Clapton created this track after a 6 month lack from songwriting and performing. During this time the mourned his 4 year old son, Conor, who tragically passed away after accidentally… read More 

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Would you recognize my surname if I observed you in heaven?Would it it is in the same if I saw you in heaven?I must be solid and bring on‘Cause I understand I don't belongHere in heavenWould you organize my hand if I saw you in heaven?Would you assist me stand if I witnessed you in heaven?I'll discover my means through night and also day‘Cause I recognize I simply can't stayHere in heavenTime can carry you down, time have the right to bend your kneesTime deserve to break her heart, have actually you begging pleaseBegging pleaseBeyond the door, there's peace, I'm sureAnd I understand there'll it is in no moreTears in heaven
Would you know my surname if I witnessed you in heaven?Would you feeling the same if I witnessed you in heaven?I should be solid and carry onBecause I recognize I don't belongHere in heaven
Clapton wrote this track after a 6 month absence from songwriting and performing. During this time he mourned his 4 year old son, Conor, who tragically died after coincidentally falling from a 54 story apartment.

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It was likewise featured on the soundtrack for the 1991 movie, “Rush”.

Eric perform the song for the very first time live on 16 January 1992 during an illustration of MTV Unplugged. The presenter said him the he ‘would make a lot of of civilization cry’.

“They’re sweet tiny songs, nearly like people songs, and also I feel the must have world hear them” said Clapton about this song and “Circus”, both composed to his son.

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