Seachild 2 Episode 8 - I am...Under Suspicion

When Frankie and also Andrew are knocked unmindful, the rest of the gang have to job-related to revive them in time and escape from the WARPA agents; the Gaines household meets Cynthia and also prepares for Sigourney"s trip to room. Air Date : 17th-Sep-2018

Seaboy 2 Episode 1 - I am...Eliza Part 1

Part 1 of 2. While Frankie and Cole hide out from WARPA, Eliza holds the Gaines family hophase. Frankie then ultimately comes face-to-confront through Eliza and attempts to defeat her in order to save her family members. Air Date : 11th-Aug-2018Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 2 - I am...Eliza Part 2

Frankie lastly comes face to face through Eliza. Air Date : 11th-Aug-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 3 - I am...Planning an Escape

Frankie is established to rescue Anattracted, and the gang turns to Tammy for help; Andrew pays the price for refusing to cooperate through WARPA; 2 brand-new students start at Sepulveda High. Air Date : 10th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 4 - I am...Taking a Break

Frankie, Dayton and also Cole are at a loss when they realize their plan to totally free Anattracted has actually a fatal flaw; Andrew attempts to escape. Air Date : 11th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 5 - I am...Buggin

Andrew"s brand-new roommate is an android called Simone; Frankie, Dayton and also Cole test out the robo-roaches at Sepulveda High; Zane announces auditions for the brand-new college play. Air Date : 12th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 6 - I am...Compromised

Anattracted and Simone break out of their cell while Frankie, Dayton and also Cole come up via a risky setup to rescue Andrew; Tammy proceeds to act strangely; Frankie discovers that WARPA has actually planted a chip in Tammy"s neck. Air Date : 13th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 7 - I am...Busting Out

Frankie, Dayton and Cole break into WARPA, only to find that Andrew is absent. Air Date : 14th-Sep-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 8 - I am...Under Apprehension

When Frankie and also Anattracted are knocked unaware, the remainder of the gang need to occupational to revive them in time and escape from the WARPA agents; the Gaines family meets Cynthia and prepares for Sigourney"s pilgrimage to area. Air Date : 17th-Sep-2018Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 9 - I am...Not Myself

Simone adjusts to high school; Frankie and Dayton attempt to complimentary Tammy from WARPA"s manage. Air Date : 18th-Sep-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 10 - I am...Next

Anattracted auditions for the institution play and also surprises everyone via his remarkable voice, however James has actually a bigger surprise in store that threa10s to change Anattracted and Sepulveda High forever. Air Date : 19th-Sep-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 11 - I am...a Creature

A new installation messes with Frankie"s programming and changes her behavior; a new club at school proves that not everyone desires androids at Sepulveda High. Air Date : 20th-Sep-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 12 - I Android

Tammy tries to take manage after Anattracted is forced to defend himself against NAH; Frankie makes a shocking announcement. Air Date : 21st-Sep-2018Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 13 - I am...Frankensteena

Cole learns that Frankie and Anattracted will certainly share a kiss during the institution play; James discovers somepoint very surpincreasing about Simone. Air Date : 24th-Sep-2018Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 14 - I am...Part of a Plan

With Rachel"s aid, Frankie and Dayton uncover more about WARPA"s grasp plan; Cole and Andrew acquire right into a fight; Simone glitches out. Air Date : 25th-Sep-2018Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 15 - I Trouble With Mom

With Simone"s memory wiped, the others need to save her android identification under wraps; Frankie encounters a challenge as soon as Sigourney finds out around the anti-android group at Sepulveda High. Air Date : 26th-Sep-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 16 - I Android...or Am I?

Will and also Jenny carry out every little thing they can to obey Sigourney"s orders to safeguard Frankie, however as soon as Frankie stops working Tammy"s android test, she and also Dayton have to find a way to save Frankie"s trick. Air Date : 27th-Sep-2018Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 17 - I am...Jealous

Rachel is identified to beat the final level of the game, however Frankie and also Dayton issue they are placing her in danger; Simone believes she has actually a crush on Cole, which leads Frankie to feel jealousy for the initially time. Air Date : 28th-Sep-2018Read More

Seakid 2 Episode 18 - I Need of a Plan

Frankie and Dayton make a shocking discovery and also have to work to uncover the fact. Tammy tries to recruit Rachel and Anattracted for the Brain Squad vs. Teachers match. And Frankie claims goodbye to Cole. Air Date : 1st-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 19 - I am...a Puppet on a String

When Frankie starts lacking Cole, Dayton argues they make a care package to sfinish him. At WARPA, Cole and also Kingston attempt to speak to Dayton for assist. And James tries to manipulate Andrew"s abilities on TV. Air Date : 2nd-Oct-2018Read More

Seaboy 2 Episode 20 - I am...Out of Options

Frankie is challenged via an difficult option and also agrees to give WARPA what they want. Dayton, Will and also Jenny try to devise a plan to save Sigourney and also help Frankie rescue Cole. Air Date : 3rd-Oct-2018Read More

Season 2 Episode 21 - I am...Being Blackmailed

Frankie ultimately learns the fact around what WARPA has planned for Cole; while Dayton, Will and Jenny try to convince James to help, Rachel explains WARPA to Zane. Air Date : 4th-Oct-2018Read More

Seachild 2 Episode 22 - I am...Changed

While Frankie is prepped to occupational on Cole, Rachel offers Jenny"s application to manage Beto at WARPA; Andrew, Simone and Kingston team up to escape and save the others; Frankie and also Cole share a distinct minute. Air Date : 4th-Oct-2018Read More



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