayed as column labels.

Column heading

The shaded area at the peak of each Documents pane column that has the field name.

Column heading

The lettered or numbered gray area at the height of each column. Click the column heading to select an entire column. To increase or decrease the width of a column, drag the line to the appropriate of the column heading.

Comparison criteria

A set of search conditions that is supplied to uncover information. Comparichild criteria can be a collection of personalities that you want to match, such as "Northwind Traders," or an expression, such as ">300."

Comparison operator

A authorize that is provided in comparison criteria to compare 2 worths. The six standards are = Equal to, > Greater than, = Greater than or equal to, Not equal to.

Conditional format

A format, such as cell shading or font shade, that Excel automatically uses to cells if a mentioned problem is true.

Consolidation table

The table of linked results that appears in the location location. Excel creates the consolidation table by applying the summary attribute that you pick to the resource area values that you specify.


A value that is not calculated. For example, the number 210 and the text "Quarterly Earnings" are constants. An expression, or a worth resulting from an expression, is not a constant.


The constraints put on a Solver problem. You deserve to apply constraints to adjustable cells, the target cell, or other cells that are straight or instraight concerned the tarobtain cell.

Copy area

The cells that you copy once you desire to paste information into an additional location. After you copy cells, a moving border appears roughly them to indicate that they"ve been copied.


Conditions you specify to limit which records are included in the result collection of a query. For instance, the complying with criterion selects records for which the value for the Order Amount field is greater than 30,000: Order Amount > 30000.

Criteria pane

The location of the window that display screens the criteria provided to limit the records contained in the outcome set of your query.

Current region

The block of filled-in cells that contains the currently schosen cell or cells. The area exhas a tendency in all directions to the initially empty row or column.

Custom calculation

A strategy of summarizing worths in the data area of a PivotTable by utilizing the worths in other cells in the information area. Use the Sexactly how information as list on the PivotTable Field dialog for a documents field to produce tradition calculations.


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Data form

A dialog box that displays one complete document at a time. You have the right to usage information forms to include, readjust, situate, and also delete documents.

Data label

A label that offers additional indevelopment around a data marker, which represents a single data allude or worth that originates from a datasheet cell.

Data marker

A bar, area, dot, slice, or other symbol in a chart that represents a single information point or worth that originates from a datasheet cell. Related information markers in a chart constitute a file series.

Data pane

The location of the home window that displays the outcome set of your query.

Data points

Individual values that are plotted in a chart. Related data points make up a file series. File points are stood for by bars, columns, lines, slices, dots, and also various other shapes. These shapes are dubbed data markers.

Data region

A selection of cells that consists of data and also that is bounded by empty cells or datasheet borders.

Data series

Related data points that are plotted in a chart and also originate from datasheet rows or columns. Each data series in a chart has a unique shade or pattern. You can plot one or even more data collection in a chart. Pie charts have just one data series.

Data source

A stored set of "source" indevelopment provided to connect to a database. A data resource have the right to incorporate the name and also place of the database server, the name of the database driver, and also information that the database demands when you log on.

Data source driver

A routine file used to connect to a details database. Each database routine or administration device requires a different driver.

Data table

A variety of cells that shows the results of substituting different worths in one or even more formulas. Tbelow are two forms of data tables: one-input tables and two-input tables.

Data table in charts

A grid that can be included to some charts and has the numeric information supplied to develop the chart. The data table normally is attached to the horizontal axis of the chart and also replaces the tick-mark labels on the horizontal axis.

Data validation

An Excel feature that you can use to specify constraints on what information can or should be gone into in a cell, and to display messeras that prompt customers for correct entries and also inform users around incorrect entries.


A arsenal of data related to a particular subject or objective. Within a database, information about a certain entity, such as an employee or order, is categorized into tables, records, and areas.

DDE conversation

The interaction in between 2 applications that are connecting and extransforming data with special attributes and also code known as dynamic data exchange (DDE).

Default startup workbook

The new, unsaved workbook that"s shown when you begin Excel. The default startup workbook is presented only if you haven"t included other workpublications in the XLStart folder.

Default workbook template

The Publication.xlt theme that you produce to readjust the default format of new workpublications. Excel provides the template to develop a blank workbook when you start Excel or produce a brand-new workbook without specifying a layout.

Default worksheet template

The Sheet.xlt theme that you create to adjust the default format of brand-new worksheets. Excel uses the design template to develop a empty worksheet as soon as you include a new worksheet to a workbook.


Cells that contain formulas that refer to other cells. For example, if cell D10 consists of the formula =B5, cell D10 is a dependent of cell B5.

Desticountry area

The selection of cells that you select to hold the summarized information in a consolidation. The location area can be on the exact same worksheet as the source data or on a various worksheet. A worksheet deserve to contain just one consolidation.

Detail data

For automatic subtotals and also worksheet outlines, the subtotal rows or columns that are totaled by summary information. Detail data is frequently adjacent to and also either over or to the left of the summary data.

Drop lines

In line and also area charts, lines that extend from a data allude to the category (x) axis. Useful in location charts to clarify where one data marker ends and also the following begins.

Drop-down list box

A regulate on a menu, toolbar, or dialog box that displays a list of choices as soon as you click the small arrow next to the list box.


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Embedded chart

A chart that is put on a worksheet rather than on a sepaprice chart sheet. Embedded charts are useful once you want to see or print a chart or a PivotChart with its resource information or various other information in a worksheet.

Error bars

Generally supplied in statistical or scientific information, error bars present potential error or degree of uncertainty loved one to each information marker in a series.

Excel add-in

Contents that have the right to be set up on your computer to include regulates and also attributes to Excel. These add-in programs are particular to Excel. Other add-in programs that are easily accessible for Excel or Office are Component Object Model (COM) add-ins.

Excel table

Formerly recognized as an Excel list, you have the right to create, format, and also expand also an Excel table to organize the data on your worksheet.


A combicountry of operators, field names, attributes, literals, and constants that evaluates to a single worth. Expressions have the right to specify criteria (such as Order Amount>10000) or perform calculations on field worths (such as Price*Quantity).

External data

Documents that is stored in a database, such as Access, dBASE, or SQL Server, that is separate from Query and the regime from which you began Query.

External data

Data that is stored exterior of Excel. Examples incorporate databases produced in Access, dBASE, SQL Server, or on a Web server.

External information range

A variety of data that is lugged right into a worksheet yet that originates exterior of Excel, such as in a database or text file. In Excel, you deserve to format the information or usage it in calculations as you would certainly any kind of other data.

External reference

A referral to a cell or array on a sheet in another Excel workbook, or a recommendation to a identified name in one more workbook.


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Field (database)

A category of information, such as last name or order amount, that is stored in a table. When Query display screens a result set in its File pane, a field is represented as a column.

Field (PivotTable)

In a PivotTable or PivotChart, a category of data that"s derived from a area in the source data. PivotTables have row, column, page, and also data areas. PivotCharts have series, category, web page, and also information fields.

Fill handle

The small black square in the lower-appropriate edge of the selection. When you allude to the fill manage, the pointer transforms to a babsence cross.


To display only the rows in a list that accomplish the conditions you specify. You usage the AutoFilter command also to display screen rows that complement one or even more certain values, calculated values, or conditions.


A graphic style used to all numerals, symbols, and also alphabetic personalities. Also referred to as type or typeconfront. Arial and Courier New are examples of fonts. Fonts commonly come in various sizes, such as 10 point, and assorted layouts, such as bold.


A sequence of values, cell references, names, functions, or operators in a cell that together develop a new worth. A formula constantly begins via an equal sign (=).

Formula bar

A bar at the height of the Excel window that you use to enter or modify values or formulas in cells or charts. Displays the continuous worth or formula stored in the active cell.

Formula Palette

A tool that helps you produce or edit a formula and also also offers information about functions and their disagreements.

Function (thedailysplash.tv Query)

An expression that returns a value based upon the outcomes of a calculation. Query assumes that information sources thedailysplash.tv the Avg, Count, Max, Min, and also Sum functions. Some data sources might not assistance all of these, or might thedailysplash.tv extra attributes.

Function (Office Excel)

A prewritten formula that takes a value or worths, percreates an procedure, and retransforms a value or values. Use attributes to simplify and also shorten formulas on a worksheet, particularly those that percreate lengthy or complicated calculations.


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Goal seek

A technique to uncover a specific value for a cell by adjusting the value of one various other cell. When goal seeking, Excel varies the value in a cell that you specify until a formula that"s dependent on that cell returns the result you desire.


A set of intersecting lines provided to align objects.

Gridlines in charts

Lines you deserve to add to a chart that make it much easier to check out and evaluate information. Gridlines extfinish from the tick marks on an axis across the plot location.


In an outline or PivotTable, one or more information rows or columns that are adjacent and also subordinate to a review row or column.


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High-low lines

In 2-D line charts, lines that extend from the highest to the lowest value in each category. High-low lines are often provided in stock charts.

History worksheet

A separate worksheet that lists changes being tracked in a common workbook, including the name of the perkid who made the adjust, when and wright here it was made, what data was deleted or replaced, and also exactly how disputes were reresolved.


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A area name used in an expression. For example, Order Amount is the identifier (area name) for a field that has order amounts. You have the right to use an expression (such as Price*Quantity) in area of an identifier.

Implicit intersection

A referral to a selection of cells, rather of a solitary cell, that is calculated favor a single cell. If cell C10 consists of the formula =B5:B15*5, Excel multiplies the worth in cell B10 by 5 bereason cells B10 and also C10 are in the same row.


A database component that accelerates in search of data. When a table has actually an index, data in the table can be discovered by looking it up in the index.

Inner join

In Query, default kind of join in between two tables wbelow only the documents that have actually the very same values in the joined fields are schosen. The two matching documents from each table are linked and displayed as one document in the outcome set.

Input cell

The cell in which each input value from a file table is substituted. Any cell on a worksheet deserve to be the input cell. Although the input cell does not have to be component of the data table, the formulas in information tables should refer to the input cell.

Insert row

In an Excel table, a distinct row that facilitates data entry. The Insert row is indicated by an astedanger.

Internet Explorer

A Net browser that interprets HTML records, styles them right into Internet pperiods, and also screens them to the user. You have the right to downpack Web Explorer from the thedailysplash.tv Web website at http://www.thedailysplash.tv.com.


A subcategory of a area in PivotTables and PivotCharts. For circumstances, the area "Month" can have actually items such as "January," "February," and so on.


Repeated calculation of a worksheet until a specific numeric condition is met.


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A connection in between multiple tables wright here records from associated fields that match are merged and shown as one record. Records that do not enhance may be contained or excluded, relying on the kind of sign up with.

Join line

In Query, a line that connects fields between two tables and mirrors Query exactly how the information is associated. The form of join indicates which documents are selected for the query"s result set.

Join line

In Query, a line that connects fields in between two tables and also shows exactly how the data is connected. The form of sign up with suggests which records are selected for the query"s result set.


To readjust horizontal spacing so that message is aligned evenly alengthy both the left and right margins. Justifying message creates a smooth edge on both sides.


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A box that identifies the trends or colors that are assigned to the data series or categories in a chart.

Legend keys

Symbols in legends that show the patterns and colors assigned to the data series (or categories) in a chart. Legfinish keys appear to the left of legfinish entries. Formatting a legfinish key additionally layouts the data marker that"s connected through it.

Locked field or record

The problem of a record, area, or other object in a database that permits it to be regarded yet not readjusted (read-only) in Query.


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Mapped range

An array in an XML list that has actually been attached to an aspect in an XML map.


A rectangular array of worths or a variety of cells that is unified with other arrays or arrays to develop multiple sums or assets. Excel has actually predefined matrix features that deserve to produce the sums or commodities.

Merged cell

A single cell that is produced by combining two or even more selected cells. The cell reference for a merged cell is the upper-left cell in the original schosen variety.

Microsoft Excel control

A native Excel regulate other than an ActiveX regulate.

Microsoft Visual Basic Help

To gain help for Visual Basic in Excel, on the Developer tab, in the Code group, click Visual Basic, and also then under the Help food selection, click thedailysplash.tv Visual Basic Help.

Moving average

A sequence of averages computed from parts of a documents series. In a chart, a relocating average smooths the fluctuations in information, hence showing the pattern or trend more plainly.

Moving border

An animated border that appears approximately a worksheet selection that has been reduced or duplicated. To cancel a moving border, push ESC.

Multiple-level category labels

Classification labels in a chart that, based on worksheet data, are automatically presented on more than one line in a power structure. For instance, the heading Produce could show up over a row via headings Tofu, Apples, and Pears.


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A word or string of characters that represents a cell, range of cells, formula, or consistent worth. Use easy-to-understand also names, such as Products, to refer to difficult to understand also varieties, such as Sales!C20:C30.

Name box

Box at left finish of the formula bar that identifies the schosen cell, chart item, or illustration object. To name a cell or array, type the name in the Name box and also push ENTER. To relocate to and also select a named cell, click its name in the Name box.

Nonadjacent selection

A selection of two or more cells or ranges that don"t touch each various other. When plotting nonsurrounding selections in a chart, make certain that the combined selections create a rectangular shape.

Non-OLAP source data

Underlying information for a PivotTable or PivotChart that originates from a resource various other than an OLAP database. These sources include relational databases, tables on Excel worksheets, and also text file databases.


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An OLE information format that defines a attached object, identifying the class, document name, and name of an object. Each of these data items is a null-terminated string.

Offline cube file

A file you develop on your difficult disk or a netjob-related share to store OLAP resource data for a PivotTable or PivotChart. Offline cube documents permit you to store functioning as soon as you are not connected to the OLAP server.


A database technology that has actually been optimized for querying and also reporting, rather of handling transactions. OLAP information is arranged hierarchically and also stored in cubes rather of tables.

OLAP provider

A set of software application that provides access to a details type of OLAP database. This software application deserve to encompass a documents resource driver and also various other client software that is essential to affix to a database.


Items on either side of an operator in a formula. In Excel, operands can be worths, cell referrals, names, labels, and attributes.


A authorize or symbol that specifies the form of calculation to perform within an expression. Tright here are mathematical, comparison, logical, and also referral operators.

Outer join

In Query, a sign up with wright here all records from one table are selected, even if tright here are no corresponding documents in one more table. Records that complement are merged and presented as one. Records that don"t have matches in the various other table are presented empty.

Outer join

Join in which all documents from one table are selected, also if there are no corresponding records in an additional table. Records that match are combined and also displayed as one. Records that do not have matches in the other table are shown as empty.


Worksheet information in which rows or columns of detail data are grouped so that you can develop summary reports. The outline have the right to summarize either an entire worksheet or a selected portion of it.

Outline data

The information that is included within a worksheet outline. Synopsis information consists of both the summary and also information rows or columns of an outline.

Outline symbols

Symbols that you usage to readjust the see of an outlined worksheet. You have the right to present or hide comprehensive information by pushing the plus authorize, minus sign, and the numbers 1, 2, 3, or 4, indicating the outline level.


An OLE information format that describes an installed object, identifying the class, document name, and name of an item. Each of these data items is a null-terminated string.


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Page break

Divider that breaks a worksheet into sepaprice pages for printing. Excel inserts automatic page breaks based upon the paper dimension, margin settings, scaling choices, and also the positions of any kind of hand-operated page breaks that you insert.

Page break preview

Worksheet check out that screens the locations to be published and also the places of web page breaks. The location to be published is shown in white, automatic web page breaks show up as damelted lines, and hands-on web page breaks appear as solid lines.


In Excel, you have the right to include, change, or rerelocate parameters to specify cells that are editable in the viewable worksheet information of Excel Services. When you conserve the workbook, the changes are instantly reflected on the server.

Parameter query

A type of query that, once you run it, prompts for values (criteria) to usage to choose the records for the outcome set so that the same query can be used to retrieve various outcome sets.


A means to safeguard your worksheet or workbook. When you safeguard worksheet or workbook elements with a password, it is incredibly necessary that you remember that password. Without it, tbelow is no way to undefend the workbook or worksheet. You have to always usage solid passwords that combine upperinstance and lowersituation letters, numbers, and also signs. Weak passwords do not mix these elements. Strong password: Y6dh!et5. Weak password: House27. Use a solid password that you have the right to remember so that you do not have to write it down.

Paste area

The targain location for information that"s been cut or duplicated by using the Office Clipboard.

Pivot area

The worksheet location right into which you drag PivotTable or PivotChart areas to change the layout of the report. On a brand-new report, dashed blue outlines suggest the pivot area on the worksheet.

PivotChart category field

A field that is assigned a category orientation in a PivotChart. In a chart, categories usually appear on the x-axis, or horizontal axis, of the chart.


A chart that gives interactive evaluation of data, prefer a PivotTable. You have the right to adjust views of data, check out different levels of information, or reorganize the chart layout by dragging areas and also by showing or hiding items in areas.

PivotChart series field

A area that is assigned a series orientation in a PivotChart. In a chart, series are stood for in the legend.

PivotTable data

In a PivotTable, the summarized information that"s calculated from the data areas of a source list or table.

PivotTable grand totals

Total values for all cells in a row or all cells in a column of a PivotTable. Values in a grand also complete row or column are calculated by making use of the very same summary function offered in the information location of the PivotTable.

PivotTable list

A thedailysplash.tv Office Net Component that enables you to create a structure similar to an Excel PivotTable. Users can see the PivotTable list in a Net internet browser and also adjust its layout in a manner similar to an Excel PivotTable.


An interenergetic, cross-tabulated Excel report that summarizes and also analyzes information, such as database documents, from miscellaneous sources consisting of ones external to Excel.

PivotTable subtotal

A row or column that uses an introduction feature to screen the total of information items in a PivotTable field.

Plot area

In a 2-D chart, the location bounded by the axes, including all data series. In a 3-D chart, the area bounded by the axes, including the data collection, category names, tick-mark labels, and also axis titles.


A unit of measurement equal to 1/72 of an inch.


Cells that are referred to by a formula in one more cell. For instance, if cell D10 consists of the formula =B5, cell B5 is a precedent to cell D10.

Primary key

One or even more areas that uniquely recognize each document in a table. In the exact same method that a license plate number identifies a auto, the major key uniquely identifies a record.

Print area

One or more varieties of cells that you designate to print once you don"t want to print the entire worksheet. If a worksheet contains a print location, just the print area is printed.

Print titles

Row or column labels that are published at the top of or on the left side of every web page on a published worksheet.

Property fields

Independent characteristics linked with items, or members, in an OLAP cube. For example, if city items have actually dimension and populace properties stored in the server cube, a PivotTable have the right to screen the dimension and also population of each city.


To make settings for a worksheet or workbook that prevent customers from viewing or getting accessibility to the specified worksheet or workbook facets.


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In Query or Access, a method of finding the records that answer a details question you ask about the information stored in a database.

Query channel

You usage a query channel in a DDE conversation between the destination application and also a specific query (for instance, Query1) in Query. To use a query channel, you have to have actually currently opened the query window using a system channel.

Query design

All elements had in the Query window, such as tables, criteria, the order in which fields are arranged, and also so on. The style likewise states whether Auto Query is turned on, and whether you have the right to modify the source information.


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Two or more cells on a sheet. The cells in a selection can be nearby or nonnearby.


A setting that permits a file to be check out or duplicated however not readjusted or saved.


A repertoire of information about a specific perkid, location, occasion, or thing. When Query display screens a result set in the File pane, a document is stood for as a row.

Refresh (exterior data range)

To upday information from an external data source. Each time you refresh data, you see the the majority of current variation of the information in the database, consisting of any transforms that were made to the information.

Refresh (PivotTable)

To upday the contents of a PivotTable or PivotChart to reflect transforms to the underlying source data. If the report is based upon external information, refreshing runs the underlying query to retrieve new or readjusted information.

Regression analysis

A form of statistical analysis used for forecasting. Regression analysis estimates the partnership between variables so that a provided variable have the right to be predicted from one or even more other variables.

Relative reference

In a formula, the address of a cell based upon the loved one position of the cell that includes the formula and also the cell referred to. If you copy the formula, the reference instantly adjusts. A family member recommendation takes the form A1.

Remote reference

A recommendation to information stored in a paper from one more regimen.

Report filter

A area that"s supplied to filter a subcollection of information in a PivotTable or PivotChart right into one page for additionally layout and also analysis. You deserve to either display an overview of all items in a report filter, or screen one item at a time, which filters out the information for all other items.

Report template

An Excel template (.xlt file) that includes one or more queries or PivotTables that are based upon exterior data. When you conserve a report design template, Excel conserves the query definition however does not save the queried information in the template.

Result set

The collection of records changed once you run a query. You deserve to check out the result collection of a query in Query, or you deserve to rerevolve an outcome collection to an Excel worksheet for even more analysis.

Row heading

The numbered gray area to the left of each row. Click the row heading to choose an entire row. To boost or decrease the height of a row, drag the line listed below the row heading.

Row label

A field that"s assigned a row orientation in a PivotTable.

R-squared value

A number from 0 to 1 that reveals exactly how carefully the approximated worths for the trendline correspond to your actual information. A trendline is the majority of reputable when its R-squared value is at or near 1. Also recognized as the coreliable of determicountry.


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A named collection of input worths that you can substitute in a worksheet version.

Scroll lock

With scroll lock turned on, the arrow secrets scroll the active sheet fairly than make a different cell energetic. To revolve scroll lock off or on, press the SCROLL LOCK vital.


Any combicountry of a worksheet, check out, and also scenario that you select when you produce a report. A report can contain a number of sections.


To highlight a cell or range of cells on a worksheet. The selected cells will be influenced by the following command also or activity.

Select All button

The gray rectangle in the upper-left edge of a datasheet wbelow the row and column headings fulfill. Click this button to pick all cells on a datasheet.

Series axis

A chart axis that represents the depth measurement in a true 3-D chart. It displays the series names as arbitrary message values; it cannot display scaled numerical values.

Series field

A area that"s displayed in the series area of a PivotChart. Items in a series area are listed in the legend and also provide the names of the individual data series.

Series lines

In 2-D stacked bar and column charts, lines that attach the information markers in each data series that are supplied to emphasize the difference in measurement between each series.

Shared workbook

A workbook erected to permit multiple users on a netoccupational to see and also make changes at the same time. Each user who saves the workbook sees the transforms made by various other customers.

Single-mapped cell

A cell that has been attached to a non-repeating element in an XML map.

Sort order

A method to arselection data based upon value or data form. You have the right to type data alphabetically, numerically, or by date. Sort orders usage an ascending (1 to 9, A to Z) or descfinishing (9 to 1, Z to A) order.

Source areas

The cell varieties that you consoliday in the destination location you specify. Source locations deserve to be on any type of worksheet in a workbook, in various other open up or closed workpublications, or on Lotus 1-2-3 worksheets.

Source data

The list or table that"s supplied to develop a PivotTable or PivotChart. Source information can be taken from an Excel table or array, an external database or cube, or an additional PivotTable.


A language supplied to retrieve, update, and also control data. When you create a query, Query offers SQL to build the matching SQL SELECT statement. If you recognize SQL, you can see or adjust the SQL SELECT statement.

Standard font

The default message font for worksheets. The conventional font determines the default font for the Typical cell style.

Summary data

For automatic subtotals and also worksheet outlines, all rows or columns that summarize information data. Summary data generally is adjacent to and also below the information data.

Summary function

A type of calculation that combines resource data in a PivotTable or a consolidation table, or once you are inserting automatic subtotals in a list or database. Instances of summary features include Sum, Count, and Typical.

System channel

Used in a DDE conversation between applications to acquire information around the device, such as the current relationships, open up queries, and also the condition of the location application.


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Table pane

The area of the Query window that screens the tables in a query. Each table screens the fields from which you have the right to retrieve data.


A workbook that you create and usage as the basis for other comparable workpublications. You can create templates for workpublications and also worksheets. The default theme for workbooks is referred to as Book.xlt. The default design template for worksheets is dubbed Sheet.xlt.

Text box

A rectangular object on a worksheet or chart, in which you have the right to type message.

Tick marks and tick-mark labels

Tick marks are small lines of measurement, similar to departments on a leader, that intersect an axis. Tick-note labels identify the categories, values, or series in the chart.

Titles in charts

Descriptive message that is automatically aligned to an axis or centered at the top of a chart.

Total row

A one-of-a-kind row in an Excel table that provides an option of accumulation features valuable for working with numerical information.


One of the five calculation kinds Query defines for you: Sum, Avg, Count, Min, and also Max.

Tracer arrows

Arrows that show the relationship in between the active cell and also its connected cells. Tracer arrows are blue as soon as pointing from a cell that provides data to an additional cell, and red if a cell has an error value, such as #DIV/0!.


A graphic depiction of trends in data series, such as a line sloping upward to reexisting increased sales over a period of months. Trendlines are supplied for the study of problems of prediction, also called regression analysis.

Trendline label

Optional text for a trendline, including either the regression equation or the R-squared worth, or both. A trendline label have the right to be formatted and also moved; it cannot be sized.


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Up-dvery own bars

In line charts via multiple data collection, bars that show the distinction in between data points in the first and also last series.


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The text, date, number, or logical input that completes a problem that a field need to meet for looking or filtering. For example, the area Author through the condition equals have to encompass a value, such as John, to be complete.

Value axis

A chart axis that displays scaled numerical worths.

Value field

A field from a source list, table, or database that contains information that is summarized in a PivotTable or PivotChart. A worth area normally consists of numeric data, such as statistics or sales quantities.

Values area

The part of a PivotTable that consists of summary information. Values in each cell of the values area reexisting an overview of information from the source documents or rows.


Babsence, square, draggable points that show up at the ends and also intersections of lines or curves in certain AutoShapes (such as freecreates, scribbles, and also curves) as soon as you edit points on the AutoShape.


Babsence, square, draggable points that appear at the ends and also intersections of lines or curves in specific AutoShapes, such as freeforms, scribbles, and curves.


A set of display and print settings that you deserve to name and use to a workbook. You deserve to create more than one view of the very same workbook without conserving sepaprice copies of the workbook.


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Web query

A query that retrieves information stored on your intranet or the Internet.

What-if analysis

A process of transforming the values in cells to view exactly how those transforms influence the outcome of formulas on the worksheet. For example, differing the interest price that is used in an amortization table to recognize the amount of the payments.


A spreadsheet regime file that you produce in Excel. A workbook has worksheets of rows and also columns in which you have the right to enter and calculate data.


The major document that you usage in Excel to keep and work via data. Also dubbed a spreadsheet. A worksheet consists of cells that are organized right into columns and also rows; a worksheet is always stored in a workbook.

Workspace file

A file that saves screen information about open up workpublications, so that you deserve to later resume work via the very same window sizes, print locations, display screen magnification, and also screen settings. A workspace file doesn"t contain the workpublications themselves.

World Wide Web

A system for navigating the Net or via a arsenal of workbooks and also various other Office records associated by hyperweb links and also located on a network-related share, a firm intranet or the Net. When you use a Web internet browser, the Net shows up as a repertoire of message, photos, sounds, and also digital movies.


In text, to break a line of text instantly on getting to a margin or object and also continue the text on a brand-new line.

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Extensible Markup Language (XML): A condensed develop of Standard Generalized Markup Language (SGML) that enables developers to create customized tags that market flexibility in organizing and also presenting information.