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NPC travel to Margoria (Griffon and also Ferry)

There is a ferry that pipeline the NW dock ~ above Lema Island and also travels into good Ocean water, pausing at harbor Ratt, prior to heading ago to Lema. One-way, it’s a 44 minute watercraft ride, in i m sorry you can somewhat AFK Fish the whole way.

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But an initial we have to obtain to Lema!

Velia Griffon Travel:

The griffon choice does require some kind of boat to take trip from Iliya come Lema. (at the very least a raft, purchased in ~ the is recommended.)

Travel via griffon native Velia come Iliya Island.Walk ~ above the wood box the Griffon is holding.The Griffon will certainly depart 4 minute after preventing at the station.Velia terminal location: close to the west entrance that VeliaIliya terminal location: near the western entrance of Iliya.Griffon journey takes about 4 minutes.Take the NW ferry to port Ratt. (Ferry journey takes 44 minutes.)Total take trip time: about one hour.

Griffon NPC to travel to Iliya Island Location: West enntrance gate to Velia.


Griffon NPC Map Location: West entrance to Velia.


Griffon NPC to travel to Velia Location: West entrance to Iliya.


Griffon NPC Map Location: West entrance to Iliya.



Ferry come Lema Island

Alternatively, you can wait because that a ferry and go right to Lema Island. Uncover Chadwick, the located along the coast, east of Olvia. The wait can be a little long, yet you can fish turn off the dock if you are waiting. The boat ride itself is 11 minutes.

skies Balloon Travel

Purchase a ticket to ride a skies Balloon native the complying with NPC’s:

Calpheon: KalixAltinova: LisamValencia: MasonGrána: Ophelia (give to Boarding Assistant Muyamoe at the Grána sky Balloon boarding station)

Sky Balloon Cost: 1 Black rock (Weapon) or 1 Black stone (Armor).

Your sky Balloon will show up after you give your ticket to the terminal Dwarf NPC. (Sky Balloon Boarding Assistant)Up to two adventurers have the right to board the skies Balloon.You will not be able to interact through the station NPC again after ~ the sky Balloon appears.You deserve to leave the sky Balloon instantly after you plank it, but not after that departs.Pressing Esc > Disconnect will reason you to loss to the ground and die. There is no fatality Penalty for dying this way.When the skies Balloon come at that is destination, friend will instantly get off. The skies Balloon will disappear.

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Sky Balloon Routes:

Calpheon AltinovaAltinova ValenciaGrána Calpheon

Sky Balloon Lore: The Encarotia Family and also the Gavinya an excellent Crater Dwarf artisans produced the Old Moon skies Balloons. It is widely offered by the members that the Old Moon Guild.