I to be an ardent pan of Google and also I have my very own reasons top top why ns love Google for this reason much. Ns am walking to usage this short article to explain how I have evolved in addition to Google over the years and also how it has actually helped me end time and how I believe it will assist me in the future.

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Me and Google go means back in time. I still mental the first time I provided the initial variation of Google and also a many has adjusted since then. Google has actually ventured no only right into search but also into lot of other locations which are of mine interest.

Note: I have actually used every the products which i am talking about here and its all based upon my endure with the same.

Google Search

I would be million time poorer through my knowledge if not for Google Search. When this may seem evident for every one of you, there are lot of methods in which I use search. Probably you carry out too. Being the user and developer that i am, I use it to discover solutions to mine problems, convert currencies, time, usage calculator, read short articles on things that ns love, obtain the images and also icons that I want for the things that I work-related on, read news when I feeling the must be update on something, and also if I desire to find any great alternatives come the libraries, frameworks, tools and tech ridge that i use, it help me on that as well. I cannot stress and anxiety on how important it is to know how to make use of Google search to it is in a an excellent and fertile developer.

Android & Android Developer Tools

What would certainly I carry out without my Android phone? ns am sort of not sure. I am no someone who spends a many time on Whatsapp, mobile games or other social networks. Most of the time invested with mine phone is in reading Tech articles which gets yielded to me via Google now (they have actually now made the architecture pathetic, it provided to be good) , gift updated with email communications, arising apps at work, acquisition pics as soon as I require to, and also mostly looking for stuff which is of my interest.I can find most of the apps which ns am looking for in the play Store, and also it provides my task so easy. Ns listen come music once I travel, use many apps choose Google Maps extensively and its a heaven for me.The developer devices which they provide are additionally amazing. Works in Linux, integrated with Chrome, supports a most devices, the emulator offered to be very slow come launch and also work v earlier however in io18, they have actually solved that problem as well with fast snapshots. So, i love Android very much.


While ns tried Yahoo mail during the early stage days, i did not love that as much as how I love Gmail. Virtually all my society networking and other digital accounts are connected to my Gmail/Google account and it help me a lot. Infact, the best things ns love about Gmail are its search and its insanely powerful SPAM filtering. I used to go to the SPAM folder to make certain it had actually not listed any crucial mail together SPAM earlier however I was never able come find any such instance where the mails in the SPAM folder were no actually SPAM and also over time, I just ignored those mails conserving a most time. Also, the classifications in between Primary, Updates, Social and Promotional mails space helping me a lot in making things basic for me.


What will certainly I do without Youtube? i am really no sure. Its mine primary source of entertainment. I use Youtube not just for watching arbitrarily videos, yet its my significant source of digital music. You can discover my playlist at https://youtube.com/tvvignesh where I keep a many playlists the the song that ns love and also listen to every day. In addition to this, I have learnt a whole lot of ingredient from simply Youtube through tutorials listed by various civilization on the subject that ns love. I also used come stream few of my own tutorials to youtube along with the game streams which I provided to do. It does not avoid there. Ns watch a the majority of Tech Conferences consisting of the latest Google I/O 2018 at Youtube and also it is insanely advantageous for human being like me that cannot purchased to take trip to to visit conferences. I additionally love analysis the youtube comments in case I am as well out the work. Ns wish lock could allow background playing in Android due to the fact that I am currently using some hacks to obtain it working.

Google Maps

Should I even say anything about Maps? mine god, the many amazing invention which help me hell a lot come navigate around, tells me the ETA to acquire myself prepared, offers me the routes, details concerning public move facilities, shows locations nearby, gives reviews on assorted locations and also takes care of my journey end to end.

Google Chrome

I dropped in love v Chrome the very first time it gained released and also I am a regular and daily user that Chrome using it over 12 hours a job in both my Laptop and also Mobile machine for doing all the stuff which I must do. The finest things i love around chrome is its design, sync capabilities, speed and also most importantly the CHROME DEV devices without i beg your pardon I would certainly be completely stuck through my breakthrough workflow inspecting elements, doing performance tests, going with network requests/response, browsing the regional storage, manipulating the DOM, styles, colors and what not. It also helps in debugging mobile apps, Node.js apps and also is also handy as soon as you desire to test your apps throughout various resolutions and also network speeds. And it walk what every internet browser should do. Preserve security, permit bookmarks, administer extensions (I usage Adblock, Pushbullet, Webdeveloper, Vysor, thedailysplash.tv to Markdown, etc.) to gain stuff done.

Google Drive

I have actually pretty much all of my important personal files save in Google Drive and it help me a lot as soon as I require something genuine quick also when ns don’t have access to my PC. It also acts favor a backup for all the important files which i have and helps me collaborate once I have actually the require with all the civilization around.


Very handy way to keep and organize all your photos in one place. And with the announcement of limitless Photo storage in the cloud, things are looking great. Even the sync feature is very good keeping all my pics safe in the cloud. That doesn’t prevent there. V the mix of Google Lens, Google Photos and also ML Kit, things get powerful since it helps you not only to take pictures yet to manipulate it the method you like. In the io18, friend would have seen the method Google photos now offers intelligent suggestions to obtain your photo fixed or even to the end of share the pic through your friends by identify the human on the pics.

Google store & Tasks

I use both of lock a lot in enhancement to Trello to store my activity organized ~ above a day come day basis. The insanely handy and helps me a lot come stay concentrated on the job at hand and also work in the direction of that. I use Trello for lengthy term tasks while I usage Google keep & work for day to day activities.

Google Forms

Whenever I had needed world to to fill something up like surveys and polls, I constantly turn towards Google develops to perform the task for me. It serious does what that is supposed to do and nowadays, it has additionally become intelligent, predicting the form of answer you would intend as shortly as you type in a question saving time for you having to choose the type of answer girlfriend require. It also provides an excellent summarized responses in a spreadsheet via Google Sheets i beg your pardon is exceptional for world to watch at.

Google News

Google News and also Google currently are the resource of everyday news digest because that me transporting all the news i am looking for straight to my device. Also, with io18, Google has announced how they space partnering up v publishers, analyzing relevant and also related content throughout the web and providing us with a selection of alternatives including subscribing to premium content, following and rating what friend like, and discussing the news with others.

Google Contacts

Very an extremely useful because that a human being like me who likes to move phones whenever something brand-new and exciting comes up once in 2 or 3 years. Keeps every my contact in sync through Google therefore that i can acquire it ago whenever and also wherever ns want. I likewise find the find powerful. The only thing I constantly have a problem with is that sometimes, I end up with duplicate contacts. Even though it gives option to merge/link contacts, once I find duplicates still appear. But, that has not to be a huge issue for me because it does the task for me.

Google Calendar

Love the things it offer even though ns don’t usage this much due to the fact that most of my calendar is based the end of Outlook/Office365 however when I usage Google Calendar, the does not ever let me down. Infact, when I publication movie tickets, and also a confirmation of the booking involves my mail, it instantly takes treatment of creating a calendar entry because that the movie date and time and reminds me well before the time that the movie together with routes come my location via Maps. Love the means they make occupational easy there is no me having actually to even produce a calendar entry.

Google Assistant & Home

While i don’t use it as well much due to the fact that I am much more comfortable through apps — I choose to tap top top stuff quite than speak or form in, I usage it whenever I require to set things like Reminder and also it walk the project pretty good. Ns had likewise tried Amazon Alexa in enhancement to Google Home and also while I discovered Alexa much more accurate v its response and voice recognition, ns am optimistic about Google Home because of the infrastructure and ecosystem it can provide for users.

Google Analytics

I had actually used it a the majority of times in the web page I create to get great amount that insights ~ above the traffic I offered to get and also it is very much actionable due to the fact that you have the right to drill down right into insights on each and also every activity if you had configured the right. You deserve to see where a user came in, whereby a user spent many of his/her time, and also where and also when he/she left making it an extremely easy to improve on designs whereby needed.

Material style by Google

When I build apps & websites and also I had always wanted design guides, resources and tools to do my task easy due to the fact that I pretty much would not have actually the time and resource to spend on researching the finest ways come UI & UX and also wanted to concentration on the reasonable or my usage case yet the task was made very easy for every one of us by the amazing designers at Google providing an extensive design guides, tools, and even libraries to combine Material architecture onto our apps. I am in love through Material style which includes Android’s redesign to combine material style into the entire ecosystem. Angular Material, Polymer, components from Material.io every implement the design principles make the job really easy for me. In addition to that they additionally provide free Material icons, and with io18, a gallery for developers to collaborate helping with the workflow end to end.


While React, Angular, Vue and other frameworks have brought in ingredient based development now, the not based upon the communication based standards and rather a full blown frame with their own custom syntax when Polymer does a good job at maintaining itself lightweight and doing simply one thing which the is supposed to do. Act together sugar on height of the existing net platform to make it usable for anyone everywhere and also most importantly keeping it modular in the kind of components. The other thing I choose is organization of Material design with the aid of paper elements i beg your pardon they carry out avoiding the need for any certain library to execute that for me. Castle just brought out Polymer 3.0 migrating fully to ES modules v a react-like syntax and also I am going to placed my hand on it soon.


While I have not provided Angular 2, ns have functioned a lot on AngularJS 1.x and also it can be definitely said that while Angular 1.x may be bulky and also not for this reason performant, the team native Google definitely thinks a lot around production class frameworks well ahead that time. The majority of enterprises still use AngularJS together a part of their product portfolio and also it has actually been working an excellent for them.

Google Duo

The high quality of phone call you get in Duo is really great when compared to various other calling apps. It does have actually some troubles which does not seem surprising considering that age yet still that manages to carry out justice to provide an excellent quality calling.

Google Translate

While I have actually needed to use it only few times, it comes packed through a many languages for united state to explore and also helps us when we require to recognize or converse with someone from a diverse background.


While this is no more a Google Product because its donated come Cloud native Foundation, Google still demands to be provided credit for the work it is placing behind the scenes to do Kubernetes so flexible and production grade indigenous the start. It has kind of become the de-facto traditional for orchestration while other orchestration tools and also frameworks tho exist.


With the arrival of chat bots and conversations, a platform like this is really handy and important to the tech stack. The seamlessly plugs right into Google Assistant as well and also helps you design conversations, intents and also entities every in one place. While i had wanted Wit.ai initially due to the fact that it launched first and had committed to constantly being free, Api.ai does not fail come impress as well.


I am just beginning off with Tensorflow. But, view the impact it has already made in the community and the variety of projects in i m sorry it has actually been currently used in production. An instance is Waymo. Us witnessed just how they are resolving real people automotive difficulties with Tensorflow collaborating with Google mind team. Its just mind blowing.

Google Cloud

When over there were huge players favor AWS & Azure in the market, Google did no fail to do its mark through the cloud offerings. The is cheaper and with the facilities powerhouse i beg your pardon they have actually (we just saw the announcement of Cloud TPU 3.0 to strength AI solutions in cloud), the a cakewalk because that them to market the very same as a business to all the people. This has actually led come a healthy and balanced competition between all the providers causing reduction in price of the offerings.

Firebase also needs a shout out here because they are additionally providing many services like push notifications, authentication, cloud db, etc. All at an affordable price for people to use.

So, what else?

There are a lot of other things Google has actually in store eg: Flutter, Hangouts, Inbox, Google Earth, etc. And also you can find the complete list in ~ https://www.google.co.in/about/products/

But it does fail to capture attention for few of its commodities of which several of the most notable ones room Google+ , Allo, pat Music, etc. Which i don’t feeling is much of a use for people considering over there are already established products which go the same task which Google aims to do.

But, still Google is Google. It holds that head hosted high and we execute see some interesting innovation favor Google Duplex and ML Toolkit ~ above the way for us to use.

I would like to conclude saying to Google that:“Keep law what you room doing, do an ext and nothing be Evil”

We are constantly there because that you.

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