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The Initiation Phase begins as soon as firm administration determines that a business process calls for improvement with an agency information modern technology (IT) project and investment in the application of IT assets. Enhancements or changes to company procedures may be motivated by company procedure improvement activities, alters in company features, IT advances, and/or external resources, such as alters in public law or federal statutes.


1.0: Objectives / Goals2.0: Deliverables and also Approvals3.0: Roles4.0: Tasks and Activities5.0: Conclusions

1.0 Objectives / Goals


Successful completion of the Initiation Phase need to comprise:

Establishment of project sponsorship
Advancement of the Concept Proposal and also Project Charter
Identification of the Project Manager
Formation of the Planning Team
Identification and initial analysis of the business improvement(s)
Approval to development to the Concept Advancement Phase 



The purpose of the Initiation Phase is to start the job.

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2.0 Deliverables and Approvals

System Growth Life Cycle (SDLC) deliverables aid State agencies effectively arrangement, execute, and also control company IT projects by providing a frame to encertain that all facets of the task are correctly and continuously identified, planned, and communicated.  The SDLC document templates administer a clear framework of forced content in addition to boilerplate language agencies might make use of and also customize.  State agencies might use styles various other than the templates, as lengthy as the deliverables include all compelled content. 

The development and also distribution of SDLC deliverables:

Encertain prevalent expertise among Planning Team members and stakeholders,
Serve as a reminder of stated plans as jobs come to be increasingly complex,
Provide company senior administration and also various other State officials understanding into project risks and also continuous performance,
Encourage the execution of repeatable and continual procedures,
Facilitate the implementation of task administration and company IT best techniques, and
Result in an extensive record of job performance helpful for many type of purposes (e.g. staff expertise deliver, budgetary and also other assessment tasks, lessons learned).


Throughout the advance of documentation, the Planning Team should:

Write comprehensive, basic to understand also records with no redundant information.
Develop an arranged record repository for crucial project information, so Planning Team members deserve to conveniently accessibility, store, and also recommendation job files and also various other deliverables from all life cycle phases.
Implement routine deliverable reviews to correct inaccuracy, incompleteness, and also ambiguities.
Recognize that sample templates for deliverables are available; agencies can accept deliverables in various layouts as lengthy as all compelled indevelopment is present.  The size of deliverables might differ depending on the dimension, scope, and also intricacy of the task.  
Recycle or referral information from earlier papers wbelow possible and also advantageous.
 The following is a listing of deliverables required of all projects for this phase of job-related.  



Developed By

Apconfirmed By

Concept Proposal –explains the need or possibility to improve existing agency business attributes making use of automation and also technology.  This document identifies unmet strategic purposes or mission performance improvements. ​

Investigate and record indevelopment about the project repursuit
Highlight unmet strategic purposes
Identify essential firm mission performance improvements
Obtain commitment to the project from crucial stakeholders, principally external stakeholders,
Avoid identifying particular merchants or assets as solutions

Project Sponsor

Executive Sponsor

Agency Chief Information Officer (CIO)

Project Charter – identifies the Project Manager, Project Sponsor, and also Executive Sponsor and also authorizes the Project Manager to execute the job.

Develop a broad statement of the function of the job
Delineate clear job objectives
Identify the Executive Sponsor, Project Sponsor, and also Project Manager

Project Manager

Executive Sponsor

Project Sponsor

Agency CIO

Project Organization Chart (Draft) – a graphical depiction of the project’s ordered positions and also relationships.

Identify crucial task personnel
Define relationships in between the team members
Identify required functions

Project Manager

Executive Sponsor

Project Sponsor

Agency CIO


All deliverables other than those identified as Updays have to initially be arisen in this phase.  Deliverables determined as Updates have to be revisited and amplified as crucial as prescribed in this phase.

Deliverables produced during this phase must be reperceived in information and also have to follow the approval path as defined in the over table.  A signature web page or area need to accompany each deliverable requiring approval.

Department of Indevelopment Technology (thedailysplash.tv) will periodically research duplicates of these records as part of its oversight obligations.

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3.0 Roles

The following personnel take part in the occupational tasks of this phase: 

Executive Sponsor Project Sponsor Agency CIO Company Owner Project Manager Project Stakeholders  


Responsible – Describes role that executes the activities to achieve the task. 

Accountable – Describes roles that very own the high quality of the deliverable and sign off on work that Responsible provides. 

Consulted – Describes duties that provide topic matter field of expertise.

Increated – Describes duties that obtain information about the task.




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4.0 Tasks and also Activities




4.1 Rewatch Phase Prerequisites.

Personnel within the company recognize a require for a project.

4.2 Begin Initiation Activities.

The job begins via the complying with tasks:

Investigation of sponsorship options
Identification of Initiation Phase participants


4.3 Establish Project Sponsorship.

The Executive Sponsor, Agency CIO, and also Firm Owner apallude a senior manager to be the Project Sponsor, that will champion the project effort.  The Project Sponsor is the principle authority on matters regarding the expression of company demands, the interpretation of useful needs language, and also the mediation of problems regarding the priority, scope, and domain of the organization need.  The Project Sponsor need to understand also what constitutes the project’s scope and also be accountable for task success.  For some agencies, the Executive Sponsor might likewise serve as the Project Sponsor.

Select a Project Sponsor via the adhering to skills:

Sufficient domajor and managerial suffer
Interest in the project
Capacity to address the project
Political acumales to aid the team in solving difficulties and also rerelocating roadblocks to progression
The Project Sponsor ensures adequate funding for the job and oversees performance of the Planning and Development Teams. The Project Sponsor participates in managing task activities, principally approving vital deliverables, resolving issues and also threats, and measuring development to move forward.
The Project Sponsor must have actually a clear understanding of the responsibilities of this function and have actually the time and also resources to ensure correct execution of the project.  If a potential Project Sponsor will certainly be unable to participate proactively in the job and encertain the project’s success, that candidate have to decrease the duty, and the Executive Sponsor, Agency CIO, and also the Firm Owner need to apsuggest a new Project Sponsor.

4.4 Develop the Concept Proposal.

The Project Sponsor creates the Concept Proposal.  The Executive Sponsor and CIO give its final draft.

4.4.1 Document Description

The Concept Proposal achieves these goals:

Investigate and record information around the project repursuit
Highlight unmet strategic purposes
Identify needed agency mission performance improvements
Obtain commitment to the task from essential stakeholders, principally outside stakeholders
Avoid identifying particular vendors or products as solutions
First, explain the worth and objective of the job.  Identify why a brand-new or enhanced organization procedure is crucial and also what business benefits the firm hopes to accomplish by implementing the development.  The Project Sponsor have to develop a business scenario and conmessage in which the trouble is expressed pudepend in organization terms quite than in technical terms.  Provide background information at a level of detail adequate to familiarize agency managers via the history, issues, and also customer organization methods that can be realized through renovations to service processes.
Avoid discussions of particular innovation services at this point; potential remedies are investigated and recorded in later on phases.  Also, service case information must not market or predetermine any type of certain solution, tool, or product.
4.4.2 Common Content

The vital elements of the Concept Proposal are stated listed below. Please note that added descriptions are consisted of once essential to provide added clarification about content to be stated in the record.  Further guidance is offered in the SDLC theme.

Title of Investment – a working name for the project
Company Owner and also Authorization Signatures
Description of Proposed Investment – a brief description of the investment proposed (e.g., a software application breakthrough initiative, a modernization of a current device, purchase of commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) software, an integration effort, operations and maintenance strategies, etc.), and an initial discussion of requirements necessary for ongoing Solution Team operations and maintenance support. Describe the kind of task, if it qualifies as a Major IT Growth Project (MITDP), and if it is cross cutting.  For added guidance concerning the interpretation of these terms, review the IT Project Repursuit (ITPR) guidelines and also instructions.
Mission Goals – the proper firm Managing for Results (MFR) goals
Performance Gaps – an testimonial and also summary of the current state of the agency and the current business and also technological performance gaps to be addressed by the project
IT Architecture – a high-level summary of just how the proposed project will certainly influence the existing agency technical environment (e.g., explain exactly how the proposed job is envisioned to be integrated into the existing firm architecture)
IT Strategic Plans – how the proposed task relates to the agency’s strategic IT plans
Anticipated Benefits – benefits that will accrue by implementing this job and comprehensive identification of the stakeholders, inner and external, who will certainly be affected
Investment Firm Case – how the proposed investment is meant to assistance agency mission functions, a justification for the proposed investment (e.g., the investment supports simplified or redesigned work processes, reduces expenses, or improves effectiveness), the magnitude and prestige of the investment in relation to those objectives, a conversation of the timing of the investment, and also an assessment of whether other governpsychological agencies or State components are impacted
Rough Order of Magnitude Funding Request – a turbulent order of magnitude estimate for the total acquisition expenses and also identification of the projected funding resource for the investment throughout its life cycle  4.4.3 Guidance for Document Development

The Concept Proposal need to be no more than two to five peras.  The Concept Proposal creates the justification for the job and also the rationale for a funding repursuit.  A persuasive Concept Proposal establishes a solid foundation for the project repursuit as it moves with the funding cycle.

4.4.4 Dos and Don’ts

To meet funding cycle demands, conduct Initiation Phase work and also complete the deliverables before or throughout the summer months to be all set for Concept Advancement ITPR work, which are due no later on than mid-September.

4.5 Identify the Project Manager.

The Project Sponsor chooses the Project Manager, that carries the obligation and also accountability for project execution. Agencies are encouraged to apsuggest certified Project Management Professionals (PMP) as project supervisors because PMPs have actually certain training in task administration approaches, share a common lexsymbol, and also have competency in the State job monitoring criteria.  For small efforts, the agency might assign a brand-new job to a manager within an existing organization with an natural assistance structure.  Agencies via limited Project Manager availcapability have to think about emerging a very early procurement to secure a specialized Project Manager.  It is important that this Project Manager be an advocate of the State agency and be totally independent of the future implementation merchant Project Manager.  Maintaining this freedom of the Project Manager function will certainly ensure objective project performance reporting.

4.6 Form Planning Team.

With input from the Project Sponsor, the Project Manager designates members of the Planning Team.  For new significant jobs, hiring and also reassignment of many type of technological and business specialists might be compelled.  Ideally the Planning Team is preserved as the project working unit at least through the Requirements Analysis Phase.

Although certain requirements might differ by task, typical planning groups make up a Project Manager, Business Analysts, Equipment Analysts, Technical Leads, Business Leads, Project Sponsor, Steering Committee, and also Project Stakeholders.

Develop a preliminary Planning Team company chart, depicting vital personnel on the job and identifying relationships in between team members.

4.7 Develop Project Charter.

The Project Manager writes the Project Charter with input from the Agency CIO and also Project Sponsor.  The Agency CIO, Project Sponsor, and Executive Sponsor authorize the Project Charter’s contents.

4.7.1 Document Description

The Project Charter formally authorizes occupational to start on the project, links the job to continuous work in the company, and also creates the structure of an agreement between the Project Sponsor requesting the task and also the Planning Team proposed to supply it.

4.7.2 Typical Content

The key facets of a Project Charter are consisted of listed below. Please note that added descriptions are included once necessary to carry out additional clarification about content to be mentioned in the document.  Additional guidance is offered in the Template/Waterloss.

4.7.3 Guidance for Document Development

The Project Charter creates the baseline for documenting and tracing the success of a project’s objectives.  It is important that agencies spfinish enough time on plainly defining measureable missions and also success criteria.  The service demands should likewise be characterized plainly for needs breakthrough in subsequent phases.

4.7.4 Dos and also Don’ts

Ensure that the Project Charter identifies just one Project Sponsor.

4.8 Perdevelop Phase-Clocertain Activities.

The Project Manager and also the Planning Team prepare and present a job condition testimonial for the Agency CIO, Project Sponsor, Executive Sponsor, and other stakeholders after completing all Initiation Phase work. This evaluation addresses:

The Concept Advancement Phase may begin after the approval of the Concept Proposal and also Project Charter, the completion of the Initiation project condition evaluation, and also the approval to continue to the Concept Growth Phase. The focus of the phase is two-fold: 1) evaluate feasibility of options and also 2) clearly specify and approve job scope, including the device, all deliverables, and all compelled activities.  The Concept Advancement Phase tasks are inputs right into the development of the ITPR, which is a required output of this phase.

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1.0: Objectives / Goals2.0: Deliverables and Approvals3.0: Roles4.0: Tasks and Activities5.0: Conclusions

1.0 Objectives / Goals


Successful completion of the Concept Advancement Phase should comprise:

Analysis of the business require Definition of project scope Evaluation of technological choices Formation of the job acquisition strategy Baseline evaluation of dangers Approval of job expenses and obtaining of existing fiscal year funding Definition of planning functions and responsibilities Growth of the initial Work Breakdown Structure Advancement of the ITPR Determicountry of job vicapacity Detailed analysis and also investigation of task details to additionally specify the project scope Approval to development to the Planning Phase



The objective of the Concept Development Phase is to define the task scope and prepare formal funding repursuits.

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2.0 Deliverables and also Approvals

SDLC deliverables aid State agencies efficiently arrangement, execute, and also manage IT jobs by offering a framework to encertain that all facets of the job are properly and repeatedly characterized, planned, and also interacted.  The SDLC templates administer a clear structure of required content together with boilerplate language agencies may use and also customize.  State agencies may usage styles other than the templates, as long as the deliverables incorporate all compelled content.