Talladega Nights: The 15 Funniest Ricky Bobby price quotes Will Ferrell and also Adam McKay space masters of comedy, and their work-related on Talladega Nights: The Ballad that Ricky Bobby proves it v hilarious dialogue.

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Talladega Nights is the underrated gem of will certainly Ferrell and Adam McKay’s countless collaborations. The pair have actually gone on to Oscar glory and also Razzie shame, however this remains among their ideal films. The story of one arrogant NASCAR driver who demands to find out some humility is packed with laugh-out-loud moments and hilarious one-liners.

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While over there are countless funny performances, Ferrell’s stack Bobby is clear the star of the show. Ricky is just one of Ferrell"s many memorable roles and he has some that the funniest present that people still quote today. Revisit some of the hilarious moments through Ricky Bobby’s funniest quotes.

Updated by Colin McCormick on respectable 17, 2021: One sign of a an excellent comedy is just how quotable lines have actually remained funny. In the regard, over there are limitless hilarious Talladega Nights price quotes to cement it as a classic. While the movie has plenty that funny characters with memorable lines, the Ricky Bobby quotes remain memorable year later and still make fans laugh the end loud. V so many great choices, it wasn"t difficult to add a few more hilarious price quotes from Talladega Nights: The Ballad of Ricky Bobby.

Ricky and also Cal fist bumping in Talladega Nights
Talladega Nights may be about Ricky Bobby"s redemption as a racer, yet it is also a friend story between Ricky and his racing companion Cal Naughton Jr., played by Ferrell"s constant comedy costar, john C. Reilly. These two males make because that an unstoppable duo ~ above the track and also even come up with their very own catchphrase.

These finest buddies are frequently yelling their saying "Shake and also bake!" after ~ every win or yes, really whenever castle feel choose it. Supposedly, the catchphrase is supposed to speak to how well they walk together, however the fact that this was the best example for comradery they could come up with says a lot about these men.

Carley Bobby in 'Talladega Nights'
regardless of his talent together a racer, Ricky Bobby can additionally be reckless, which doesn"t sit well v his team. Unfortunately, the reality that that keeps winning only fuels his ego and also makes him feeling invincible. And also the more delusional that becomes, the funnier the is.

After a particularly dangerous race, Ricky"s manager Lucius cautions him against such moves and says that he won"t live forever. However, Ricky says that with advancements in science, something is possible, and he"s even heard that a pig love transplant. It"s a hilariously strange information that is made also funnier as Ricky clarifies that the male died.

Ricky Bobby and also Jean Girard standing back to earlier in Talladega Nights
one of the highlights the the movie is the rivalry between Ricky Bobby and also the French racer, Jean Girard (Sacha Baron Cohen). While Girard has actually admiration for his opponent, Ricky is automatically hostile to Girard and sees him as an outsider.

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When they very first meet, Ricky reflects his ignorance through talking down to Girard just because he is French. Ricky says can"t even understand the male just due to the fact that he is speak English v an accent. It is just one of the toughness of the movie that they space willing to make the command character one uninformed buffoon.

12 "I"ve live My entirety Life through That!"

A large part of the movie is Ricky handling his partnership with his father who left him as a child. Despite barely learning the man, Ricky has always lived by the one piece of advice he offered Ricky: "If you"re no first, you"re last."

When his father shows back up in Ricky"s life later on on, Ricky reminds the of those indigenous he claimed to him year ago. However, Ricky"s dad admitted he was high and points out exactly how it doesn"t also make sense. These were the indigenous Ricky lived his totality life by, and the fact that lock are immediately deemed meaningless provides it a small sad — yet mostly hilarious.

though Adam McKay to be mostly recognized for his comedic filmmaking at the time, Talladega Nights also showed he could handle action sequences. McKay delivers genuinely thrilling gyeongju scenes that would certainly be worthy of any type of car movie. The most impressive of lock comes v Ricky"s disastrous crash.

Viewers could be forgiven for momentarily forgetting they are watching a comedy together they check out Ricky"s car flip with the air. But McKay is wise enough to include some levity in the intense minute as Ricky calmly sit in his airborne car and also points out how negative this case is.

10 "Well, permit Me just Quote The Late-Great Colonel Sanders, who Said... "I"m too Drunk to Taste This Chicken.""

Something the the Adam McKay-Will Ferrell collaborations excel at is non-sequitur humor. This quote is a prime example of just how they have the right to make audiences laugh by speak something fully unexpected and also unrelated come anything.

While intellectual Frenchman Jean Girard price quotes William Blake, the less intellectual Ricky Bobby is forced to break out a much more obscure quote — that is most likely made up.

It could be a fair accusation to say the Ricky Bobby is a sell-out. Together a famed NASCAR racer, he will certainly promote absolutely anything on his car. He also goes therefore far as to sell ad an are on the windshield the his car, making driving a little bit difficult.

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Even Ricky has to admit the he can have gone too much this time and also shows for this reason regret. However, he likewise seems to justify it through insisting that does love Fig Newtons. It"s funny just how Ricky is able to balance liking a product he"s endorsing and also putting self in significant danger.

8 "It winner The Academy Award… finest Movie ever Made."

The rivalry between Ricky Bobby and Jean Girard unfolds as many standard sports rivalries do. V two massively effective athletes contending with every other, only one can be declared the victor. It also reminds Ricky Bobby of a film he apparently has a most love for.

When Girard points the end that only one of them can be the champion, Ricky points out that this is very comparable to The Highlander. Girard has never viewed it however Ricky insists that is good and the winner of the reputation Oscar because that "Best Movie of All-Time". The course, this is not an yes, really Oscar category, and if it was, it seems doubtful The Highlander would be named the winner.

will certainly Ferrell excels at play obnoxiously arrogant men. Despite Ricky Bobby may have actually started out together a somewhat timid pit crew member, his quick rise in the sports helps him construct a pretty huge opinion the himself.

This statements of his greatness is a perfect screen of why Ricky needed a little humbling. Again, it doesn’t really typical anything, but he sure says it v a lot of confidence.

6 "Handsome, Beautiful, Articulate Sons, Who space Talented and also Star Athletes and They have Their legs Taken Away."

when Ricky Bobby"s downfall does come, it come hard. ~ a disastrous accident ~ above the gyeongju track, Ricky convinces himself that he is paralyzed. His girlfriend visit that to try to display him this is every in his head, yet Ricky doesn"t take it well.

Trapped in his own delusion, Ricky wishes that his friends have healthy and athletic boys just for castle to lose their legs. The is a shockingly cruel point to say to someone and Michael Clarke Duncan"s explosively angry reaction to it provides it all the much more hilarious.

if Ricky and Cal seem like inseparable friend in the beginning, your friendship soon falls apart ~ Ricky"s loss from grace. V Ricky out, Cal steps into his role as the star racer and even go after Ricky"s wife. This reasons breaks their friendship and also seems difficult to fix.

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However, Cal eventually regrets what he did and also suggests the return the their famed "Shake and bake" catchphrase. Ricky refuses however introduces brand-new nicknames because that them. They make also less sense, especially when Ricky insists El Diablo means "fighting chicken."

4 "Dear 8 Pounds 6 Ounces Newborn child Jesus, Don"t also Know A word Yet"

one of the funniest scenes in the movie is Ricky’s long and also utterly man blessing at the dinner table. Ricky decides he deserve to say grace to whichever variation of Jesus he likes best, and also for him, that’s the baby Jesus due to the fact that it reminds that of Christmas.

The prayer goes on come hilarious lengths together Ricky describes this infant variation of Jesus the sees in his head. The scene just gets funnier as soon as Ricky also insists Jesus had blonde hair and blue eyes.

despite his crash being pretty horrific, Ricky escaped with little injury come his body. However, he doesn"t establish this. Ricky emerges from the wreck thinking he’s top top fire and proceeds to run roughly the race track in his underwear screaming to any god he deserve to think of to conserve him.

Though it"s tough not to sympathize with Ricky in his state the panic, that is not a really dignified look. It just gets worse as soon as he can"t think that any an ext gods and starts praying come Tom Cruise.

2 "If girlfriend Don"t Chew large Red, then F*** You."

another highlight that the movie comes with the numerous ads Ricky churns out, i beg your pardon is additionally a clever little of product placement. As expected, this aren"t typical ads nor does Ricky feeling the must keep castle family-friendly. By much the best and most outrageous advertisement comes native Ricky’s blunt offering of large Red chewing gum.

As crazy as the ahead ads were, this one quiet takes the audience by surprise. Ferrell’s deadpan delivery sells it also more.

Ferrell and also McKay love make their personalities look stupid. Despite he might be a an excellent driver, Ricky is a screw-up in basically every other area of his life. His funniest blunder comes once he walk his an initial on-camera interview as a racer.

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It’s together a funny moment, not only because of the ridiculousness but likewise how it’s relatable. Anyone that has had actually the spotlight ~ above them and becomes a little bit self-conscious deserve to relate to Ricky’s awkward moment.